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The Climate According to CA Sen. Kevin de Leòn

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on February 11, 2015

And now a break from Chris’ excellent coverage of the 1st District Supervisor race that appears to be going on and on and on.

As I have noted previously, my friend Katy Grimes over at the Flashreport has been publishing some important articles on the growing regulatory impact of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  An impact that is having everyday negative affects on our state’s economy and is another nail in the coffin for anyone wishing to start a business in this state. CARB’s Mary Nichols Is No ‘Rock Star’

Katy has a new post on this over at the Flashreport reporting that (no surprise to me) Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon is introducing a new package of bills to further increase the regulatory burden on Californians even though the air in our state is cleaner now than since the 1970s.  If  you are at all concerned about the over regulation by CARB now, wait until Sen. de Leon and Gov. Brown’s latest folly is signed into law. CARB is already out of control and these new bills would only further the power of this unaccountable government entity’s control of our lives.

I got a real world example of this yesterday when I put gas in my car – the price of gas jumped in a few days about twenty cents ($.20) per gallon.  Coincidence or CARB’s newest gas taxes going into affect?  I think I know which one it is.

To see Katy’s excellent most recent article on this go to this link: The Climate According to CA Sen. Kevin de Leon.


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Menage a Trois Alert: “Taxin” Troy Edgar, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

Troy Edgar’s horrendous history of supporting taxes and regulations has been covered pretty well by this and other blogs.  Yet, I was still surprised to learn that in April of 2008, as a member of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Regional Council, Edgar voted to support S.1499, authored by Senator Boxer and co-authored by Senator Feinstein.

I have to wonder how a bill authored by Boxer and Feinstein did not raise any flags for Edgar. Either he knew the content of the bill and supported it.  Or, he is incompetent and just showed up to receive his per diem and voted yes on every item. Either or, here is what S.1499 does and why Troy Edgar should have stood up and opposed it.

The bill would have given the EPA additional regulatory powers and instructed it to promulgate regulations requiring vessels which use U.S ports to reduce fuel sulfur content from 27,000 to 1,000 parts per million, by 2012.  Why should have Troy Edgar opposed this legislation?

First, this legislation would have been extremely costly and had a devastating impact on the national economy.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the cost of complying with the low-sulfur regulations would cost $500 million in the first year and the cost would increase in subsequent years.  Additionally, the regulations would have raised the cost of transporting goods and impacted U.S. international competitiveness.  The emission standards would have required new and existing vessels to pay for expensive engine upgrades and technology upgrades.  Furthermore, the Engine Manufacturers Association opposed the legislation because it is doubtful that the appropriate technology could have been adopted in time.

Second, the legislation was not necessary in most of the country. According to the Senate Committee Report for S.1499, “most American ports do not have air quality issues”.  Some California ports do have a continued nitrogen oxide and particulate matter problem, but that is a regional issue.  This legislation would have regulated all American ports and unfairly burden them regardless of air quality.

It is not surprising that S.1499 did not make it very far in Congress.  The bill did not even make it out of the liberal controlled Senate.  However, the bill reveled more about Troy Edgar’s values.  If Troy Edgar is willing to support S.1499, I doubt there is a tax or regulation he will not support.

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