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LA Times Endorses 3 White Candidates in English, But Endorses Their Latino Opponents in Spanish

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 1, 2018

Los Angeles TimesCross posted to OC Daily:

In one of the more bizarre stories of the 2018 election, the Los Angeles Times endorsed 3 white candidates (and 2 ballot measures) in its English language edition, but the paper then endorsed their 3 Latino opponents (and the opposite position on 2 ballot measures) in its Spanish language edition.  Specifically, the Times endorsed:

  • United States Senator: Dianne Feinstein in English, Kevin de León in Spanish
  • Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner in English, Ricardo Lara in Spanish
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff: Jim McDonnell in English, Alex Villanueva in Spanish
  • Proposition 3 (Water Bond): No in English, Yes in Spanish
  • Proposition 7 (Daylight Saving Time): Yes in English, No in Spanish

This wasn’t a mere listing error: there’s 1-3 paragraphs of text for each endorsement, and the Spanish language edition even includes a photo of each endorsed candidate.  This appears to be a case of blatant pandering where the LA Times simply got caught.

First reported by Latino Rebels yesterday, followed by a story on KCAL 9, the LA Times claimed this was simply an error, in which the endorsements of Hoy were run as the endorsements of the LA Times en Español.  However, Latino Rebels points out that these endorsements were not only posted online and in the weekly print edition of LA Times en Español but also issued again in a print supplement.

OC Political noticed the LA Times en Español’s endorsements consisted of Gavin Newsom for Governor and seven Latino candidates.  The LA Times en Español completely left out the races for State Controller, State Treasurer, and Superintendent of Public Instruction, where there are no Latinos running, yet it included the 24th State Senate District in its endorsements.

The LA Times in English endorsed the full slate of Statewide offices, including Betty Yee for State Controller, Fiona Ma for State Treasurer, and Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The LA Times in English did not have any state legislative endorsements.  While the LA Times en Español endorsed 7 Latinos and 1 white man, the LA Times English endorsements for Statewide offices were much more ethnically balanced, with 3 white people, 3 Latinos, 2 Asian Americans, and 1 African American for State office.

The full LA Times English language endorsements are here (permanently archived here).  The full LA Times Spanish language endorsements are here (permanently archived here).

Below, however, are all five conflicting endorsements.

US Senate

In the English language edition:

U.S. Senate: Dianne Feinstein

Feinstein is a senator from a more civil and productive era of governance and has accomplished a great deal with that approach. California should reelect her and more candidates like her who know when to stand firm on matters of principle and when to negotiate to get things done. It is doubtful that challenger Kevin de Leon, unwilling by his own admission to compromise, would be nearly as effective in the Senate as it exists today.

In the Spanish language edition:

Kevin de Leon para senador federal

El senador estatal demostró tener la experiencia y el pragmatismo necesario para producir leyes. Él conoce de cerca la realidad de la gente y el valor de los inmigrantes. Dianne Feinstein ha estado en el Senado desde 1992 y de ganar esta elección, sería su sexto término en el Senado. Sin duda, es mucho tiempo y ha llegado el momento de un cambio generacional.

En estos momentos de claro enfrentamiento de Donald Trump contra el estado de California, se necesita una voz más fuerte y directa que vele por los intereses de los californianos en Washington.


Kevin de Leon for federal senator

The state senator has demonstrated that he has the experience and pragmatism necessary for lawmaking. He knows closely the people’s reality and the value of the immigrants. Dianne Feinstein has been in the Senate since 1992 and if she wins this election, this would be her sixth term in the Senate. Without a doubt, that is a long time, and the time has come for a generational change.

In these moments of clear confrontation by Donald Trump against the state of California, a stronger and more direct voice is needed who looks after the interests of Californians in Washington.

Insurance Commissioner

In the English language edition:

Insurance commissioner: Steve Poizner

Poizner was an able and innovative insurance commissioner for a four-year term that ended in 2011. The Republican-turned-independent earned a reputation as an advocate for consumers, not insurance companies. This isn’t the right job for rival Ricardo Lara, who lacks experience with insurance regulation.

