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Watch the Video: Special Interest Corruption in Sacramento

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 30, 2012

This just came across the wire from the Stop Special Interest Money Now campaign (Full Disclosure: Custom Campaigns is doing consulting work on this race):

Special interest money is driving the agenda in Sacramento. Check out our new campaign video about the amount of influence AT&T has bought with political spending.

AT&T’s control over lawmakers illustrates the need for one of  the Stop Special Interest Money Act’s key reforms–banning direct contributions from special interests to lawmakers.

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Dr. Ken Williams Opposes Munger/PTA Tax Hike

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 30, 2012

This just came across the wire from the Ken Williams for Orange County Board of Education, Trustee Area 3 campaign (Full disclosure: Custom Campaigns is the consultant on this race):

Dr. Ken Williams Opposes Munger/PTA Tax Hike

Orange County, CA (April 30, 2012) – Orange County Board of Education Member Dr. Ken Williams has announced his opposition to the Molly Munger/PTA initiative that would impose $10,000,000,000 in taxes on Californians.

The initiative, which has qualified for the November ballot, would not only increase income taxes on all California couples making $17,500 a year or more but would also increase the collection of private parental and student information from all families in California.

“Collecting private family information and raising taxes on Californians is not the solution. It is wrong to overspend the people’s money on wasteful bureaucracy and collect private and personal information on families,” Williams said. “It is time for Sacramento Democrats, politicians, and Governor Brown to limit the scope and size of government and start making fiscally responsible decisions and finding ways to balance the budget without raising taxes.”

As a member of the Orange County Board of Education, Williams has led the Orange County Department of Education as the proven fiscal conservative on the board. His voting record as a governing county board member reflects his pledge of “No New Taxes” and the financially strong fiscal viability of the county department of education.

Williams serves his constituents as their consistent conservative voice on the board, promoting traditional family values, public safety and safe schools, high academic standards, educational accountability, parental rights, and a “back to basics” approach to education.

During his first campaign for office in 1996, Williams defeated a twenty-year incumbent by running on a “back-to-basics education” theme that resonated with the voters of Trustee Area 3. A home-grown community leader, he is an Orange County native who graduated from the county’s public schools. He is a family physician in private medical practice since 1986 and is on the medical staff at St. Joseph Hospital, Hoag Hospital, and family practice department chairman at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Trustee Area 3 consists of the cities of Brea, Irvine, Orange, Villa Park, and Yorba Linda; the communities of Anaheim Hills and North Tustin; and portions of East Anaheim, Lake Forest, Tustin, and Orange County’s canyon communities.


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CD-39: Ed Royce in the Mail

Posted by Chris Nguyen on April 30, 2012

Excluding the Anaheim TOT mail (which has nothing to do with the June election), I received my third mailer of the primary election cycle on Saturday.  The first mailer was from Congressman Ed Royce’s campaign on April 4, and the second one was from Todd Spitzer’s campaign for the Third Supervisorial District on April 19.  This April 28 mailer is the second I’ve received from Royce’s campaign, and the third from any campaign this cycle.  The piece emphasizes economic themes.

The exterior portion of the piece on the address/postage side reads, “Rep. Ed Royce is Working to Grow Our Economy and Create Jobs!” along with Royce’s logo and web site – this basically has his name in huge type thrice as a way to reinforce name ID even among voters who won’t open/read the piece.  The other side of the exterior portion has various “Now Hiring” signs and a “Help Wanted” sign, along with “Rep. Ed Royce is working to see signs like this go up all over Southern California once again!”  Royce’s name is in large type and in a different color, again reinforcing his name ID even among voters who won’t open/read the piece and who received the piece in the mail with the address/postage side face down.

The interior portion discusses the “Royce Plan” to create more jobs.  There are four bullet points for the Royce Plan:

  • “Slash our skyrocketing national debt.”
  • “Increase domestic energy supply.”
  • “Lower fees on small and medium size businesses,”
  • “Cut Washington’s red tape.”

The interior also highlights a Baltimore Sun op-ed that praised legislation Royce introduced and also emphasizes, “Ed Royce knows that real economic growth has always and will always come from the private sector.”

