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Anaheim Campaign Finance Database

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 21, 2013

We are adding a new feature to our humble blog. Readers will soon be able to go to one location to find campaign finance data on all 2012 candidates for local elected office. As far as I can tell no other website currently has this information. While this project will take a while and we will be releasing one city at a time (if we get some donor support) it should be well worth it. Here is a little sample for you to glance at:City_of_Anaheim_Seal_svg

We are looking for donors to help us fund this project for every City, School District, and Special District in Orange County. Please send an e-mail to info@custom-campaigns.com if you want to help sponsor this project.

These candidates took in less than $1,000 in contributions thus making them eligible to file a much more simplified disclosure form that does not have donors listed on it:

Duane Roberts
Jennifer Rivera
Rodolfo “Rudy” Gaono
Linda Linder

Here are the rest of the candidates along with a pie chart showing what percentage of their money came from each category of entities:

Jordan Brandman Total $$$
Individuals  $ 32,739.00
Unions  $ 18,950.00
Businesses  $ 25,929.51
Trade Associations  $   9,100.00
Political  $   6,042.27
Total  $ 92,760.78


Steve Lodge Total $$$
Individuals  $ 14,985.00
Union  $   1,800.00
Businesses  $ 17,399.00
Trade Association  $   7,050.00
Political  $   1,800.00
Total  $ 43,034.00


Brian Chuchua Total $$$
Individuals  $   269.00
Union  $          –
Businesses  $   500.00
Trade Association  $   250.00
Political  $          –
Total  $ 1,019.00


Lucille Kring Total $$$
Individuals  $ 14,975.00
Unions  $            –
Businesses  $ 30,514.00
Trade Associations  $   5,300.00
Political  $   1,000.00
Total  $ 51,789.00


John Leos Total $$$
Individuals  $  9,046.00
Unions  $ 10,000.00
Businesses  $  3,600.00
Trade Associations  $  1,800.00
Political  $     500.00
Total  $ 24,946.00


If you click the link to read more, you can find out who each individual donor was to each campaign broken down by category.

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CD-39: Royce, Chen, and Chen SuperPAC Spend $2.7 Million or How My Father Received Over 41 Feet of Mail

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 2, 2012

Jay Chen & Ed Royce

Democrat Jay Chen is challenging Republican Representative Ed Royce

151,311 voters live in the City of Anaheim: 10,196 voters live in Ed Royce’s 39th Congressional District, 27,431 live in John Campbell’s 45th Congressional District, and 113,684 live in Loretta Sanchez’s 46th Congressional District.  You’ve seen Emami’s endless mail count on the Anaheim City Council race, but he has the good fortune to be one of the 27,431 Anaheim voters in CD-45.  This is a tale of the mailboxes for the 10,196 Anaheim voters in CD-39.

(For those of you wondering, Gail Eastman lives in Sanchez’s CD-46, Harry Sidhu lives in Royce’s CD-39, and Lorri Galloway, Kris Murray, and Tom Tait live in Campbell’s CD-45.  For those of you wondering for even more info, Steve Chavez Lodge lives in Campbell’s CD-45 while Lucille Kring, John Leos, and Jordan Brandman all live in Sanchez’s CD-46.)

Before I get into the mail, I should note there are precinct walkers and phone bankers from both camps scurrying and calling across CD-39.

An OC Political friend passed on a transcript he made of a phone call he received from the Jay Chen campaign in October.  The content of this script is clearly geared toward Republicans, and the OC Political friend who transcribed this call is a high-propensity Republican in a pure Republican household.

Here’s the transcript…

Hi.  Good afternoon.  My name is Andrew and I am a volunteer with the Jay Chen for Congress Campaign.

I’m calling you today to tell you a little bit about Jay and about his campaign for congress in your district.

Jay is a small businessman, a school board member and US Naval Reserves intelligence officer who is running to represent you in Congress.

Unlike his opponent, Ed Royce, Jay volunteered to serve our country and he will protect our veterans when they come home.