In the Spanish language edition:

Ricardo Lara para comisionado de seguros

El senador estatal tiene un fuerte compromiso con la defensa del consumidor, una responsabilidad vital para este cargo. Su cruzada en la legislatura por una cobertura médica universal refleja la pasión por defender al más vulnerable.


Ricardo Lara for insurance commissioner

The state senator has a strong commitment to consumer protection, a vital responsibility for this position. His crusade in the legislature for universal medical coverage reflects his passion to defend the most vulnerable.

LA County Sheriff

In the English language edition:

Sheriff: Jim McDonnell

It turns out that reforming the Sheriff’s Department is a long and complicated process. But McDonnell remains the better of two candidates to do the job, given his long experience leading large law enforcement agencies. Challenger Alex Villanueva has no such experience.

In the Spanish language edition:

Alex Villanueva para Sheriff

Alex Villanueva ha demostrado su deseo de conseguir un cambio dentro del Departamento del Sheriff de Los Ángeles, el segundo más grande del país. En su opinión, la corrupción es un mal endémico dentro del Departamento y el actual Sheriff, Jim McDonell, no ha hecho nada para combatirlo.

Villanueva ha dicho que no apoya la presencia de agentes del Servicio de Inmigracion en el interior de las cárceles, y considera que las leyes santuario ayudan a fortalecer la confianza de la comunidad con las autoridades. Villanueva garantiza un cambio desde el interior del Departamento.


Alex Villanueva for Sheriff

Alex Villanueva has shown his desire to bring change from within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the second largest in the country. In his opinion, corruption is an endemic evil within the Department and the current Sheriff, Jim McDonell, has done nothing to combat it.

Villanueva has said that he does not support the presence of ICE agents inside the jails, and he thinks that sanctuary laws help to strengthen the trust of the community with law enforcement. Villanueva guarantees a change from inside the Department.

Proposition 3

In the English language edition:

Proposition 3: ($8.877-billion water bond): No

Not all water bonds are created equal. This one would have all Californians pay for projects that would benefit only a few interests or regions, chiefly Central Valley agriculture.

In the Spanish language edition:


Autoriza 8,900 millones de dólares para proyectos relacionados con agua. Los proyectos son extensos, cubren desde mejorar la calidad, almacenamiento y distribución.



Authorizes $8.9 billion for projects related to water. The projects are extensive, covering quality improvement, storage and distribution.

Proposition 7

In the English language edition:

Proposition 7 (Permanent daylight saving time): Yes

Passage of Proposition 7 would empower the Legislature, by a 2/3 vote, to express its desire to shift to year-round daylight saving time. But an actual shift requires an act of Congress.

In the Spanish language edition:


Autoriza votar por el cambio de hora. La legislatura debe atender temas más importantes que este.

Aunque la Proposición 7 fuera aprobada por los votantes, California no podría hacer el cambio de horario sin el permiso del Congreso. La ley federal permite a los estados dejar de observar el horario de verano, pero no hacerlo de manera permanente.

En otras palabras, la Proposición 7 no detendrá el cambio de reloj, pero abre el camino para un debate que vale la pena tener. Pero creemos que en este momento la legislatura estatal tiene cosas más importantes y urgentes que abordar.



Authorizes voting for the time change. The legislature should address more important issues than this.

Even if Proposition 7 is approved by voters, California could not make the schedule change without Congressional permission. Federal law allows states to stop observing Daylight Saving Time, but not permanently.

In other words, Proposition 7 will not stop changing clocks, but it opens the way for a debate worth having.  But we believe that at this moment the state legislature has more important and urgent things to address.

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U.S. Senate Democrat Hypocrisy In Full Display Joined by Two Republicans!

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on January 30, 2018

Sometimes satire is very very funny. The Babylon Bee (http://babylonbee.com/) is a Christian satire site similar to the Onion but with a religious theme to it.  It’s “articles” are usually funny with lots of humor often poking fun at popular culture and at the Church itself.

