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OC Weekly Exposes Troy Edgar’s Campaign Finance Crimes

Posted by OC Insider on September 26, 2012

OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley has once again exposed potential crimes by an OC Politician.  For those you who are not aware of Moxley’s previous work, he is the same reporters that exposed disgraced Former Sheriff Mike Corona.  Moxley was also the reporter that brought the Mike Duvall sex scandal to light.

It looks like once again, Moxley has manged to get the scoop and expose yet another politician’s dirty laundry.

Excerpt From OC Weekly, By Scott Moxley (0/26/12):

Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

In January, for his now-defunct congressional campaign, Edgar produced and delivered an eight-page glossy mailer to 3,000 Southern California Republican power brokers. The objective was to win endorsements, raise contributions and frighten potential GOP opponents away from the race. As political literature goes, the piece wasn’t bad. It hailed his leadership skills, conservative policy stances and family values. To bolster credibility, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas declared on the front page of the brochure, “Supporting Troy Edgar for Congress was an easy decision.”

It might be a line the DA, who recently announced he’s seeking additional resources to prosecute corrupt public officials, will soon wish he hadn’t uttered because the brochure could be the centerpiece of two crimes. Let me explain.

Because of anti-public corruption concerns resulting from the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, federal campaign-finance laws require campaigns to publicly disclose major expenses. The rationale is that voters should know if a candidate is up to no good. According to records obtained by the Weekly, the power-broker brochure cost more than $5,668, but Edgar never complied with federal election rules to disclose the spending or reveal who paid for it.

Indeed, he disclosed 41 separate congressional-campaign disbursements but not this one—which also happened to be the committee’s largest expenditure.

Asked to explain, the candidate first said he is unfamiliar with that specific mailer because he has sent out “hundreds” of them. Later, he assured me the power-broker disbursement “absolutely shows up” on a disclosure report. When I told him it didn’t and asked him to resolve what happened, he replied he “printed it at home,” which is troubling because, as I write this column, I’m looking at a detailed invoice for the job from Sparta Graphics.

Read the Rest of the Article Here: Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

6 Responses to “OC Weekly Exposes Troy Edgar’s Campaign Finance Crimes”

  1. met00 said

    Now that Moxley is looking at Edgar, it’s only a mater of time until the next shoe drops.

    “Troy wanted to mislead the public about his spending because he didn’t want anyone to know he’s a self-funder who has a hard time raising money,” said Powers. “Paying campaign expenses off the books hid the fact that his only real donor was himself. He struggles with the truth.”

    Okay, in Stephen’s 2008 460 it shows that he didn’t have enough money to run his campaign, so he took a loan from Edgar. Makes you wonder why in Q3-2011 and Q4-2011 he was suddenly able to come up with two $1,000 contributions to Edgar for Congress.

    I’m sure Ken was only “helping a friend”.

  2. R. Scott Schlockely said

    I love when Moxley uses the phrase, “According to records obtained by the Weekly,” as if he were some great investigative reporter who unearthed them through careful sleuthing, instead of what really happened – Brandon Powers dropped them in his lap!

    Moxley should have written, “According to documents given to me by a former Edgar consultant, because he knew he could use me to write a negative story about Edgar…”

    All is fair in love, war and politics, but the myth Moxley perpetuates about being this great investigative reporter is getting really old.

  3. justin wilbur said

    One has to wonder how the innocent folks who thought they were endorsing a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN must feel now about this guy Edgar
    .I am sure it was just another memory lapse that caused hi to forget to tell all of these REPUBLICAN elkected officials and business leaders that he was a DEMOCRAT until jist recently when he and his now Assembly campaign manager Brett Barbrie,( who works primarily for an east LA garbage hauler , Athens Services, that has put nearly 100 k into Orange County PACS over the past couple of years) CHCK IT OUT! implememnted phase one of their plan to carpetbag this guy onto a council in the second smallest city in Orange County so he could build a reputation as a conservative, betting that no one would bother to check out his past. They almost got away with it!

    Next phase, get him into the state leislature, then he can just convert back to his liberal DEMOCRAT roots and help the DEMOCRATS win a SUPER MAJORITY in Sacremento. Someone is funding this guy,No one in their right mind would dump their own personal fortune into a crapshoot that may or may not secure them a 90k per year job that may last only 24 months.

    He is bought and paid for by an east LA TRASH COMPANY. Edgar has struck a deal GERRI MEJIA one of his fellow councilmembers A MANICURIST that rents an apartment in the city) NO JOKE! to gain her support for his assembly bid in turn he will male her the Mayor on his way out the door. Then Mejia and her cast of characters would work to fil lhis vacated seat with one of their cronies.

    Troy Edgar FORMER DEMOCRAT will be one again if he gets to Sacremento. Ask him where he is getting the money for his self funded campaign. Smells like GARBAGE to me.

  4. James Diaz said

    I worked for Troy. He pressured me for contributions. Pleaded with me actually. Concerned voters would view him “as a rich guy with no support”. When our arrangement ended he swindled me out of allot of money. January of 2012.. Coincidence? I guess that makes me his largest campaign contributor.. I feel a bit better knowing he blew the money on his campaign. His word means nothing. He is a pathetic man. Don’t waste your vote.

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