Jay was recruited right out of Harvard University to work for Bain and Company, a section of the successful Bain Capital, and he has valuable experience balancing the books and improving results without raising taxes.

Jay is clearly the right person to serve this district in Washington.  For more information about Jay or our campaign, please visit our website at chenforcongress.com.  And since you are registered to vote by mail your ballots will be arriving around October 8th.  Please remember to vote and sent them back in.

Thank you for very much your time and I hope you vote for Jay in the upcoming November election.

Here’s an excerpt from Chen’s 2011 school board re-election campaign biography:

In 2002 Jay joined Bain & Company, a global business consulting firm. While at Bain he worked closely with top executives of Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement crucial business strategies. He managed the roll-out and evaluation of new products for a global logistics company and analyzed the cost-savings for a mergers and acquisition in the technology space with a combined value of over $1 billion. Jay believes his financial and business experience will be of great value to the school board, which manages an operating budget of over $360 million dollars and nearly 3000 employees.

Anyone else find it fun that Democrat Jay Chen is touting his Bain experience while Republican Mitt Romney is getting trashed for his Bain experienced by national Democrats?

Now, on to the money: From July 1 to October 17, Royce spent $1,232,479 while Chen spent $406,351.  However, Super PAC America Shining (run by Chen’s brother) has spent $762,316, with $65,894 supporting Chen and $696,162 against Royce.

In other words, between America Shining and Jay Chen, the pro-Chen/anti-Royce spending since July 1 has reached $1,458,478 while Ed Royce has spent $1,232,479.

For both candidates, over 60% of their direct contributions came from individual citizens.  However, if you account for America Shining, the pro-Chen/anti-Royce money received has been 52% from PACs, and 33% from individual citizens, while pro-Royce/anti-Chen money that’s been received is 62% from individual citizens and 36% from PACs.

While Emami religiously scans each piece of mail that falls into his hand, I’m just going to take a picture of all the mail.  For my father, who is likely in the most coveted demographic group in all of CD-39 (high-propensity Asian independent), this is what $2.7 million of campaign spending looks like:

35 Pieces of CD-39 Mail

My poor father was inundated with CD-39 mail

He’s received 36 mailers, and there’s still three more mailing days before Election Day (today, tomorrow, and Monday).  I “only” received 15 mailers, and my Republican mother “only” received 8 mailers.  Inexplicably, my independent sister only got 1 mailer (it was pro-Royce).

I should note my 52-year-old father was not pleased to receive the America Shining piece entitled, “Senior News.”

Here are other ways to look at the 36 mailers sent to Dad:

  • Stacked on top of each other, they are 1/2 inch thick.
  • They weigh a combined 1 lb. 7 oz.
  • Laid end to end, they are 41 feet, 3 inches long.

They have achieved near-perfect parity in Dad’s collection:

  • 18 from Royce’s side, 18 from Chen’s side
  • 6 pro-Royce, 4 pro-Chen
  • 12 anti-Chen, 14 anti-Royce

From my father’s mail: For every pro-Royce, there were exactly two anti-Chen pieces.  For every pro-Chen piece, there were more than three anti-Royce pieces.  While both sides have sent virtually the same amount of mail and both have been pretty negative, Chen’s side has sent out more negative mail and less positive mail than Royce’s side.

Apparently, as registered Republicans, my mother and I were each ignored by Chen.  All 15 of my mailers and all 8 of hers were from Royce.  I received 6 pro-Royce and 9 anti-Chen.  Mom received 2 pro-Royce and 6 anti-Chen.

The anti-Chen pieces are making an impact on regular voters: one of my mother’s co-workers dislikes Chen because he seems so creepy because he’s always behind sunglasses in his pictures.  None of Chen’s photos have him behind sunglasses, except the one being used on Royce’s anti-Chen pieces.

