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Grand Jury Civil Report Financial Recommendations for Diamond Bar

Posted by Allen Wilson on September 29, 2013


The Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury issued their 2012-2013 report, which included a very detailed 71 pages (page 85-156) section entitled “Cities of Los Angeles County:  Fiscal Health, Governance, Financial Management and Compensation”.

The City of Diamond Bar needs to brush up their fiscal health and best practices, because the city was ranked 64 of the 88 cities for “number of positive responses”.

The City of Diamond Bar was ranked 65 of the 88 cities for “Governance and Financial Management Best Practices”.  According to the Civil Grand Jury report defines governance as:

“…the role of the city council in providing leadership for an organization.”

“Key tools of effective governance include strategic planning and management including performance measurement and monitoring.”

The City of Diamond Bar responded in the negative on the following governance and financial management best practices:

1)  Performance Indicators

2)  Annual Executive Goals

3)  Conflict of Interest Policy

4)  Formal Audit Committee

5)  Updated Policies on Accounting Manuals

6)  Fraud/Ethics Policy

7)  Formal Internal/Audit Functions

The Grand Jury recommended the City of Diamond Bar to do the following:

1)  Adopt financial planning, revenue and expenditure policies to guide city officials to develop sustainable, balanced budgets.

2)  Develop a balanced budget and commit to operate within the budget constraints.

3)  Should commit to not using one time revenues to fund recurring or on going expenditures.

4)  Should develop specific annual goals for the city’s executive.

5)  Should formally establish an audit committee making it directly responsible for the work of the independent auditor.

6)  Should undertake a full scale competitive process every 5 years for the selection of an independent external auditor.

The general demand by the public for transparency of financial matters regarding their local government has been increasing overtime and Diamond Bar is no different, which the Los Angeles Civil Grand Jury has highlighted the various concerns addressed to the 88 cities throughout the county.

It is imperative for the City of Diamond Bar to take corrective action on the Civil Grand Jury recommendations to ensure internal controls are in place with regards to fiscal health and governance best practices.

If no one is watching how their local government spends those tax dollars, then who will.  It is best to ask questions now, than later with regrets.

We surely hope that the Diamond Bar City Council takes the Civil Grand Jury key points with seriousness and not brush it off by putting the report on a shelf to collect dust.

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San Clemente Mayor Bob Baker Joins Mayor Pro Tem Tim Brown in Endorsing Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor, 5th District

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on September 27, 2013

This came across the wire from the campaign office of Robert Ming. He is getting a lot of support from individuals elected to represent residents in the 5th Supervisorial District:

San Clemente Mayor Bob Baker Joins Mayor Pro Tem Tim Brown in Endorsing Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor, 5th District

Local Leaders Say San Clemente Can Count on Ming to Respect Local Control and Meet San Clemente’s Transportation and Open Space Needs

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – San Clemente Mayor Bob Baker joins San Clemente Mayor Pro Tem Tim Brown in endorsing Laguna Niguel Mayor Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor.  Ming is running for the Fifth District Supervisor’s seat being vacated in 2014 by the term-limited Patricia Bates.  Baker and Brown join the growing list of local elected leaders from within the 5th District who have endorsed Ming for Supervisor.

“Robert understands the importance of local control and the fact that each south county city has unique needs,” Baker said. “San Clemente can count on Robert Ming to meet our residents’ transportation and open space needs, while keeping government spending under control.” Mayor Baker joins San Clemente Mayor Pro Tem Tim Brown in endorsing Robert Ming for Supervisor.

“As a former Naval Aviator, I appreciate Robert’s work helping create the Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee and foundation and his strong support for our service men and women,” Mayor Baker continued. “I proudly endorse Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor.”

Born and raised in Orange County, Mayor Robert Ming and his wife Susie have been married for 21 years and have four children. The Fifth District includes the South County cities of Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano, along with the community of Shady Canyon in the City of Irvine and the unincorporated communities of Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, and Wagon Wheel.

For more information about Robert Ming’s campaign for Supervisor, visit  www.robertming.com.


