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BOE Member Michelle Steel’s Newsletter for March, 2012

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 31, 2012

This came over the wire from Michelle Steel’s office on Friday…

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Daigle: Mansoor’s Liberal Accusations Pathetic

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 31, 2012

This press release came across the wire from the Leslie Daigle for Assembly campaign. It appears that the gloves are off in the AD 74 race:

Leslie Daigle for State Assembly

From the Desk of Leslie Daigle

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Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s Fourth District Update

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 31, 2012

This came over the wire from Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s office yesterday…

Supervisor Shawn Nelson - Fourth District Update Read the rest of this entry »

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Bill Campbell’s Third District Report

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 31, 2012

This came over the wire from Supervisor Bill Campbell’s office yesterday.

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CRA Literature: John Webb

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 31, 2012

John Webb also did not have a great day with John Campbell managing to block his endorsement, despite not being there.

The vote total was I believe:

Campbell- 14
Webb- 14

Webb did have this piece in the back of the room:

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Assemblywoman Harkey Honors Terry A. Rifkin as 73rd Assembly District Woman of the Year

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 31, 2012

This came across the wire recently from the office of Assemblywoman Diane Harkey:

Assemblywoman Harkey Honors Terry A. Rifkin as 73rd Assembly District Woman of the Year

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point) yesterday honored Terry A. Rifkin as the 2012 Woman of the Year for the 73rd Assembly District during a special ceremony on the Assembly floor. Read the rest of this entry »

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OC City Council Members Display Courage in Ending Outsized Benefits

Posted by Walter Myers III on March 30, 2012

If you don’t know about the the stand some Orange County city council members in various cities are taking against abuse of your tax dollars, then you will be happy to read a great article on Rancho Santa Margarita City Councilman Jesse Petrilla in the OC Register, which you can find at http://www.ocregister.com/news/petrilla-346622-benefits-council.html. Councilman Petrilla is demonstrating great courage in bringing the issue of outsized City Council benefits to the forefront. Few of us mind that City Council members get a reasonable monthly stipend for their service to their respective cities. It can often be long, hard, and thankless hours of work for those truly committed, so they deserve a token of appreciation from the taxpayers whom they serve. However, many City Councils across Orange County have taken advantage of taxpayers by voting themselves benefits that are only appropriate for full-time employees, particularly health benefits.

In my own city of Tustin, City Council members receive full healthcare benefits, which is perverse in my view because such a benefit can entice people to run for the wrong reasons. Yet Rancho Santa Margarita is particularly egregious, since benefits in excess of $65,000 not used during a term served can be placed in a retirement fund to be used later. This should have us all outraged, so kudos to Petrilla and also Mayor pro tem Steve Baric  for standing against such madness that would greatly benefit them financially. The purpose of being on City Council is to serve and to give back to the community, not to benefit financially. Both Petrilla and Baric  have voluntarily opted out of receiving all benefits, and are proposing that the entire City Council vote to officially end them, following the lead of the Orange City Council. The Orange City Council voted to permanently end stipends, healthcare benefits, and retirement benefits late last year. They are to be applauded for their courage as a council, and I would extend this as well to Councilmen Petrilla and Baric. Tustin would do well to do the same, and I hear there are rumblings this may happen.

On Wednesday, the Rancho Santa Margarita voted 3-2 to postpone action on ending council benefits (not exactly unexpected), so we will continue to watch this story as it develops and report back soon.

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Rep. Gary Miller’s Weekly Newsletter

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 30, 2012

This came over the wire from Congressman Gary Miller’s office yesterday…

House Passes FY 2013 Budget Resolution

House Republicans this week passed a budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2013 that will cut trillions in government spending, reduce our nation’s debt and deficits, and help our economy grow without raising taxes on families and job creators. Compared to the President’s proposed budget, which would lead to a net $1.5 trillion increase in spending, the House-passed budget cuts $5.3 trillion in government spending over the next Read the rest of this entry »

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Travis Allen’s Political Donations: A Strong History of Supporting Conservatives

Posted by OC Insider on March 30, 2012

Much time and effort has been exerted discussing Travis Allen’s political donations.  I have finally had a chance to sit in front of a computer and pull up his donations.

By actually taking the time to look into his donations history, I have discovered that he has a long history of supporting conservative causes and candidates.  His donations show that he is a dedicated conservative and freely gave his financial resources to fight for the cause.

Here are just some of the many donations he has made to Republican candidates and groups.

Mitt Romney $2,500
Orange County Central Committee $250
Rick Perry $350
New Majority $5000
Lincoln Club of Orange County $3,900
Dana Rohrabacher $1,050
NRCC $250
Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen $500
Jeff Lalloway $440
Emanuel Patrascu $360
OC Business Council $250
Harman for Attorney General $150

Overall, I have been able to find over $20,000 in donations to conservatives and only a couple grand in donations to democrats.  The facts clearly show that he is a conservative, has donated 10 times more to Republicans and is actively involved with conservative candidates and causes.

Often when business owners run for office their opponents will dig up some contributions they have made to the opposite party and attack them for it.  For example, Meg Whitman savaged Steve Poizner with some minor contributions he had made to Democrats.   This did not make Meg Whitman a better conservative than Steve Poizner.  She just had more money to waste on attacking Poizner.  Unfortunately, her wealth was of no help to her in against Jerry Brown.  She not only lost, but was also a drag on all the other Republican candidates in California.

When electing someone for the 72nd Assembly District, we should ensure that we do not elect another Meg Whitman by supporting the wealthiest candidate.  We should elect the individual with the best history of being a Republican, supporting conservative candidates and fighting for our ideas.   If being a lifelong Republican and having a conservative donation history is to be taken into account, Travis Allen is clearly the best person to represent and fight for conservatives.

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CRA Literature: Jorge Rocha

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 30, 2012

Jerry Hayden dominated the endorsement for the 46th Congressional District garnering 11 of the 12 votes cast in this race.

Jorge Rocha had the only piece left of any candidate on the back table after the meeting was over. It was not the best piece I have seen, but at the same time not terrible:

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