But sometimes its satire is bitingly and strikingly to the point.  The vote by most of the U.S. Senate Democrats and two Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a case in point – actually two cases on point.  First is the Bee’s article entitled:

Senate Democrats Refuse To Grant Legal Status To Children Dreaming Of Being Born (Link)

The article begins: “WASHINGTON, DC—Voting down a measure that would have banned most abortions after 20 weeks gestation, Senate Democrats on Monday refused to grant legal status to millions of unborn children dreaming of one day being born.”

Later in the article it states: “Frankly, I’m tired of the Republicans’ sob stories about these so-called ‘dreamers’ who are deliberately hiding inside a womb, hoping for government protection without going through the proper channels,” a DNC spokesperson told reporters. “Maybe it’s not their fault their parents brought them into this world, but that does not give them the same Constitutional right to life that hardworking, natural-born Americans have earned.”

For the rest of this bitingly true article go to the link above – its satire but it is strikingly on point.

The the Babylon Bee followed up with this excellent piece:

After Killing 20-Week Abortion Ban, Democrats Resume Lecturing People About Compassion (Link)

This one begins: “WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to sources within the Senate, Democratic legislators took a short break from their tireless schedule of lecturing the nation about compassion Monday in order to vote against a ban on the barbaric practice of ripping helpless 20-week-old babies limb from limb and pulling them from the wombs of their mothers.”

Later the article “reported”: “We had to hit pause on our monologues about immigrant children for a quick minute so we could ensure that women’s rights to kill their babies at any time, for any reason are preserved,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “But rest assured, we are back on our moral high horse and will proceed to posture as champions of the oppressed and the only virtuous human beings on earth, now that that task is complete.”

Finally this satire piece noted that “At publishing time, sources confirmed that the two Republicans who sided with the Democrats to shoot down the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine—had resumed acting as though they represented the values of their constituents.”

I highly recommend you go to the link above for this full article too.

While these two reports are truly “satire,” they are based on true events that occurred this week (the week of January 29th).  And both point to the absolute hypocrisy of most U.S. Senate Democrats (including our own Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein).

Both articles are very short and worth your time.

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Moorlach Drops Out of CD-45 Race

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 10, 2014

John M.W. MoorlachSupervisor John Moorlach announced tonight that he is dropping out of the race for the 45th Congressional District.  Candidates in the 74th Assembly District are banking on the sentence, “I will enjoy my final year as Supervisor and then return to the private sector…” Here’s his announcement…

MOORLACH CAMPAIGN UPDATE — It’s About Time — March 10, 2014

At the February 25th Board of Supervisors meeting, one of my colleagues, when considering the opportunity to serve on one more Board, explained how busy he already was. He cited the number of major issues being addressed on the numerous boards he sat on. He wondered aloud where in the day he could eke out the time required to participate on an additional board. He lamented that his plate was incredibly full and how stretched each Supervisor must be right now.

I do not believe he was complaining. He was just explaining that a County Supervisor’s days are completely full and that adding another commitment is not an easy thing to do. It’s about having the necessary time to be effective. After all, even the best delegator has to know when to say “no.”

I have run for elected office nine times. Running for Congress will be my tenth. I know how to campaign and what is involved. I consider myself an excellent time manager. But, I too am maxed out with the many components of this job of Supervisor.

Fortunately, I have been able to drop my involvement in two Commission Chair assignments (two involvements that I really enjoyed). But, my loyalty to the responsibility of my current job has made allocating major chunks of time to the campaign very difficult. I have made a fraction of the calls that I have wanted to, whether for asking for funds or for endorsements. If I called you, consider yourself fortunate. If I have not, rest in the knowledge that you are on the list.

The filing period closes on Wednesday and I find myself with two choices. The first is to file and continue to eke out time to campaign, including raising money, and hope that those efforts are successful. The second is to fold up the tent and drop out of the race.

