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BOE, 4th District: Van Tran Announces Candidacy

Posted by Dominus on September 15, 2013

Earlier this week, former Assemblyman Van Tran jumped into what is already a packed-field of Republican contenders vying for the open Board of Equalization seat, 4th District.

BOE is one of those positions that most people know very little about.  State legislators who are at the end of their political life in the Legislature usually find themselves running for the BOE (i.e. Bill Leonard, George Runner, Ray Haynes).

Up to this point, the race was all about Assemblywoman Diane Harkey and state Senator Mark Wyland.

Senator Lou Correa and former Senator Tom Harman both have money in their respective BOE accounts but it’s more likely a place to park their campaign money.

Let’s hope for some fireworks in this race with filing deadline approximately five months away.



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2nd Supervisorial Watch: Michelle Steel Campaign Surpasses $500,000 Cash on Hand

Posted by Dominus on June 29, 2013

A press release from the Michelle Steel for Supervisor campaign:


In the election for 2nd District Orange County Supervisor, Michelle Steel announced the current cash on hand numbers for her campaign. With 4 days still to go before the June 30th report deadline, Michelle Steel announced having over $530,000 dollars already in her campaign account. The final cash on hand numbers will be released sometime during the month of July per election law and covers all campaign finance from the first of the year.

As well as already receiving many notable endorsements, Steel’s impressive cash on hand number is exciting news for the campaign. The growing list of endorsements includes U.S. Representatives Ed Royce and Dana Rohrabacher, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and former Assemblyman and Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva.

Jon Fleischman, publisher of the widely read Flashreport.org website and a respected political analyst, commented on the strength of Steel’s robust fundraising and grassroots support, “this report will show Michelle is gaining broad support. Early in an election, a candidate’s strength is usually determined by the number of local endorsements they receive and the amount of money in the bank. Michelle is running away with both. With about a year before the election this is quickly becoming a one horse race.”

Michelle Steel currently serves as the Vice Chair of the California State Board of Equalization representing the 3rd District, which includes Orange County.


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2nd Supervisorial Watch: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Endorses Michelle Steel for Supervisor

Posted by Dominus on June 7, 2013

The snow ball is getting bigger for the Steel campaign with this latest endorsement:


ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Michelle Steel continues to position herself as the front-runner in her election for Orange County Supervisor in the 2nd District, after announcing the endorsement of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC (HJTA). The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is California’s leading taxpayer advocate organization and is notable for their efforts to pass California’s landmark law Proposition 13 protecting taxpayers.

“The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC is pleased to endorse Michelle Steel for the Orange County Board of Supervisors,” said HJTA President Jon Coupal.  “Michelle has a long history of fighting government bureaucracy and standing up for taxpayers. We need more leaders like her at every level of government because she stands up for taxpayers.”

“This is a telling endorsement. Receiving the highly coveted HJTA endorsement this early in the election cycle combined with her early fundraising and endorsement success proves Steel’s strength as a candidate,” said Steel Campaign Consultant Dave Gilliard. “The list of supporters grows every day and this is a great sign that voters are lining up behind a  consensus candidate. Orange County’s taxpayers know that Michelle will fight for them on the board of Supervisors, just as she has fought for them for the last six years as their representative on the State Board of Equalization.”

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, county Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, and former Assemblyman Jim Silva are serving as Steel’s campaign co-chairs. She has also been endorsed by Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce.

Michelle Steel currently serves as the Vice Chair of the California State Board of Equalization.

Another powerful endorsement for Michelle Steel.  How will this impact Assemblyman Allan Mansoor’s decision for re-election?

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2nd Supervisorial Watch: Ed Royce and Dana Rohrabacher Endorses Michelle Steel

Posted by Dominus on May 23, 2013

Today the Michelle Steel for Supervisor campaign sent out this press release:


Huntington Beach, CA – Michelle Steel’s campaign for County Supervisor continued to gather momentum today, with the announcement that she has been endorsed by Republican Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce.

Michelle Steel is the Vice Chair of the California State Board of Equalization, where she has represented Orange County for the past six years. She is running for Supervisor in the 2nd district.

“I have known Michelle all my life,” said Rep. Rohrabacher.  “She is honest, a hard worker and a patriot.”

“Michelle Steel is a champion for Orange County taxpayers on the BOE and I am confident she will continue her strong advocacy for taxpayers and small business owners as a County Supervisor,” said Rep. Royce.

Both Congressmen made a guest appearance at Michelle Steel’s fundraiser, hosted by OC Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh, which brought her campaign for Supervisor to over $460,000 in the bank with another $40,000 in pledges.

“It is an honor to have the support of Representatives Rohrabacher and Royce and to know that they have faith in my ability to represent the taxpayers of the 2nd district,” said Steel.