In CD-39, postal workers and mailhouses are getting together to throw a big party about the post offices saved from closure and the mailhouses’ unexpected 2012 profits, but somewhere, there’s an environmentalist crying about the forests that Chen and Royce destroyed.

On a final note, my father’s siding with the family Republicans: Dad’s voting for Royce.

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Anaheim Mailbox: &@#$%$

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 29, 2012

Really? I cannot believe how much mail rolled in this weekend from the Anaheim City Council race. The one interesting thing that I have been able to deduct is that we are down to 4 serious contenders for the 2 seats. Lucille Kring, John Leos, Jordan Brandman, and Steve Chavez-Lodge.

4 pieces came in this weekend. 1) Kring positive piece, 2) Leos positive piece 3) Leos hit piece 4)Kring hit piece.

Here is the first piece from Lucille Kring that not only will have a positive impact on her campaign but also will hurt the candidacy of OUSD Area 3 candidate Bob Ausmus (Retired Inglewood Policeman).

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Unions Give Money to All Major Anaheim City Council Candidates; Kring Got Least

Posted by Lassie on October 11, 2012

My blog colleague, OC Insider, wrote this series of posts about Lucille Kring”s $500 contribution from the Anaheim police union (https://ocpolitical.com/2012/10/05/lucille-kring-violated-baugh-manifesto/, https://ocpolitical.com/2012/10/07/oc-gop-should-rescind-kring-endorsement/, and https://ocpolitical.com/2012/10/07/did-kring-fool-the-police-union-too/).  It’s an interesting coincidence that the last two posts were written after the Orange County Register endorsed Kring for Anaheim City Council:

Ms. Kring stands out among the crowd of nine candidates. Having served on the city council previously, she acutely understands the issues facing Anaheim and has a much-needed independent streak on a council in which, we believe, former Mayor Curt Pringle, and other special interests, have far too much influence.

Ms. Kring has a firm grasp on the budgetary challenges of the city and has the right ideas as to how to fix them, including serious pension reform. She also has in-depth knowledge of public safety, and she opposes crony capitalism, sweetheart deals handed out to those with political connections or representation.


OC Insider blasted Kring for inaccurately signing this pledge in the OC GOP questionnaire:


Lodge inaccurately signed the same pledge!  Unlike Kring, Lodge inaccurately told the OC GOP Endorsements Committee that he had not taken any union money:

Lodge says he is endorsed by the Anaheim Police and Fire unions and the Santa Ana Police union but has not taken any money from them.


He took $1000 from the Anaheim Police union on 12/28/2011 – almost six months before Kring took $500.

OC Insider neglected to note that every other major candidate for Anaheim City Council took more police union money than Kring did.  The Anaheim police union gave $1800 to Jordan Brandman, $1000 to Steven Albert Chavez Lodge, $1000 to John Leos, and a paltry $500 to Lucille Kring.

Actually, every other major candidate for Anaheim City Council took more union money than Kring did:

Lucille Kring
$500 on 6/20/2012 from the Anaheim Police union

Steven Albert Chavez Lodge
$1000 on 12/28/2011 from the Anaheim Police union

John Leos
$1800 on 2/21/2012 from the Orange County Employees Association (maxed out)
$1800 on 4/6/2012 from the Anaheim Municipal Employees Association (maxed out)
$1800 on 9/30/2012 from the Orange County Labor Federation (maxed out)
$1000 on 9/18/2012 from the Anaheim Police union
TOTAL: $6,400
(I should note OCEA dumped $50,000 into a pro-Leos IE PAC.)