I believe I am the best candidate for the 45th Congressional District. The polling shows that I’m in the lead. This is my race to lose. But, without satisfactory resources in the bank, I will find myself being hammered by negative mail on a weekly basis by one of the other candidates in the race. As she doesn’t have much of a record to boast upon, then going negative will have to be the only strategy left. And she hasn’t given any reason to think otherwise by the barbs that have been thrown my way to date.

I’m not afraid of negative mail. I endured plenty of it in my first run for County Supervisor from the independent expenditures made by local public employee unions and their brethren up and down the state. It’s not fun. But, you need to respond, as claims made by this one candidate in one recent e-mail were false and should deserve a response.

I’m also not a quitter. But, my family and I have given the County twenty years of our lives. The sacrifices made have been more than enough. Working long days every day of the week do have a way of wearing you down. I love the work and I love problem solving. I’ve had a ball as your County Treasurer and your Second District Supervisor. There have been plenty of problems to solve. The list of accomplishments I’ve been able to compile gives me great personal satisfaction of a job well done. It’s been about fiscal issues, and I’ve addressed most of them, some before they became ubiquitous.

We both know that our nation is headed in the wrong direction. The inability to balance annual budgets, the assumption that the federal government can run health care, the ever growing national debt, and municipalities choking to death on their pension commitments without leadership from Washington, D.C. are heartrending.

We are admonished by the Apostle Paul to run the race in order to win. Although I am spending numerous hours every day on the campaign, I am not allocating the amount of time needed to be a successful candidate. The job of a County Supervisor is just that time consuming. And my DNA will not allow me to neglect the responsibilities that I was elected to perform.

These past few months have been exhilarating. When someone says, “I wish there were more elected officials like you” or “you’ve got my vote,” it is most gratifying. One of the highest compliments I’ve received is that I’m well liked because I don’t “impose” on anyone. I have not imposed on you and others, and the campaign’s cash balance indicates it. Below is an article on the campaign from Womens ENews, showing the December 31st report totals.

Therefore, I’m letting the dream of serving in the United States Congress go. I will enjoy my final year as Supervisor and then return to the private sector; grateful for the opportunity to have served this wonderful County and its three million residents. I’ve been blessed. It’s about time I finish my tour of duty in public life. It’s about time I stop making my amazing wife endure countless hours of waiting for me to come home from the job. It’s about time I give myself some time.

Thank you for making the experiences over the past two decades so worthwhile and fulfilling. I deeply appreciate your support and encouragement! Thank you and God Bless you!

Womens eNews

GOP Female Duo Faces California’s ‘Jungle System’

By Sharon Johnson

WeNews senior correspondent

Monday, March 10, 2014

If they win in a state where campaign costs and competition are both high, Elizabeth Emken and Mimi Walters will crack open the GOP’s all-male caucus in California. The second in a series on women tapped by the GOP’s Project GROW.

(WOMENSENEWS)–Two Californian congressional candidates are carrying some of the GOP’s hope for improving its female ranks by the end of the year.

Both Elizabeth Emken and Mimi Walters have been tapped to receive special training and support through the GOP’s Project GROW (Growing Opportunities for Women).

Electing these women is key to Republican hopes of widening a 17-seat majority in the House of Representatives. The party is eager for Emken to take back the seat of Ami Bera, one of four seats it lost to the Democrats in 2012, and also for Walters to retain the seat of John Campbell, who is retiring after serving for 14 years.

The 53-member California delegation–the largest in the House–wields considerable power. Nancy Pelosi is the minority leader and Kevin McCarthy is the Republican whip.

The Democratic caucus, which has become more diverse since the 1990s, now includes 18 women and 20 men. The Republican caucus has remained a male bastion: all 19 members are men.

California is one of the most difficult states for House candidates because it has a “jungle” primary system. The top two vote getters in the primary compete in the general election regardless of political affiliation. This system poses ideological as well as fundraising barriers for GOP women, who tend to be more moderate and have fewer financial resources than do their male opponents.

“Female candidates across the country generally have a more difficult time raising funds than do male candidates because they don’t have the sources that men do, although this is starting to change as women move up in their fields,” said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.