Paid for by Ming for Supervisor 2014.  ID#1358874.

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Sen. John McCain – Obamacare Rubber Stamp man

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on September 26, 2013

I have long felt that John McCain is neither a conservative nor a liberal but a politician of the Party of John McCain. He goes off on his own tangents sometimes advocating a position I agree with but most often not.

However his performance in the Senate this week and the statements he made about Sen. Ted Cruz and Obamacare were over the top and I believe a fundamental disconnect for him from his role as a Senator from Arizona. Rather than just quietly voting for the close of debate after Sen. Cruz finished his filibuster, Sen. McCain essentially stated on the Senate floor that because President Obama was reelected we just have to accept Obamacare as is. Ben Shaprio over at Breitbart has a short and well written post about this at http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/09/25/McCain-bashes-Cruz I recommend it to you.

As Mr. Shaprio noted, I guess the people of Arizona did not know they re-elected John McCain to not advocate legislation to fix or replace Obamacare but just accept it as is. And to call how the bill was passed “fair” is to ignore history. In addition Sen. McCain is giving a pass to President Obama for all of his unconstitutional exemptions and postponements of Obamacare’s requirements to big business, labor groups, anyone working inside the Capital dome but not the American people (no exemption of the “individual mandate”). These types of edicts / exemptions by President Obama are more in line with a banana republic than a country where the elected leaders respect the rule of law and U.S. Constitution. Sen. McCain should have been challenging the President and the Democrats over these unconstitutional edicts and not rubber stamping those actions by going a long with Harry Reid.

What Sen. Cruz was doing was not just about Obamacare (which is bad enough) but about whether we as a people are going to push back against a President who rules by edict and ignores and flaunts the U.S. Constitution. Sen. Cruz was calling the President out on this as well and Republican Senators should have been joining him in at least adding their voices against this threat to the rule of law!

I hope the people of Arizona are seeing this and will find a better representative when Mr. McCain is up for re-election.

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Solorio labeled Prop. 13 “Unfair” – Endorsed Split Roll Tax on Business

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on September 26, 2013

This just came across the wire from the campaign office of Janet Nguyen:

Solorio labeled Prop. 13 “Unfair” – Endorsed Split Roll Tax on Business
California businesses should hang onto their pocketbooks if Solorio ever holds legislative office again.
Already known as one of the biggest job-killers in the Assembly (As previously profiled by the Solorio Scoop), businesses shouldn’t be all too surprised that Solorio wants them to finance California’s spending problems. As an Assemblyman, Solorio voted to blamed Prop 13 for California’s budget problems.
 Solorio cast a vote to support ACR 54 that specifically stated;
“WHEREAS, Proposition 13, which unfairly restricts corporate property tax increases, has limited the ability to raise the additional revenues necessary…”
Struggling California businesses can be certain that a big spender like Jose Solorio wants them to finance his spending problems.

Solorio Scoop is a project of the Orange County Republican Party. All information taken from public records and statements. You expressed interest in updates on Jose Solorio
Our mailing address is:

Solorio Scoop

1422 Edinger, Suite110

Tustin, CA  92780

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Posted by Craig P. Alexander on September 26, 2013

Come join Laguna Niguel Mayor Robert Ming for a fun time at the On Target range (27692 Camino Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, CA: 949-348-0352: http://www.ontargetrange.com ) on Friday night September 27, 2013! As noted in my post on this subject earlier this week, this event will be a fund raiser and friend raiser for Robert’s race for the 5th District Supervisor of Orange County (current Supervisor and good friend Pat Bates is termed out next year).

Sign up and come down for a great time, good friends and celebration of our 2nd Amendment rights with Mayor Robert Ming. Robert will even give you his positions on the issues (and for those of you who have been reading blogs posts here recently: even his opinion on spending taxpayer money for a High Speed Rail system – hint: Robert is a proven movement fiscal conservative!).

