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OC Register Opposes Los Alamitos Measure DD – Blasts Troy Edgar

Posted by OC Insider on October 5, 2012

The OC Register came out in opposition to the Los Alamitos Utility Tax Expansion and blasted Troy Edgar in the Process.

Here are some of the best parts:

Mayor Edgar reportedly answered, “Is it a sales job? We want this to pass; so we put it in terms the common people can understand.”

Measure DD is incredibly overbroad, taking over 300 words to describe all of the technologies subject to its tax power, including text messages, cellphones, private phone networks, voice-over Internet, faxes, paging systems, routers, electronic billing, video conferencing, among many others.

It even taxes technologies not yet invented and prohibits residents from seeking an injunction against those taxes. In the event federal law changes and allows taxation of the Internet, Measure DD allows Los Alamitos to begin taxing it, too, without voter approval. Already the city taxes cell phones.

Read the entire editorial here

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