Only 27 percent of the 113 GOP female candidates for the House won their primaries in the 2010 midterm election, and 31 percent of 86 GOP female candidates in the 2012 general election, found the center, which conducts research and outreach on women’s under-representation in politics and government.

“Facing multiple challengers in a primary can quickly drain a female candidate’s finances,” said Walsh in a phone interview. “Running in a district where the cost of media is high can be prohibitively expensive for women.”

7th Congressional District

Elizabeth Emken is looking for her first victory in the race against Rep. Bera, a freshman Democrat who beat a longtime Republican incumbent in 2012.

Democrats have a 2 percentage point advantage in voter registration in the district, which includes the suburbs of Sacramento, the state capitol.

Fundraising may plague Emken. In addition to Bera, who raised $3,632,282 in 2012, Emken faces two Republican challengers in the primary on June 3: Doug Ose, a former congressman, and Igor Birman, chief of staff of Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif. Ose represented a large portion of the redrawn district from 1999 to 2005.

As of Dec. 31, Bera had raised $1,373,106; Emken, $450,999; Ose $378,452; and Birman $247,573, noted the Center for Responsive Politics. Bera, the only Indian American in the House, was recently named to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Frontline Program, which provides financial support to vulnerable Democrats.

Emken has denounced Bera as an “Obama foot soldier.” Unlike Bera, a physician who supports the Affordable Care Act, Emken has backed repeal because she says health care inequities can be better addressed through tax reforms. As a lobbyist for autism research, Emken backed provisions of the Affordable Care Act that would benefit the two million Americans who have the condition.

She also believes that the disabled and seniors have a right to opt out of Medicaid and Medicare.

Emken opposes same-sex marriage, which resumed in the state after a 2008 state ban was overturned by the Supreme Court in June 2013.

The mother of a son with autism, Emken lobbied the U.S. Congress for 14 years before she made her first foray into politics in 2010. In 1996, she and a group of parents of children with autism met with Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., to stress the need for more research funds for the condition, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says affects 1-in-88 children in the country.

As a legislative consultant and board member of Cure Autism Now, a Los Angeles research advocacy group, she helped pass the Advances for Pediatric Autism Research Act, which became part of the Children’s Health Act of 2000. In 2006, Emken also led a campaign by 19 autism organizations to pass the Combating Autism Act, which authorized $1 billion a year, beginning in 2007, for five years for research, screening and treatment.

In 2010, Emken came in last of four Republicans competing for the 9th District seat of Rep. Jerry McNerney, founder of a company that manufacturers wind turbines. In 2012, she made a bid for the U.S. Senate by challenging Democrat Dianne Feinstein, California’s senior senator, and won only 37 percent of the vote.

Fundraising was a major hurdle because the party provided little support. Unlike Feinstein, who had $865,541 in cash on hand, Emken started from scratch, raising a total of $914,350, reports the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign financing.

Emken’s largest contribution totaled $10,000. Only 1 percent of contributions came from political action committees, compared to 23 percent for Feinstein, who had served on key committees, such as Appropriations, Intelligence and Judiciary.

Feinstein, who had been in the Senate since 1992, spent $12,152,230. Her top contributors were PG & E Corp., a natural gas and electric utility for Northern and Central California ($120,700), and J Street PAC, a nonprofit group that wants to promote leadership to end the Israel/Arab conflict ($82,171).

45th Congressional District

A California state legislator, Mimi Walters, will face two GOP challengers in the June 3 primary for the seat of Campbell, who emphasized decreasing earmarks and reducing government spending.

All three are fiscal conservatives. John Moorlach, an Orange County supervisor, sounded the alarm before Orange County went bankrupt in 1994. A retired marine colonel, Greg Raths’ website says he would be “open to curbing expensive weapons systems, like the F-35 fighter jet, a $137 million plane which is not performing.”

The district includes Irvine, Mission Viejo and parts of Anaheim and Orange. Republicans have a 15-percentage-point advantage in voter registration. So far, no Democrat has filed to run.