Jordan Brandman
$1800 on 8/30/2012 from the Anaheim Firefighters union (maxed out)
$1800 on 9/14/2012 from OC COPS (maxed out)
$1800 on 8/30/2012 from PORAC (maxed out)
$1300 on 6/8/2012 from the International Union of Operating Engineers (maxed out to $1800)
$1050 on 9/12/7/2012 from Local Union 105 (maxed out to $1800)
$1000 on 11/4/2011 from the UA Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 582 (maxed out to $1800)
$1000 on 11/18/2011 from the Southern California Pipe Trades District Council (maxed out to $1800)
$1000 on 12/7/2011 from the Anaheim Police union (maxed out to $1800)
$1000 on 12/31/2011 from the Laborers International Union of North America (maxed out to $1800)
$1000 on 3/8/2012 from the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
$1000 on 5/29/2012 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (grand total: $1500)
$800 on 4/30/2012 from the UA Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 582 (maxed out to $1800)
$800 on 5/7/2012 from the Southern California Pipe Trades District Council (maxed out to $1800)
$800 on 9/14/2012 from the Anaheim Police union (maxed out to $1800)
$800 on 9/30/2012 from the Laborers International Union of North America (maxed out to $1800)
$500 on 12/31/2011 from the District Council of Iron Workers
$500 on 12/31/2011 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (grand total: $1500)
$500 on 4/16/2012 from the International Union of Operating Engineers (maxed out to $1800)
$500 on 5/7/2012 from Local Union 105 (maxed out to $1800)
$500 on 6/24/2012 from OPCNIA Plasters Local Union 200
$500 on 6/30/2012 from the Sprinkler Fitters Local 109
$250 on 11/4/2011 from the LA/OC Building & Construction Trades Council
$250 on 11/4/2011 from the Sprinkler Fitters Local Number 709
$250 on 12/7/2011 from Local Union 105 (maxed out to $1800)
TOTAL: $20,700

(You can find all campaign finance filings in Anaheim at http://nf4.netfile.com/pub2/Default.aspx?aid=ANA)

Lucille Kring is still the most independent voice for Anaheim City Council, and that’s why the Orange County Register endorsed her.

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Anaheim Court Case Aftermath

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 5, 2012

OC Insider beat me to the punch but I wanted to follow-up a bit on the Anaheim court case and the aftermath from the judge’s ruling. The case itself had 2 major points that were being argued:

1) Steve Chavez Lodge was using the name Chavez to simply try to increase votes he would receive from the latino community. This part of the lawsuit would force him to change his name on the ballot to Steve Lodge.  (12:37 AM Nguyen correction: the legal point being argued is whether or not Lodge is entitled to his birth name of Chavez, based on whether or not he is known by that name.)

2) Steve Chavez Lodge cannot used the designation of retired policeman because he is currently employed as a businessman/consultant.

Chris Nguyen and I had discussed the case and we actually predicted the outcome being what it was. Lode was allowed to keep the name Chavez. However, he also was forced to change his designation to businessman because in order to be retired under election law you must be at least 55 years old.  (12:37 AM Nguyen correction: Lodge was actually forced to change it to businessman because he had “another more recent, intervening principal profession, vocation or occupation” as he currently works at Hill International as Director of Public Affairs.)

With all of the anger and negative press with the police my thought is that Chavez-Lodge might have actually benefitted from being placed on the ballot as a businessman instead.

I sent over 3 questions over to Cynthia Ward after the final decision in order to get her take on what could be considered a substantial victory for Chavez-Lodge:

1) You won the challenge of his designation, however, do you think it benefits him to run as businessman and not policeman considering all the tension with police in Anaheim?

I do not think it is the tension of being associated with Police work in general that would be a negative for Lodge, at least not associated with APD. After all, he did nail the public safety union endorsements, both Fire and Police, and they are likely to do plenty of mail reminding voters of his ex-cop background even if the ballot does not allow for the wording.

I think the law enforcement image Lodge needs to live down at this point is his own record as a Santa Ana cop. Plenty of blogs scooped me while I was embargoed, and have revealed public records showing Lodge involved in court cases not as an expert witness, but as a defendant, including an excessive force case in which the victim was awarded half a million dollars in punitive damages for injuries suffered while apparently being arrested for the heinous crime of jaywalking. That is going to be harder to live down than an association with cops in general.