Strangely, there’s a Twitter logo and a Facebook logo next to Royce’s web site address.  The Royce campaign is not the only one to do this.  The April 19 Spitzer mailer did this as well and also included a LinkedIn logo.  I’ve also seen other random pieces of non-political mail that do this too.  I understand why these logos are included in an email or on a web site because the viewer can click on those to be taken to the business/organization/campaign’s social media pages.  However, it doesn’t make sense on a paper mail piece.  Nobody can click on the logo on a paper mail piece.  These logos are needless clutter on the mail pieces.  The mailers should just send the voters to the candidate’s web site, where they can then click on the logos there to connect to the candidate’s social media pages.

The piece is 8.5″ x 11″ and becomes 17″ x 11″ when opened up.

Ed Royce Mailer

Click on the picture to view a larger version.

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Westminster Vietnamese Black April Event Commemorating Fall of Saigon

Posted by Walter Myers III on April 29, 2012

April 30, 1975 marks the Fall of Saigon and South Vietnam into the hands of the North Vietnamese communists, and also marks the end of the Vietnam War. For the past 37 years local Vietnamese citizens, many of whom escaped Saigon by boat, have commemorated this solemn event. Over the years, fellow Americans and veterans of the Vietnam War have joined with them. It was no different on Saturday at the Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster, dedicated in 2003, where hundreds of people came out to remember that fateful day and celebrate freedom here in America. The program consisted of a beautiful display by the color guard, traditional music, inspirational community leader speeches, and a time of incense burning and prayer. Elected leaders also had the opportunity to each speak for a short time to to the crowd, including Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, State Senator Lou Correa, Assemblyman Jose Solorio, and Villa Park City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly.

The Republican Party was well-represented at the event by the American Dream Outreach Committee, which I chair, with committee members Cuong Cao, Chandra Chell, Charles Hart, Gina McNelley, Emily Sanford and myself in attendance. Our committee leader for this event was Cuong Cao, who heads up Vietnamese outreach for the committee. Cuong organized our efforts and guided us through our participation in the two programs on Saturday and Sunday. The party presented a wreath at the event on Saturday, as seen in the picture above. A certificate of commemoration was presented on behalf of the party by the Honorable Deborah Pauly and committee member Craig Alexander at the Sunday event, which was also attended by Cuong Cao and Emily Sanford. It was truly an honor for us to be involved, and we look forward to having an ongoing presence at future Black April commemoation events.

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Congressman Gary Miller’s Weekly Newsletter

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 29, 2012

This came over the wire from Congressman Gary Miller’s office on Friday…

April 27, 2012

Bill to Combat Cyber Attacks Passes House

Every day, U.S. companies are being targeted by foreign hackers seeking to steal proprietary information and data. These cyber threats undermine U.S. competitiveness and cost American jobs. While the federal government has classified cyber threat intelligence that could help the private sector defend its networks, there are significant obstacles that hinder the sharing of that critical information. On Thursday the House passed legislation to enable the government to share this information with Read the rest of this entry »

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Shawn Nelson’s Fourth District Update

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 29, 2012

This came over the wire from Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s office on Friday…

Supervisor Shawn Nelson - Fourth District Update Read the rest of this entry »

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Bill Campbell’s Third District Report

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 29, 2012

This came over the wire from Supervisor Bill Campbell’s office on Friday…

Photo of Supervisor Campbell, Bill Campbell Supervisor 3rd District, Newsletter, Read the rest of this entry »

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Yorba Linda Police Contract: The Latest

Posted by Brenda Higgins on April 29, 2012

There is a facebook page promoting a recall effort of the 3 council members who voted last week to terminate the 42 year relationship between the Brea Police Department and the Orange County Sherrif.  I have at other posts on OC Political, expressed what I know and my thoughts about how this vote to terminate the contract with Brea PD came about, so I will try not belaver those things further.  However, the debate rages on, with not uncommon alignments.  There is still the Pro-Brea PD facebook page I mentioned earlier, which now invites its readers to visit the Recall page.  While the Recall page gained pretty a pretty rapidly expanding fan base in the first few hours it was up, it’s growth and popularity seems to have sputtered.

