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OC Register Opposes Los Alamitos Measure DD – Blasts Troy Edgar

Posted by OC Insider on October 5, 2012

The OC Register came out in opposition to the Los Alamitos Utility Tax Expansion and blasted Troy Edgar in the Process.

Here are some of the best parts:

Mayor Edgar reportedly answered, “Is it a sales job? We want this to pass; so we put it in terms the common people can understand.”

Measure DD is incredibly overbroad, taking over 300 words to describe all of the technologies subject to its tax power, including text messages, cellphones, private phone networks, voice-over Internet, faxes, paging systems, routers, electronic billing, video conferencing, among many others.

It even taxes technologies not yet invented and prohibits residents from seeking an injunction against those taxes. In the event federal law changes and allows taxation of the Internet, Measure DD allows Los Alamitos to begin taxing it, too, without voter approval. Already the city taxes cell phones.

Read the entire editorial here

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Edgar Strategy to Reach Out to Democrats: Recycling?

Posted by OC Insider on September 30, 2012

Conventional wisdom suggests that the winner in AD72 will be the candidate who is best able to reach out to Democrat voters. Troy Edgar’s campaign has apparently really taken this to heart, as they seem to be rebuilding their campaign around a theme of RECYCLING.

And no, I don’t mean that in an effort to appeal to voters in Huntington Beach or Seal Beach that Edgar has organized Beach Cleanup Days or anything like that.

No. Instead, Edgar’s campaign has taken to recycling their Press Releases.

Now obviously saying this is an effort to attract Democrat voters is in jest, but just how stalled is the Edgar campaign that they’re already having to take to using old Press Releases – this past week they sent out a release announcing endorsements from local Mayors, the same release they first sent out on 4/18/12 — to insinuate continued momentum?

Compare that with Allen’s campaign.

  • Van Tran comes on board with the Allen campaign as a Senior Advisor.
  • Troy Edgar lies to the press about lying to the Federal Elections Commission.
  • Allen’s campaign announces the endorsements of Joe Dovinh and Long Pham.

It is clear which campaign has momentum, and which candidate isn’t just stuck in neutral – but seems to be cruising in reverse.

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Travis Allen Wins Important Vietnamese Endorsements

Posted by OC Insider on September 28, 2012

For Immediate Release:                                                                                    September 28, 2012

Travis Allen Announces the Bi-Partisan Support of Former Opponents Image

Westminster, CA – Today, the Travis Allen for Assembly campaign held a press conference to announce the bi-partisan support of the two Vietnamese primary candidates for the 72nd Assembly District, Republican Dr. Long Pham and Democrat Joe Dovinh.  With former Assemblyman Van Tran having already join the Allen campaign as a Senior Advisor, today’s press conference represents a consolidation of the Vietnamese community behind Travis Allen.

“I have the unique perspective of having been a candidate in this election.  I had the opportunity to get know both candidates and I can tell you without reservation, Travis Allen is the only candidate we can trust to represent our community in Sacramento,” commented Dr. Long Pham.

“Travis Allen is the only candidate that will fight to support small businesses, ensure that our community can send their kids to quality schools, and he will not raise you taxes” continued Dr. Pham

Joe Dovinh added, “I am supporting Travis Allen because he is the candidate that will work to bring everyone together for the betterment of our community and state.” Dovinh continued, “Travis Allen is a consensus builder and his campaign is a perfect example of how Travis Allen can get members of different parties to come together.”

Former Assemblyman Van Tran also added, “I represented a substantial part of what is now the 72nd Assembly District, for the better part of a decade” Tran continued. “I know that as a small business owner, Travis Allen knows the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community.”

“Today, I am honored to have received the support of Dr. Pham and Joe Dovinh,” added Travis Allen.  “Having faced both as candidates in the primary election, I know they both love their community and have distinguished themselves by giving both of their time and financial resources.”  Travis Allen continued, “I look forward to working with both Dr. Pham and Joe Dovinh when I am a member of the State Assembly.  Their advice and guidance will help me in making the right decisions for our community”

Travis Allen is a Certified Financial Planner and the owner of the Orange County-based Wealth Strategies Group. Travis has lived in Huntington Beach for the past two decades.