I think a lot of Anaheim voters understand that while there are bad apples in every batch, in large part the APD is staffed with professional, decent people, trying hard to protect and serve, under a Chief that is greatly respected throughout the city. It may shock you to know that Chief John Welter is greatly respected in the neighborhoods like Ponderosa, where unrest has been kept to a minimum because the residents trust Welter, and when trouble broke with a Police shooting of a gang member, the residents fell back on that trust rather than follow the trouble-making team of Joanne Sosa and Lorri Galloway, who together with Yesenia Rojas appear to be largely responsible for riling up the Anna Drive residents and creating much of the unrest.

That is a long way of saying that I do not think Anaheim voters have a problem with APD or Police in general, but they are very suspect of anyone tagged with a “bad cop” label, and Lodge is going to have to live down the recent allegations on the blogs, which are certain to hit the papers, especially with the media attention he seems to have ginned up.

2) What is your take on the judge’s ruling to allow him to keep the name Chavez and adding the name Albert?

I have nothing but respect for Judge Charles Margines, I did some research on his work as soon as I knew we drew his courtroom, and he seems not only fair, but incredibly intelligent, and quite a bit witty. He not only refused to allow the last minute “evidence” that Lodge’s lawyer tried to present, he seemed to almost mock Baric for trying. Margines pointed out the absurdity of the argument that they “just received” these documents, asking why Mr. Lodge did not have his own personal papers ready prior to court. It was a really informative session to watch, I would actually go back to his courtroom just to watch him work, he takes no bull from either side.

The ruling ultimately came down to a recollection from the Judge’s own memory banks, which none of us could have foreseen. Lodge’s case had bounced from “it is the name on my birth certificate” to “I never legally changed my name to Lodge” (an oddity since he presumably has a Social Security number, Driver’s License, etc. in that name, but I digress) and finally landed on “I have testified in court as Steven Albert Chavez Lodge.”  Baric even argued that Lodge had testified before Judge Margines himself, although I did not see evidence that he provided a case number or transcript to verify that. But that last argument seemed to strike a chord.  It was Judge Margines himself that recalled Lodge testifying in his own courtroom years ago, and he believed it was as Chavez-Lodge.

Now, to be fair, recalling that a Police officer used a name once years ago while testifying in a Santa Ana courtroom as a Santa Ana cop may not establish that he is widely known by that name in the community in which he is now running for office. And again, Lodge and his lawyer did not produce the evidence of that, beyond a verbal statement. But the lightbulb went off over the head of a Judge I greatly admire, and I can respect that decision without argument.

On the way home my husband and I were discussing the potential repercussions radiating outward beyond the campaign, had the Judge decided against Lodge. If Lodge had testified in court against a criminal, even once, as Chavez-Lodge, and had an officer of the court then ruled that it did not appear to be his legal name, the ramifications for opening case loads on technicalities may have been more than any of us bargained for. Given a choice between letting Lodge use the name he has requested, or potentially opening a Pandora’s Box of legal challenges in criminal court, he can have the name. Gladly.

It appears the “Albert” was added because the question of what Lodge calls himself was so completely up in the air, and the Judge may have wanted to cover all his bases. When asked what his client’s legal name was, attorney Steve Baric insisted it was Steven Albert Chavez, (no Lodge.) That got the Judge’s attention. Since so many options were presented about what Lodge calls himself depending on day and conditions, I think the judge threw it all onto the ballot just to be sure we got it all. Kind of like throwing pasta at the wall.

3) Will you still attempt to get Lodge to pay your attorney’s fees?

My attorney had included that in the original Petition as an option, should we prevail, and I have not discussed it with him yet. But unless I am mistaken, I think we split the decision equally. I certainly have no interest in being punitive, no matter what Lodge has said about me.