Two of the three who made this decision, (again from prior posts on OC Political, note that these three are the majority controlling vote on every issue, systematically vote together and annihilate any opposition)  are up for election in November. 

Schwing and Rikel have made it public that they will seek re-election, in November 2012.  That is only 7 months from now, and in a Presidential election year, voter turnout should be high.   Even before their vote on the Police contract last week, they both were touting their accomplishments as “fiscal conservatives” in seeking a competitive bid process for the police services. The writing has been on that wall for years now.  Mr. Anderson and his cohorts have made their agenda to replace Brea PD with OC Sheriff no secret.  Also not surprising in the “competitive” bid process, Anaheim PD, cheaper than Brea, closer than the Sheriff, already staffed and housed in close proximinty to Yorba Linda, received no votes.  Competitive bid process indeed.

John Anderson, the third vote on awarding the contract to the Sheriff, was just elected to his second term in November 2010.  He was the top vote getter in that race, just 18 months ago.

I am hearing rumors of a referendum in the works, but have seen no actual information, website, literature or anyone claiming responsibility.

I can not imagine where a Recall effort will go. The voters in Yorba Linda, as in many local political climates, have a fairly short attention span. While this is a shocking development to many, there are those who are as enthusiastically bidding Brea PD farewell.  The usual political actives in town have been very vocal and involved, attending and speaking at every meeting, but those usual disgruntled few, do not a Recall make.  There is also no bank roll for any of this Recall/Referendum effort as we have seen in other successful local recalls.

My disclaimer is this, I lost in that November 2010 election to John Anderson.  I have a tremendous dislike for his politics, what has seemed like a clearly personal agenda on every issue, and the thug politics tactics employed by his supporters.  During that campaign I was daily contacted by residents who vowed their vote but for a variety of reasons would not in any way publicly disclose support of someone other than Anderson.  The reasons ranged from being an employee in the same County department as Anderson, needing a variance or permit, or road work in their neighborhood, to having a client or customer who was a member of the YLRRR, being afraid of losing a contract or funding from the city, the list goes on.  The agressive retribution of this group has been well known. 

John Anderson was however, elected by a clear margin and in this situation with the police contract vote, I see no evidence of wrongoding, nothing illegal or unethical in the maner in which this vote came about.  I think it was inappropriate, somewhat underhanded, and am sad that Brea Police were not treated as a team member and efforts made to improve the relationship, service and shared economics.  It is also amazing to me that 3 elected officials in the course of one 5 hour meeting can award a five year, $10 million contract, but there is no evidence that any legal bar exists to prevent it. This self serving behavior and tactics have been par for the course with John Anderson’s cohorts and any candidates of the YLRRR, but Recall? 

At the time of the 2010 election in spite of the ample evidence that this was the manner in which these council members would continue to, and had done business in this city, Anderson was re-elected.  Since he and his companions have dominated the council, the city has been through 4 city managers, rewritten a long standing contract and replaced the city attorneys,  (Again, no secret that Anderson intended to and did replace the prior law firm with one of his choosing) and in general they have micromanaged and criticized every city department and/or contract that was in place when they came to power.  A wholesale effort to replace anyone and everyone who was not “one-of-us” was undertaken.  We as a city, elected and re-elected them. 

To me, a recall effort only furthers the dissention and distrust that currently exists in and with our city government.   The inflammatory histrionics that necessarily come with a recall effort are going to be much like scratching an open wound.  I won’t support any recall.  I don’t like this council, but we have the government we elected.  Sore losers are neither effective or persuasive and responding to thug politics with more thug politics is disrespectful to the process, and something we should be working to avoid and not encourage.

The contract with Brea PD does not end until May 2013.  There will have to be determinations about transistions and logistics.  I am eager to see how these things pan out and watch as the Sheriff attempts to implement their very enthusiastic and overly ambitious proposals, including setting up a whole new station while saving the city over a million dollars each year over the next 5 years. 