The 72nd Assembly District includes the cities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Westminster, Los Alamitos, and the unincorporated community of Rossmoor.


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OC Weekly Exposes Troy Edgar’s Campaign Finance Crimes

Posted by OC Insider on September 26, 2012

OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley has once again exposed potential crimes by an OC Politician.  For those you who are not aware of Moxley’s previous work, he is the same reporters that exposed disgraced Former Sheriff Mike Corona.  Moxley was also the reporter that brought the Mike Duvall sex scandal to light.

It looks like once again, Moxley has manged to get the scoop and expose yet another politician’s dirty laundry.

Excerpt From OC Weekly, By Scott Moxley (0/26/12):

Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

In January, for his now-defunct congressional campaign, Edgar produced and delivered an eight-page glossy mailer to 3,000 Southern California Republican power brokers. The objective was to win endorsements, raise contributions and frighten potential GOP opponents away from the race. As political literature goes, the piece wasn’t bad. It hailed his leadership skills, conservative policy stances and family values. To bolster credibility, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas declared on the front page of the brochure, “Supporting Troy Edgar for Congress was an easy decision.”

It might be a line the DA, who recently announced he’s seeking additional resources to prosecute corrupt public officials, will soon wish he hadn’t uttered because the brochure could be the centerpiece of two crimes. Let me explain.

Because of anti-public corruption concerns resulting from the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, federal campaign-finance laws require campaigns to publicly disclose major expenses. The rationale is that voters should know if a candidate is up to no good. According to records obtained by the Weekly, the power-broker brochure cost more than $5,668, but Edgar never complied with federal election rules to disclose the spending or reveal who paid for it.

Indeed, he disclosed 41 separate congressional-campaign disbursements but not this one—which also happened to be the committee’s largest expenditure.

Asked to explain, the candidate first said he is unfamiliar with that specific mailer because he has sent out “hundreds” of them. Later, he assured me the power-broker disbursement “absolutely shows up” on a disclosure report. When I told him it didn’t and asked him to resolve what happened, he replied he “printed it at home,” which is troubling because, as I write this column, I’m looking at a detailed invoice for the job from Sparta Graphics.

Read the Rest of the Article Here: Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

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Still Waiting For An Answer, Cynthia

Posted by OC Insider on September 25, 2012

Catch this exchange between Anaheim blogger Cynthia Ward and former RedCounty blogger Matt Cunningham, who has an issue with ballot-box policymaking like an initiative in Anaheim Ward supports. True to form, Ward turns it into a personality conflict and accuses everyone of having ulterior motives.

Speaking of ulterior, Cynthia is still staying mum on who is paying her legal fees on her failed attempt to have “Chavez” struck from Anaheim Council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge’s ballot name.  Strange silence from someone who describes her self this way:

“I am a truth-teller. It gets me in trouble. But if you ask me if a dress makes you look fat, I will tell so, and help select another, before you go on television and realize it for yourself. My real friends are expected to be truthful with me as well. A secret shared will be taken to my grave, but lie to me, and it will end up here…on these pages… especially if you are tasked with the stewardship of public resources.”

Ward, as a director of the OC Cemetery District, is a “steward of public resources.” She votes to approve or disapprove budgets, contracts, etc. Gifts are reportable. She still needs to clear  up this question mark hovering over her about whether she has violated TIN CUP.

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His Master’s Voice

Posted by OC Insider on September 10, 2012

Anaheim city council candidate John Leos was on the OCEA Board of Directors from 2008 until early this year. OCEA is the union representing County of Orange employees. OCEA also represents its affiliate, the Anaheim Municipal Employees Association. He was also a director of the OCEA Political Action Committee. OCEA spent north of $200,000 trying to elect Leos to the Anaheim Council in 2010.