Walters ran for state treasurer in 2010 and gained name recognition. She also has the endorsements of two influential California Republicans–Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Ed Royce, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

A former stock broker, Walters founded the California Women’s Leadership Association, a statewide organization of influential women who support free market principles. She supports lower taxes and less intrusive government, but has not addressed women’s economic issues, such as equal pay.

So far, Walters has the edge in fundraising. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that by the end of 2013, she had raised $623,760, Raths $132,729 and Moorlach $46,316.

In February, Walters was endorsed by the New Majority California PAC, the largest GOP PAC in the state. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that the PAC contributed $1,107,798 to candidates from 2006 to 2012.

Sharon Johnson is a New York-based freelance writer.


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2012 General Election Predictions: U.S. Senate

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 10, 2012

It is once again time for my prediction series on the 2012 general election races that will appear on the ballot. I am not going to make predictions on all races, but I would say you can expect predictions on over 75% of them.

We are going to kick things off with the United States Senate race between Dianne Feinstein and Elizabeth Emken. In the primary election we had 24 candidates vying for this seat:

United States Senator

  • Dianne Feinstein, Democratic ………. 2,392,822 votes 49.3%
  • Elizabeth Emken, Republican ………. 613,613 votes 12.6%
  • Dan Hughes, Republican ………. 323,840 votes 6.7%
  • Rick Williams, Republican ………. 157,946 votes 3.3%
  • Orly Taitz, Republican ………. 154,781 votes 3.2%
  • Dennis Jackson, Republican ………. 137,120 votes 2.8%
  • Greg Conlon, Republican ………. 135,421 votes 2.8%
  • Al Ramirez, Republican ………. 109,399 votes 2.3%
  • Gail K. Lightfoot, Libertarian ………. 101,648 votes 2.1%
  • Diane Stewart, Democratic ………. 97,782 votes 2.0%
  • Mike Strimling, Democratic ………. 97,024 votes 2.0%
  • David Alex Levitt, Democratic ………. 76,482 votes 1.6%
  • Oscar Alejandro Braun, Republican ………. 75,842 votes 1.6%
  • Marsha Feinland, Peace and Freedom ………. 57,720 votes 1.2%
  • Robert Lauten, Republican ………. 56,524 votes 1.2%
  • Colleen Shea Fernald, Democratic ………. 51,623 votes 1.1%
  • Donald Krampe, Republican ………. 39,035 votes 0.8%
  • Don J. Grundmann, American Independent ………. 33,037 votes 0.7%
  • Dirk Allen Konopik, Republican ………. 29,997 votes 0.6%
  • John Boruff, Republican ………. 29,357 votes 0.6%
  • Nak Shah, Democratic ………. 27,203 votes 0.6%
  • Rogelio T. Gloria, Republican ………. 22,529 votes 0.5%
  • Nachum Shifren, Republican ………. 21,762 votes 0.4%
  • Kabiruddin Karim Ali, Peace and Freedom ………. 12,269 votes 0.3%
  • Linda R. Price, Republican (Write-in)

This data comes directly from the League of Women Voters “Smart Voter” website. Unfortunately for Republicans these numbers say it all. Feinstein almost managed to get 50% of the vote with 23 opponents running against her.

Unfortunately, this race is not Barbara Boxer vs. Carly Fiorina which was extremely competitive. Feinstein is the more moderate Democrat between the 2 Senators. Feinstein also hails from the bay area which is one of the largest 2 voting populations in California (the other being Los Angeles.

Many might argue that Feinstein is vulnerable because she was one of the victims of the Kindee Durkee scandal. However, Durkee may have taken all of her campaign money but Feinstein was listed as the 9th richest member of Congress in 2011. Also Diane Feinstein wrote her campaign a check for $5,000,000 after Durkee took her $4,500,000 during the alleged embezzlement scandal.

This race is going to take millions of dollars to do and with just over  $26,000 left after the primary election it just doesn’t seem like it is going to happen. On the other hand Feinstein had over $3,000,000 as of June 30th in her account

On a personal note I think Elizabeth Emken is a great person and I am hoping that all the stars will align for an upset on election night.