There are a litany of reasons why I am supporting Robert Ming as our next Supervisor for Orange County which I will go into detail in future blog post. But if you would like to have a fun time, learn more about Robert Ming and why he is the best choice to be the next Supervisor from the 5th District and support his campaign, come join us on Friday night!  See the flyer below for details or go to http://www.robertming.com



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Frank Ury Is and Has Been Opposed to California High Speed Rail Project — Contrary to False Rumor

Posted by Matt Cunningham on September 25, 2013

Frank-UryIn true blogosphere fashion, I fully intend to respond to David Bahnsen’s response to my original post about the Lincoln Club’s endorsement of Robert Ming for the Board of Supes – but I simply do not have time today.

However, I do want to address a directly related issue: the false rumor being spread that the other candidate in the race, Mission Viejo Council Frank Ury, is an advocate of high speed rail. Bahnsen made that claim here and on his own blog — which he has now retracted. At the Lincoln Club Board of Directors meeting where Ming spoke and was endorsed, the members were left with the false impression that Frank supports the high speed rail project (and this is according to Club members who were there).

This is manifestly false. in fact, the opposite is true: Frank is opposed to the high speed rail project. He is on record as opposing it. Here’s an example: at the February 20, 2012 meeting of the Mission Viejo City Council, Frank voted in favor of a resolution of support for Assemblywoman Diane Harkey’s bill to defund CHSR. Since he was mayor that year, Frank even signed the official resolution in favor of defunding CHSR.

Let me re-state the truth for the benefit of the hard-of-thinking: Frank Ury opposes the high speed rail project.

There are only two announced candidates for the 5th Supervisor District. Both are conservatives. Neither has been in the race very long.  And already minions or supporters of one are spreading a false rumor about the other. Rumors don’t spontaneously generate out of thin air. People start them for a reason.

Judging from people I have spoken with, this particular one has its genesis from the fact that some of Frank Ury’s supporters have also supported CHSR. Therefore, their illogical thinking goes, Frank must also support. I find it amazing that otherwise intelligent people who ought to know better would fall for such thinking. That’s like saying that because you are endorsed by say, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, then you automatically support every other Club-endorsed candidate and their positions – or every position the Club takes, such as its bold (and correct) immigration reform policy.

Of course, that would be false and faulty logic.

Worse are instances of people who know this rumor is not true – or ought to know but don’t bother to find out — and spread it anyway in hopes of undermining Frank’s campaign.

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Guest Op-Ed- The Lincoln Club Endorses Robert Ming: The Right Thing Done in the Right Way

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 25, 2013

We are posting a rebuttal to a recent post written here on OC Political. The rebuttal comes from Lincoln Club member David Bahnsen who originally posted the piece on his blog. In the interest of full disclosure I am a member of the Lincoln Club of Orange County.

The Lincoln Club Endorses Robert Ming: The Right Thing Done in the Right Way

Matt Cunningham has posted a bizarre piece over at OCPolitical expressing his dismay at the Lincoln Club’s decision to endorse Robert Ming for the OC Supervisor’s seat in the 5th District.  It is bizarre because Matt expresses a long-held admiration for the club, and then says he has never “been more disappointed in one of the club’s actions than its endorsement of Robert Ming”.  He later in the article says it is not about Robert Ming, but about the process by which the club gave the endorsement.  A few comments are in order.

Matt is not a member of the Lincoln Club, and to my knowledge never has been.  He is certainly not in the club’s leadership, was not at the board meeting in question, and is not in any position to know or understand what the club did, or what its policies and protocols are.  He is welcome to endorse Frank Ury, and he is welcome to work for that candidate’s campaign (though I do not know if he does or not).  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