If the costs are amortized over the life of the contract, then who bears the  actual start up costs?   The simple answer would be the County.  As a resident of Yorba Linda, I am also a resident of the county right? So, I pick up the tab either way.  It just seems that now, when there’s an overrun, my neighbors in the farther corners of the county are going to help me pick up the tab.  I sure appreciate that.

I also wish that all the Sheriff fans would stop talking about all the impressive special forces and technology the Sheriff will bring to Yorba Linda.  Please carefully read the proposal, most of those impressive services we already had access to.  Nothing new, not a bonus, we already were getting them as county residents. 

I understand there is another city staff report in the works, presumably related to implementation and transition.  I have not been able to get the links on the city website to work, but the information,  the staff report when it’s done and an agenda for the upcoming meeting are always found there on the city website.  The next Council meeting is Tuesday evening May 1, in the City Council Chambers.  Public Comment on non-agenda items is generally first.  If you have something to say to your elected officials, you should get there early and plan on staying for the duration.  It is not uncommon for these meetings to go well past midnight.  This issue of the police contract has garnered a good deal of public input.  Pretty much all of it ignored, but if you want to exercise your right to say something, it is there for you to exercise.

Be clear on the fact that in November, there are 3 seats open on the Yorba Linda  city council.  Anderson is safe.  Shwing and Rikel are incumbents running again, but could be replaced.  Winder is termed out, so his seat is open.  If we follow the trend of blindly re-electing incumbents, we will have the same exact council we have now, the 3 who control and 2 who should just stay home because their vote and their presence does not matter.  Imagine this, we could also elect 3 independent thinkers, unalligned with any political action committee and citizens might then have an atual voice with the goings on in our city.   If you were one of the majority of the supporters of Brea PD who attended the meeting last Thursday, you know what it is like to be ignored.  Vote and support independent candidates who are not owned by YLRRR, this seems the only viable option at this point, but whether residents will actually stand up and speak up remains to be seen.

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Orange County Registrar of Voters Presidential Primary Election Update

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 29, 2012

This came over the wire from the Registrar of Voters’ office on Friday…

Sample Ballot Mailing

Look For Your Sample Ballot Soon

Thousands of sample ballots are arriving at our warehouse daily. Our first two ballot styles contain nearly 150,000 sample ballots, which will be the first to be mailed. Our mailing will begin next week.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Small Changes, Big Advantage

We have developed a new election supply box for polling places. This new box has an attached lid and will increase packing efficiencies. This will also assist poll workers as they unpack and pack critical election supplies.

<!–Read more >–>

Online Training Grows

For the third election in a row our custom online poll worker training tool continues to be the choice for experienced poll workers. Online training will begin May 4th and contains new features, such as expanded video tutorials.

<!–Read more >–>

Voter Registration Concert

Cal State Fullerton Concert

Our 2012 election outreach continues May 10th at 10:30 a.m. on the campus of Cal State Fullerton. We will be in the quad with local OC band, “Bristol to Memory” (shown above). We have partnered with local bands, who have donated their time, in order to reach out to a younger demographic for registration and volunteering.


Poll Workers 1,116  |  VBMs Mailed: 0  |  VBMs Returned: 0


Vote-by-Mail Ballot Processing Begins

Yesterday we began the process of inserting 600,000 permanent vote-by-mail ballots. These ballots will be delivered to voters beginning May 7th. Our first run (shown at left) contains 30,000 ballots. Each day we will insert nearly 50,000 as we move towards May 7th.

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OC Registrar of Voters News Feed Update: Off and Running (Vote-By-Mail Ballots)

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 28, 2012

This came over the wire from the Registrar of Voters’ office on Thursday…

Newsfeed header

Off and Running

April 26, 2012 – Today we began the process of inserting vote-by-mail ballots. We will begin to mail these ballots to permanent vote-by-mail voters starting on May 7th. Our printing process started yesterday – a process that will take a little over a week – with a planned printing schedule of 600,000 permanent vote-by-mail ballots. Today we inserted 9,478 ballots (a process that makes the ballot mail ready). Over the next few days we should be close to 50,000 per day.

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