Looking at all the factors at play in this district I believe that the winner will be:

Dianne Feinstein

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Menage a Trois Alert: “Taxin” Troy Edgar, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

Troy Edgar’s horrendous history of supporting taxes and regulations has been covered pretty well by this and other blogs.  Yet, I was still surprised to learn that in April of 2008, as a member of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Regional Council, Edgar voted to support S.1499, authored by Senator Boxer and co-authored by Senator Feinstein.

I have to wonder how a bill authored by Boxer and Feinstein did not raise any flags for Edgar. Either he knew the content of the bill and supported it.  Or, he is incompetent and just showed up to receive his per diem and voted yes on every item. Either or, here is what S.1499 does and why Troy Edgar should have stood up and opposed it.

The bill would have given the EPA additional regulatory powers and instructed it to promulgate regulations requiring vessels which use U.S ports to reduce fuel sulfur content from 27,000 to 1,000 parts per million, by 2012.  Why should have Troy Edgar opposed this legislation?

First, this legislation would have been extremely costly and had a devastating impact on the national economy.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cost of complying with the low-sulfur regulations would cost $500 million in the first year and the cost would increase in subsequent years.  Additionally, the regulations would have raised the cost of transporting goods and impacted U.S. international competitiveness.  The emission standards would have required new and existing vessels to pay for expensive engine upgrades and technology upgrades.  Furthermore, the Engine Manufacturers Association opposed the legislation because it is doubtful that the appropriate technology could have been adopted in time.

Second, the legislation was not necessary in most of the country. According to the Senate Committee Report for S.1499, “most American ports do not have air quality issues”.  Some California ports do have a continued nitrogen oxide and particulate matter problem, but that is a regional issue.  This legislation would have regulated all American ports and unfairly burden them regardless of air quality.

It is not surprising that S.1499 did not make it very far in Congress.  The bill did not even make it out of the liberal controlled Senate.  However, the bill reveled more about Troy Edgar’s values.  If Troy Edgar is willing to support S.1499, I doubt there is a tax or regulation he will not support.

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U.S. Senate Poll: Feinstein at 42%, Emken & Hughes Lead Republicans with 4%; Taitz Tied for Sixth Among Republicans and Tenth Overall

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 3, 2012

Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein leads all 23 of her opponents combined. Feinstein has 42%, her opponents have a combined 34%, and 24% of likely voters remain undecided.

SurveyUSA appears to be the only poll in the state that has looked at the U.S. Senate race.  The others probably thought it was a waste of time and money.

Under the headline, “Feinstein Opponent Unknowable Heading into Final Weekend Before Primary” the latest SurveyUSA poll was released on Thursday (after polling voters from Sunday through Tuesday) shows the following results for the Top 10 of the 24 candidates for U.S. Senate:

Feinstein, a Democrat, leads or ties for the lead in every subgroup.  She’s in a three-way tie with Emken and Hughes among Republicans.  Feinstein ties Hughes among very conservative voters.  She leads in every other subgroup, even TEA Party Members, conservatives, pro-life voters, and evangelical Christians.

Emken has the best shot of capturing the undecided vote to come in a distant second behind Feinstein since Emken’s endorsement by the California Republican Party is listed in voters’ sample ballots, the only thing that is mailed to every single registered voter in the state.

Whoever comes in second has a very tall order to topple California’s 20-year Senator.

Four hypothetical general election matchups were polled:

  • Feinstein Defeats Emken 50%-34% (16% Feinstein Advantage)
  • Feinstein Defeats Taitz 54%-29% (25% Feinstein Advantage)
  • Feinstein Defeats Ramirez 52%-32% (20% Feinstein Advantage)
  • Feinstein Defeats Hughes 52%-31% (21% Feinstein Advantage)

Once it’s narrowed down to two candidates, each of the four Republicans lead Feinstein in the following subgroups: Republicans, TEA Party members, very conservative voters, conservative voters, and pro-life voters.  Emken leads Feinstein in the Central Valley and splits the evangelical Christian vote evenly with Feinstein.  Ramirez leads Feinstein in the evangelical Christian vote.