The Lincoln Club is free to endorse who it wants, when it wants, and it is not accountable to political bloggers or political consultants.  In fact, we would be happier if political consultants were ALWAYS upset with what we were doing, for surely it would mean our cause would be righteous.  But I digress …  The club, is, however, accountable to its own bylaws.  In this case, the club went above and beyond the call of duty in fidelity to our own rules and regulations.  Our Executive Committee met prior to the board’s consideration of an endorsement and unanimously voted, on the merits, to endorse Robert Ming in the Supervisor’s race.  The club requires a 75% super-majority of its Board of Directors to endorse a Republican candidate when there are other Republican candidates in the race.  In this case, because Frank Ury entered the race, a Board vote was required for Mr. Ming to receive our endorsement.  The club has run into these situations numerous times over the years, and we have sometimes voted to provide an endorsement in a contested race (Shawn Nelson comes to mind in a previous Supervisor’s race) and sometimes voted not to (DeYoung/Bates, Spitzer/Pauley, and a dozen other non-supervisor races).  These decisions have always happened according to protocol – our own internal protocol, not ones dictated to us by the blogosphere.  The process has barely ever involved candidates coming to speak to the club.  There have been instances where that was deemed necessary or fruitful, but those instances are the exception, not the rule.  Robert Ming was asked to leave the room while the Board discussed the proposed endorsement.  Our board is not filled with political novices and ignoramuses.  We know the candidates and have relationships with those whose candidacy we are asked to consider.  Robert Ming is probably the easiest endorsement vote I have cast in my entire time as leader in the Lincoln Club.  He is everything the club stands for: The epitome of fiscal responsibility, a devoted family man, a competent leader and business professional, a man of faith and conviction, and contra 99% of those you will ever see mentioned on a OC political blog, he is an astute and philosophically-inclined student of political thought.  Our club would be blessed to have HIS endorsement of us.  Robert has served in our committees for over a decade and as an elected leader in Laguna Niguel is very well-known to the club and its leadership.

Frank Ury may or may not be a number of the things that Matt Cunningham says he is.  The point is that our club feels so strongly about the qualifications and abilities of Robert Ming that we unanimously voted to endorse him.  Matt says that we were two votes short.  Again, this misnomer could have been easily cleared up had Matt done any homework.  Our bylaws require a 75% threshold for endorsement; in Robert’s case, we got 100%.  To the extent that there were some absent board members at the meeting, we secured the votes of absent members after the fact (so as to leave no doubt about the board’s commitment to its chosen path).  This is also very common in our history and practice.

The reality is that it is none of Matt’s business how we conduct our business.  We are a private organization and are under no obligation to defend ourselves to him.  Only Matt can speak to what his real agenda is here in this unjustified attack on the Lincoln Club.  As a matter of defending our public record I have chosen to reply to clear up the blatant falsehoods uttered in his piece.  We were faithful to our own bylaws, faithful to our own traditions, and in this case, took an action supported by every single board member present at the meeting (as well as the Executive Committee which met two days prior).  Our actions amount to the vanilla task of endorsing a candidate we consider to be one of OC’s conservative stars.

The club is on solid footing in its endorsement of Robert Ming.  All over the county the buzz is growing for Robert’s candidacy as his endorsements continue to mount.  We are proud of this endorsement and hope all Orange County residents will look at what Robert stands for when they consider the options in this race.

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Ury Adds South County Business/Civic Leaders To Growing Endorsement List

Posted by Matt Cunningham on September 25, 2013

This came over the transom from the Frank Ury for Supervisor campaign:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I’m honored to announce that respected South Orange County business and community leaders Julie  and Phil Vandermost have endorsed my campaign for Supervisor:

“We are supporting Frank Ury for Supervisor because he has his fingers firmly on the pulse our community and its needs. He’s a dedicated family man, champion for our region’s businesses, dedicated tax fighter and someone our region needs on the Board.”

I’ve known Julie and Phil for nearly two decades and have long admired their leadership on behalf of conservative causes. Thank you, Julie and Phil, for your support.

Join us Tonight!

You can join Julie, Phil and other supporters of my campaign tonight at my kickoff fundraiser at the home of Laguna Hills Councilman Andrew and Michelle Blount.

Please see the invitation in case you want more information. To RSVP, please call Julie Paule at (951) 325-8040 or email Julie@pauleconsulting.com.

Please visit www.frank4oc.com to learn more about my campaign and see the comprehensive list of Republican, business and community leaders endorsing me.

I hope to see you tonight!