You get the picture: Leos is the public employee union candidate for Anaheim city council.

Leos has tried to distance himself from OCEA. He left the union board of directors this year. He and his supporters started putting out the word that he was unhappy with OCEA and its tactics. Sure. That’s believable.

But only last year, in an interview with OCEA Magazine, Leos had this advice for fellow union members looking to get more involved:

Q: What do you suggest other OCEA members do if they want to get involved?

A: Become a steward and attend rallies. Also, read all the emails (from OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino) and ask your co-workers to do so.

Oh my. “Read all e-mail from [Nick Berardino] and ask your co-workers to do so.” That’s a bit too much of a “We hear and obey, Dear Leader” mindset for our comfort.

You can read all of the interview here.

Oh wait – sorry. The OCEA has scrubbed that incriminating content from their website. Fortunately, you can see read it in the PDF version of the Winter 2011 OCEA Magazine here. Go to page 24.

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Chutzpah at OC GOP Endorsement Committee

Posted by OC Insider on September 6, 2012

Chris Nguyen’s account of last night OC GOP Endorsement Committee meeting makes it sound like it would have been a fun one to watch, especially the chutzpah of some of those doing to talking.

Here’s an example from Chris’s blogging about the Endorsement Committee’s consideration of Anaheim council candidates Brian Chuchua and Steve Chavez Lodge:

“Tim Whitacre says, “On behalf of Mayor Tom Tait, who previously endorsed Mr. Lodge, has unendorsed Mr. Lodge.”  He asks if Lodge has sought union support in violation of the non-union pledge in the OCGOP questionnaire.”

Whitacre’s concern is ironic considering this spring and summer, he worked for a public employee union PAC. He ran the Take Back Anaheim Initiative, which, according to its campaign filing, is “sponsored by the Orange County Employees Association.”

“Take Back Anaheim” was a ballot-box budgeting initiative under which the City Council would cede to the voters its authority to make a very specific spending decision regarding hotel bed tax money. So very conservative.

It was funded by $66,000 from the OCEA, and led by left-wing Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway (who last month was trying to ban circus animals from Anaheim).

More accurately, according to left-wing blogger Vern Nelson, Take Back Anaheim was “spearheaded by progressive Democrat Galloway and Tea-Party Republican Tim Whitacre…”

Almost all of the OCEA’s $66,000 went to Whitacre, as you can see on Page 3 of Take Back Anaheim’s mid-year campaign report: note the $61,000 payment for petition circulating, which is Whitacre’s business.

Here’s Mr. Whitacre quoted in the OC Register in May as spokesman for the Galloway/OCEA initiative:

“We were under such a tight timeline that I felt I had to suspend the effort to continue collecting signatures until we could figure out whether it was worth moving forward,” Tim Whitacre, the campaign’s coordinator, said Friday. “Otherwise, it would be just throwing good money after bad.”

Nice that Whitacre’s so concerned about spending the OCEA’s money well.

So until a few weeks ago, Tim Whitacre is working for a left-wing Democratic politician’s initiative and being paid by the county’s biggest public employee union.

And he’s questioning Lodge has an inappropriate relationship with unions?

There’s More

Here’s another one from Chris’s post:

“Lucille Kring, who has already been endorsed by the Central Committee in early endorsements, speaks for Chuchua and against Steve Chavez Lodge for the latter’s contributions to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and the allegations that Lodge committed police brutality.”

Kring cites Lodge’s contribution to a Democrat as a reason for opposing him, but supports Brian Chuchua, who donated in 2010 to John Santoianni, a liberal Democrat running for Anaheim City Council (because he was “curious” about Santoianni). That must be an OK reason to give to a Democrat.

Speaking of Brian Chuchua, here he is claiming Lodge is tied to Jordan Brandman, a Democratic candidate for Anaheim City Council:

“Chuchua interjects that there’s pictures of Brandman and Lodge at events together.”