While we will have to wait and see if Michelle Steel can raise a total of $500,000 by June 30, her current cash on hand is an impressive number in itself.  It is hard to get donors to write big checks these days when the economy is still sputtering.

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2nd Supervisorial District Watch: Huntington Beach Joe Carchio is also “Exploring”

Posted by Dominus on May 11, 2013

Last week Huntington Beach Councilman Joe Carchio sent out an email to his “friends & supporters” requesting inputs on a potential run for Orange County Supervisor, 2nd District.  This email came on the heel of similar email that was sent out by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor.  Here is a portion of that email:

Like some of you, I sat on the sidelines for year while others did the work.  I’ve voted in all the elections that I was able, sent along my contributions to candidates I cared about, stuffed envelopes, walked precincts, etc.

I’ve been told I have some good ideas that would work well for Orange County.  However, what I think of my accomplishments so far is not as important as what you think of the role I have played in our local political leadership lives and what perhaps I could do for all of us at the County.  I have no political further careers goals and would dedicate myself to serving the people of Orange County as 2nd District Supervisor.

Joe Carchio is currently a part-time Field Representative for Assemblyman Travis Allen.  He is will be forced out of the Huntington Beach City Council at the end of 2014 because of term limits.  In 2011, he publicly stated that he will run for the newly created 72nd Assembly District only to later discovered that he lives in the wrong part of Huntington Beach.

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AD74 Watch: Matt Harper Angling to Run

Posted by Dominus on May 10, 2013

With the news of Assemblyman Allan Mansoor possibly giving up his seat to run for Supervisor against BOE Member Michelle Steel, an ambitious and eager politician by the name is Matthew Harper is already busy working behind the scene to secure support for a potential campaign.

Matt Harper was elected to the Huntington Beach City Council in 2010.  He is slated to become mayor next year if his Democratic colleagues will honor the rotation system.

Harper briefly ran for assembly in 2012 before dropping out and eventually backing Troy Edgar.  That last race demonstrated Harper’s inability to raise serious campaign cash needed for an assembly campaign.  Here is the text from an OC Register article that reported Harper’s last assembly race back in 2012


Five candidates have tossed their hats in the ring for the 72nd Assembly race, but only three are financially committed to running for a seat.

Huntington Beach City Councilman Matthew Harper, Westminster Councilman Tyler Diep and Little Saigon businessman Long Pham are vying for the newly drawn district that would represent parts of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Los Alamitos, Garden Grove and Santa Ana.

Harper has $22,853 in funds for the race, according to his campaign statement covering Jan. 1- Dec. 30.

His biggest donors include Rainbow Disposal, and he has also taken out a loan for $7,500.

Diep’s campaign filings show he has not taken out any loans and has collected $137,049 since January 2011.

Pham, who is making his fourth attempt to claim a seat, has not collected any contributions but instead has taken out a $100,000 loan to fund his campaign.

I would think Newport Beach Councilwoman Leslie Daigle and former CRP treasurer Keith Carlson are the more formidable candidates should they decide to run.

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Michelle Steel v. Alan Mansoor: Who Stand to Gain the Most and Who Has the Most to Lose?

Posted by Dominus on May 6, 2013

While political insiders gossip about the possibility of Assemblyman Allan Mansoor giving up his third term in the lower house of the Legislature to challenge BOE Member Michelle Steel for the position of OC Supervisor, 2nd District, the Daily Pilot made the whole situation public last week.

Conventional wisdom predicted that Allan Mansoor will run for State Senate in the beginning of 2015 when incumbent Senator Mimi Walters vacate her seat after her installation on to the Orange County Board of Supervisors.  The most obvious threat to Allan Mansoor for this senate seat is Assemblyman Don Wagner.  Both Wanger and Mansoor were elected in 2010 so both are termed-out at the end of 2016.

Last week, Allan Mansoor did a huge favor to Don Wagner by telling the local press that he is mulling a run for OC Supervisor.

But Wagner is not the only one who stand to gain the most – Supervisor John Moorlach is also benefiting from a possible Steel v. Mansoor match up.

Moorlach is at the end of his career with the County of Orange and is looking for a new public office to occupy.


John Moorlach detested the idea that Michelle Steel is going to succeed him.  He is convinced that Michelle and her husband Shawn Steel were some how responsible for the defeat of his effort to extend supervisorial term limits to three consecutive 4-year terms.

Moorlach preferred to have someone like former Huntington Beach Councilman Don Hansen or Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer take over his seat.

Jim Righeimer decided against a run for supervisor due to unfinished business in Costa Mesa.  Don Hansen is having second thought about this race, according to multiple sources.

So John Moorlach and company needed to find another candidate. They turned to Allan Mansoor.