The only other poll on California’s U.S. Senate race was SurveyUSA’s April 3 poll (after polling voters March 29-April 2) showed the following as the top 10 candidates:

At that time, Feinstein led every subgroup, even Republicans and very conservative voters.  Her massive lead has decreased, but it’s such a massive lead, she is one of the safer incumbents in the country.

It’s still a free-for-all to determine who will come in second to advance to November against Feinstein, but suffice it to say, on June 5, Feinstein’s team will only be watching her election results to see if she breaks 50%.

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CD-45: Durkee Embezzlement Case Freezes 40% of Sukhee Kang’s Warchest; John Campbell’s Warchest = $1.1 Million

Posted by Chris Nguyen on February 15, 2012

Compared to most Democrats who had Kinde Durkee as their treasurer, Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang actually fared pretty well (Irvine is the largest city in the new 45th Congressional District, and Kang is a directly-elected mayor).  Kang raised $289,398 and spent $35,715 (for those looking at the FEC summary sheet, please note these figures account for a $1,000 refund), only $188,523 was frozen by the LA County Superior Court, pending resolution of the Kinde Durkee case.  He reports $189,559 cash on hand.  (I realize the math doesn’t seem to add up, but this is what’s on his FEC report.)  Kang’s best case scenario is he has all his money.  His worst case scenario is he gets none of the cash back, but that’s only 40% of what he’s raised compared to the wipe-out Jose Solorio and Lou Correa suffered.

Unfortunately, for Kang, even if he gets all of that money back, incumbent Republican Congressman John Campbell‘s $1,096,043 warchest still dwarfs Kang’s.  Not only that, Congressional finance disclosures indicate Campbell is California’s fourth wealthiest member of the House (behind only Darrell Issa, Nancy Pelosi, and Gary Miller), with a net worth between $8-$33 million.  (Including both houses of Congress, Senator Dianne Feinstein comes in ahead of Pelosi but behind Issa).  When Durkee embezzled $4.6 million from Feinstein’s re-election, the Senator loaned her campaign $5 million.  Needless to say, fantastically wealthy members of Congress can easily drop millions into their campaigns if they feel the need.

In the comparison of remarkably similar warchests, Todd Spitzer has $2,988 more cash on hand than John Campbell.

Republican challenger John Webb raised $23,047 and loaned himself an additional $3,200, but has already spent $23,786, leaving himself $2,460 cash on hand before accounting for debts (I assume the $1 differential on the math is due to rounding on his report).

For people wondering, the Registrar of Voters reports a 16.9% Republican registration advantage in this district.  Despite a challenge from the right and a challenge by the mayor of the district’s largest city from the left, John Campbell will still cruise to re-election.

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Time to show Feinstein the door

Posted by Thomas Gordon on February 6, 2012


Why would someone 78 years old seek re-election to an office that she would hold until she reached 84 years of age?

Good question, but it couldn’t be for the $ 174,000 annual salary she draws from the taxpayers.

Her personal wealth is reportedly between 50 and 150 million dollars all of which is held is blind trust separate from her husbands.

This year Mrs.Feinstein is drawing some challengers.

Al Ramirez, a conservative businessman from Santa Monica has jumped into the race as has Dan Hughes, a conservative businessman from Oceanside who has raised $ 100,000 in the last 30 days.

Elizabeth Emken from Danville is looking to challenge and has already lined up endorsements from OC Republican Assemblymembers Don Wagner and Jim Silva.

Why Democrats keep supporting Mrs Feinstein is a mystery. She co-sponsored PIPA and voted to support the Patriot Act. She’s been in politics since 1978, more than half her life. And with personal wealth in the 100 million range, she’s clearly one of the 1% they loathe.

So will she get rewarded with another 6 years?

Only time will tell…..

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