Here’s a recent picture of Brian Chuchua together at an event with fellow Anaheim council candidate John Leos (on the left):

Leos is the union’s anointed candidate. The OCEA spent more than $200,000 for Leos’ 2010 council run, spent almost $100,000 in 2011 on mailers promoting Leos, and will surely pull out the stops for him this year.

According to Chuchua’s reasoning, this picture ties Chuchua to Leos and his union backers, so Chuchua needs to inform OC GOP Central Committee members about his suspect ties to unions at the next meeting.

UPDATE: Here’s an image from the Secretary of State’s campaign finance disclosure website (search “Orange County Employees Association Issues Committee”), showing a direct payment from OCEA to Tim Whitacre:

It looks like OCEA directly hired Whitacre to set up the Take Back Anaheim campaign operation, and Whitacre was subsequently paid through the Take Back Anaheim committee.

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Jon Dumitru Loses Court Fight Over Ballot Title

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

In other ballot title litigation news, Orange Councilman and mayoral candidate Jon Dumitru lost a court fight this morning over his ballot designation of “Businessman/City of Orange Councilman.”

Dumitru’s opponent, Councilmember Tita Smith, field a lawsuit challenging the “businessman” part, because Dumitru’s full-time job is as a dispatcher for the Orange County Fire Authority.

Dumitru’s rationale for using “businessman” was because he has a side-business buying and selling the contents of abandoned storage lockers, like on the reality series “Storage Wars.”

The judge disagreed, “businessman” is out and his ballot designation will presumably be shortened to “City of Orange Councilman.”

Smith’s ballot title is “Councilmember, City of Orange.”

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Lingering Questions From Cynthia Ward’s Lost Lawsuit

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

Mostly a Loss for Ward

OK, the court rejected Anaheim gadfly Cynthia Ward’s lawsuit to prevent council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge from using Chavez as part of his name on the ballot. Chavez is part of his legal name, but it’s not like Ward has been primarily concerned about facts or anything in this case as opposed to playing politics.

The outcome of that part of her lawsuit should never have been in doubt. Ward said because, in her opinion, Lodge was not “widely known” as Steve Chavez Lodge, that he should be barred from using it on the ballot. Too bad she wasn’t aware of Jim Lacy’s lawsuit in 2008 against Dana Point council candidate Lou Penrose, asking the court to bar him from using the name he was widely known by – Lou Penrose – and force him to instead use his legal name, Luigi Rossetti. The judge sort of split the baby and required Penrose to list himself as “Lou Penrose (aka Luigi Rossetti Jr.).”

Ward and her legal team were basically attempting the reverse of that.

She did squeeze out a little bit of victory when the judge ruled Lodge can’t use the “retired policeman” part of his “retired policeman/businessman” ballot designation.

Who’s Footing The Bill For The Lawsuit?

In comments around the blogosphere today, Ward served notice that she absolutely will not disclose who is paying her legal costs. Up till now, in her blogging and activism, Ms. Ward’s  has been upfront and candid about her motives, political relationships, etc. This cone of silence shtick is way out of character.  Since she still won’t even state “Yes, I am paying for my legal fees out of my own pocket,” it’s safe by now to assume someone else of taking care of Strumwaaser-Woocher’s bill.

Also, in her lawsuit, Ward puzzlingly did not include any request to recover attorney fees if she won the case. The judge made no mention of recovering legal costs in his decision. If Ward had won, she would have to sue to recover legal fees.

Anyone as confident as Ward was of winning their case would have included a request…unless you weren’t the one paying for the lawsuit and therefore didn’t need to worry about recovering legal fees.
Either way, Ms. Ward can still clear this point up very easily.

The John Leos Connection

Here’s another interesting connection to Ward’s lawsuit against Lodge.

Lodge was served with the lawsuit the evening of Tuesday, August 21. A few hours later that same evening, the campaign of a rival council candidate John Leo (the candidate of the city employees union) sent out this press release:

Lawsuit Challenges Lodge’s Use of Chavez Name for Race in Anaheim

ANAHEIM (August 21, 2012) — Anaheim resident Cynthia Ward has challenged City Council candidate Steve Lodge’s use of the middle name “Chavez” on the ballot and also the inclusion of “retired” in his ballot designation. Her lawsuit suggests the recent use of the middle name “Chavez” serves a political function.