They convinced Allan Mansoor that it is in his best interest to forgo a possible third term in the assembly to run against Michelle Steel.

Any political insider could have told Mansoor that the safer route to take is to run for re-election, then run for state senate in a special election from a safe seat.

But of course the people telling Mansoor to run for supervisor doesn’t exactly have his best interest at heart.  They’re just looking for the strongest candidate they can find to run against Michelle Steel.


If Allan Mansoor does indeed give up his Assembly seat to run for Supervisor, John Moorlach is going to walk right into the 74th Assembly District.

Assemblyman Don Wagner will have little problem succeeding Senator Mimi Walters to the upper chamber.


Between Don Wagner and Michelle Steel, I believe that the latter is a more formidable opponent.  Taking on Don Wagner in a special election from a safe seat is the path with zero risk for Allan Mansoor.

Running against Michelle Steel in a regular primary and then general election will mean that Allan Mansoor will have to give up his third and final term in the Assembly.  If Mansoor prevail in this match then life is great.  However, should he come up short, unemployment at the beginning of 2015 is not pleasant for a former member of the Legislature.


Something for Assemblyman Mansoor to consider as he is about to start a family.

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Supervisors Calling for Change in CalOptima Board Membership

Posted by Dominus on January 27, 2013

In the wake of a scathing OC Grand Jury report against Supervisor Janet Nguyen for her take over of CalOptima, other county supervisors are openly suggesting further changes to this $1.5 billion healthcare plan for the poor.

The Voice of OC’s Norbeto Santana recently interviewed supervisors Todd Spitzer, Shawn Nelson and John Moorlach for their reactions.  Senator Lou Correa also offered his willingness to make legislative change to CalOptima.

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AD 65 Watch: Two Republicans Compete to Challenge Democratic Incumbent

Posted by Dominus on January 22, 2013

Sensing that newly elected Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva is vulnerable in the midterm 2014 election, two Republicans has emerged to compete for the chance to unseat her.  Both Republicans are Asian Americans and they were busy working the room at last night’s Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee meeting.


IMG_1535I do not think there is a front runner on the GOP side yet but one of these two candidates have a minor edge and her name is Young Kim.  She is a Korean American community leader and long time staffer for Congressman Ed Royce.

In my judgment Young have a small advantage right now because of Ed Royce and his strong roots in Fullerton.  Let’s just assume that Royce will go out of his way to help his staffer.  Young Kim is an eloquent public speaker.  She is very presentable in public and can tap into her Korean network of donors for financial support.

Previously Young and her husband Charles lives in La Habra where he was a planning commissioner.  La Habra is not in AD 65 so i’m guessing Young probably moved out of that city already and into a place that is within the district.  Someone overheard her saying that she moved to Fullerton last month.

Young’s decision to run in AD 65 instead of Assemblyman Curt Hagman’s district saved Ed Royce from having to take side in a potentially divisive campaign.  We know how “excited” the Congressman can be when he has to take side in an intra-party fight.


Before Young Kim can take on Sharon Quirk-Silva, she will have to find a way to deal with Councilman Henry Charoen of La Palma.  Henry is a Thai community leader.  Henry was planning to run for assembly two years ago but his city was drawn into Chris Norby’s district.  He ultimately backed out but did put away $50,000.

In June of 2012, Henry was elected to the GOP central committee.

20_n_thaimayor2_largeWhat is dangerous about Henry is that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by running.  Don’t think that the GOP establishment can bully him out of this race.


It is good for the Republican Party to have two fine Asian candidates running for state office.  However, to even have a chance at unseating Sharon Quirk Silva, one of them must not run and clear the field for the other.

There just isn’t enough money in Orange County for these two Republicans to bloody each other up in the primary.

From now until the June mid-year financial report, Henry is unlikely to do better than Young in term of collecting high profile endorsements.  Young will beat him at that game but if Henry can focus on raising money – i’m talking posting $150,000 cash on hand by the middle of this year then he is in the hunt and probably the frontrunner.

Likewise for Young, she need to have money to go along with her endorsements.  Having all 25 GOP assembly members endorsing her means little to nothing if she cant put together at least $100,000 by the middle of this year.

This could be an exciting race to watch.

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Supervisorial 5: Mimi Walters to Take this Seat

Posted by Dominus on January 16, 2013

In 2014 Supervisor Pat Bates of the 5th District will termed-out of this seat.  It is confirmed that state Senator Mimi Walters will run for this position next year to avoid political extinction herself.

This supervisorial district belongs to Mimi.  No one in this area have the high name identification and financial resources to challenge Mimi.

What is more interesting is the special election that a Mimi victory will trigger.  Assemblyman Alan Mansoor and Assemblyman Don Wagner are both eyeing this senate district.

Between Wagner and Mansoor, I don’t know who is the stronger candidate.

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