Thank you,


Frank’s list of endorsements includes:

Mission Viejo Mayor Pro Tem Trish Kelley
Mission Viejo Councilmember Dave Leckness
San Juan Capistrano Mayor Pro Tem Sam Allevato
Laguna Hills Mayor Barbara Kogerman
Laguna Hills Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Blount
Laguna Hills Councilmember and former SVUSD Trustee Dore Gilbert
Laguna Woods Mayor Bob Ring
Aliso Viejo Councilmember Mike Munzing
Former Anaheim Mayor and Speaker of the Assembly Curt Pringle
Former California Assemblyman Jeff Miller
Justin McCusker, Director, Santa Margarita Water District
Tim Jemal, South Orange County Community College District Trustee
Jerry Halloway, Former Mayor, Rancho Santa Margarita
Paul Glaab, Former Mayor, Laguna Niguel
Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem and OCTA Director Gail Eastman
Anaheim Councilmember Kris Murray
Orange Councilmember Fred Whitaker
Tustin Mayor and OCTA Director Al Murray
Tustin Councilmember Dr. Allan Bernstein
Fullerton City Councilmember Jennifer Fitzgerald
Former Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante
OCTA Director Michael Hennessey
Brett Barbre, Director, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Doug Davert, Former Tustin Mayor and East Orange County Water District Director

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Breaking News: Eric Woolery Unanimously Appointed Orange City Treasurer

Posted by Chris Nguyen on September 24, 2013

After the passing of Orange City Treasurer Helen Walker on July 30, the Orange City Council had 60 days to appoint a new Treasurer or call an expensive 2013 special election. The City of Orange issued a press release on August 28 announcing that applications would be accepted until September 12, giving candidates two weeks to apply for the appointment.

Today was the sole Orange City Council meeting between the close of applications and the deadline to make an appointment to avert a 2013 special election.

In a unanimous, bipartisan vote, the City Council appointed Eric Woolery to fill the Orange City Treasurer’s vacancy.

OC Political snagged the first interview with the newly-minted Treasurer.

“I’ve lived in Orange for almost 30 years. It’s a great pleasure to serve my hometown,” Woolery told us. “I’m looking forward to serving the citizens of Orange and helping the City Council be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars.”

Councilman Fred Whitaker made the motion to appoint Woolery, which was seconded by both Councilman Mike Alvarez and Mayor Pro Tem Mark Murphy, though Alvarez just slightly quicker on the second.  Mayor Tita Smith also joined in the vote for Woolery.  Councilman Denis Bilodeau was absent from the meeting.

A CPA for over 20 years, Woolery has been a resident of Orange County since he was in high school. He served as an elected member of the Orange County Board of Education from 1996-2000 and a volunteer member of the City of Orange Audit Oversight Committee from 1997-2007. Woolery has extensive private sector experience as a staff accountant at Ernst & Young, a corporate controller, owner of a private accounting firm, and CFO of a multimillion dollar company. Since 2008, Woolery has served as Deputy Director of Administration for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, in which he directed the DA’s financial and human resources.  As Councilman Whitaker noted: In that capacity, Woolery prepares and oversees a budget larger than that of the City of Orange.  (OC Political notes the Riverside County DA’s office has a $102 million budget, 11% larger than the City of Orange’s $92 million General Fund).

Woolery will earn $365 per month as Treasurer. He is now one of Orange County’s six elected City Treasurers (the other five are in Brea, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Placentia, and San Clemente). All six City Treasurers’ terms expire in 2016.

As Republican Woolery succeeds Republican Walker, the partisan count of City Treasurers remains 3 Republicans (Woolery, Huntington Beach’s Alisa Cutchen, and Placentia’s Craig Green), 1 Democrat (Brea’s Glenn Parker), 1 Libertarian (San Clemente’s Mark Taylor), and 1 No Party Preference (Laguna Beach’s Laura Parisi).

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OC Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen Fundraiser, Thursday, October 3

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on September 24, 2013

This came over the wire from the Hugh Nguyen for Clerk-Recorder 2014 campaign…

Hugh Nguyen

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