“While I can respect Lodge’s apparent sensitivity to voter concerns about the lack of a Latino voice on the Council, it just seems opportunistic to put on a Latino identity for himself now that votes are at stake,” said City Council Candidate John Leos. “My family over the last 90 years experienced segregated Anaheim schools and other injustices, but I learned from them always to be myself — in season and out of season.”
So how did Leos find out so quickly not just that Lodge had been served, but obviously had knew the details of the lawsuit?

In a blog comment, Ms. Ward says she didn’t release any information, and doesn’t think her lawyers would have done so without her approval:

“These suits are filed routinely in elections all over the country, most without the fanfare and negativity that this one has been subjected to. Which leads one to wonder, how did the press even find out about this? I did not do a press release. Voice of OC was tipped off about 24 hours after the suit was filed, and to confirm factual information I posted a short notice to a new, raw, non-revenue generating blog I am working on, one that is not even tied into Google yet, so the media frenzy did not come from me. My attorney would not run a press release without me. Did Lodge or his campaign team generate the press attention? One has to wonder.”

Yes, one does have to wonder. The Lodge campaign didn’t alert the world (why would they?). But if someone else was paying for the lawsuit, like a certain public employee union that represents Anaheim city employees, and used to have Leos on its Board of Directors, and is backing Leos for Anaheim City Council, is paying for the lawsuit, then that union would have the details of the lawsuit and every motivation to pass them along to the Leos campaign.

That explanation makes a lot more sense than anything Ward or anyone else has come up with. We’re not going to hold our breath waiting for the Leos campaign to disclose how they learned of the lawsuit and its details so amazingly quickly. Only the willfully blind aren’t going to see the busy hands of the OCEA and the Leos campaign in this entire affair.

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Menage a Trois Alert: “Taxin” Troy Edgar, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

Troy Edgar’s horrendous history of supporting taxes and regulations has been covered pretty well by this and other blogs.  Yet, I was still surprised to learn that in April of 2008, as a member of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Regional Council, Edgar voted to support S.1499, authored by Senator Boxer and co-authored by Senator Feinstein.

I have to wonder how a bill authored by Boxer and Feinstein did not raise any flags for Edgar. Either he knew the content of the bill and supported it.  Or, he is incompetent and just showed up to receive his per diem and voted yes on every item. Either or, here is what S.1499 does and why Troy Edgar should have stood up and opposed it.

The bill would have given the EPA additional regulatory powers and instructed it to promulgate regulations requiring vessels which use U.S ports to reduce fuel sulfur content from 27,000 to 1,000 parts per million, by 2012.  Why should have Troy Edgar opposed this legislation?

First, this legislation would have been extremely costly and had a devastating impact on the national economy.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cost of complying with the low-sulfur regulations would cost $500 million in the first year and the cost would increase in subsequent years.  Additionally, the regulations would have raised the cost of transporting goods and impacted U.S. international competitiveness.  The emission standards would have required new and existing vessels to pay for expensive engine upgrades and technology upgrades.  Furthermore, the Engine Manufacturers Association opposed the legislation because it is doubtful that the appropriate technology could have been adopted in time.

Second, the legislation was not necessary in most of the country. According to the Senate Committee Report for S.1499, “most American ports do not have air quality issues”.  Some California ports do have a continued nitrogen oxide and particulate matter problem, but that is a regional issue.  This legislation would have regulated all American ports and unfairly burden them regardless of air quality.

It is not surprising that S.1499 did not make it very far in Congress.  The bill did not even make it out of the liberal controlled Senate.  However, the bill reveled more about Troy Edgar’s values.  If Troy Edgar is willing to support S.1499, I doubt there is a tax or regulation he will not support.

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