Honestly, I just want the nastiness to stop. This was never meant to be personal, I think people get very emotional when they hear the word “lawsuit” they think damages and awards of vast sums of money, and that is not what this was. The suit is the only mechanism for stopping the process of the City Clerk and Registrar of Voters from moving forward with the wording they are given by the candidates. As you know, once the filing period is closed even the candidates themselves cannot change the wording they have submitted, so a Petition to the Registrar and Clerk is the only way to challenge the system. These challenges are common; they happen all over the country in every election cycle, and they are usually handled without the toxic sludge that has been polluting the internet since this hit.

In fact, the case just ahead of ours was yet another Petition, in which a candidate in RSM was being challenged with the claim that they had used their ballot statement to disparage other candidates. If ever a case could become negative it would be that one, but it did not get the national attention we got because the candidate did not escalate the arguments into the public eye like Lodge seems to have done. I honestly wondered where the negativity came from, and then noticed that Lodge was accompanied to court by Dave Ellis. It explained a lot. So while I think we both came out equally, I suspect this is far from over, no matter where the attorney’s fees end up.

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Lingering Questions From Cynthia Ward’s Lost Lawsuit

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

Mostly a Loss for Ward

OK, the court rejected Anaheim gadfly Cynthia Ward’s lawsuit to prevent council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge from using Chavez as part of his name on the ballot. Chavez is part of his legal name, but it’s not like Ward has been primarily concerned about facts or anything in this case as opposed to playing politics.

The outcome of that part of her lawsuit should never have been in doubt. Ward said because, in her opinion, Lodge was not “widely known” as Steve Chavez Lodge, that he should be barred from using it on the ballot. Too bad she wasn’t aware of Jim Lacy’s lawsuit in 2008 against Dana Point council candidate Lou Penrose, asking the court to bar him from using the name he was widely known by – Lou Penrose – and force him to instead use his legal name, Luigi Rossetti. The judge sort of split the baby and required Penrose to list himself as “Lou Penrose (aka Luigi Rossetti Jr.).”

Ward and her legal team were basically attempting the reverse of that.

She did squeeze out a little bit of victory when the judge ruled Lodge can’t use the “retired policeman” part of his “retired policeman/businessman” ballot designation.

Who’s Footing The Bill For The Lawsuit?

In comments around the blogosphere today, Ward served notice that she absolutely will not disclose who is paying her legal costs. Up till now, in her blogging and activism, Ms. Ward’s  has been upfront and candid about her motives, political relationships, etc. This cone of silence shtick is way out of character.  Since she still won’t even state “Yes, I am paying for my legal fees out of my own pocket,” it’s safe by now to assume someone else of taking care of Strumwaaser-Woocher’s bill.

Also, in her lawsuit, Ward puzzlingly did not include any request to recover attorney fees if she won the case. The judge made no mention of recovering legal costs in his decision. If Ward had won, she would have to sue to recover legal fees.

Anyone as confident as Ward was of winning their case would have included a request…unless you weren’t the one paying for the lawsuit and therefore didn’t need to worry about recovering legal fees.
Either way, Ms. Ward can still clear this point up very easily.

The John Leos Connection

Here’s another interesting connection to Ward’s lawsuit against Lodge.

Lodge was served with the lawsuit the evening of Tuesday, August 21. A few hours later that same evening, the campaign of a rival council candidate John Leo (the candidate of the city employees union) sent out this press release:

Lawsuit Challenges Lodge’s Use of Chavez Name for Race in Anaheim

ANAHEIM (August 21, 2012) — Anaheim resident Cynthia Ward has challenged City Council candidate Steve Lodge’s use of the middle name “Chavez” on the ballot and also the inclusion of “retired” in his ballot designation. Her lawsuit suggests the recent use of the middle name “Chavez” serves a political function.

“While I can respect Lodge’s apparent sensitivity to voter concerns about the lack of a Latino voice on the Council, it just seems opportunistic to put on a Latino identity for himself now that votes are at stake,” said City Council Candidate John Leos. “My family over the last 90 years experienced segregated Anaheim schools and other injustices, but I learned from them always to be myself — in season and out of season.”
So how did Leos find out so quickly not just that Lodge had been served, but obviously had knew the details of the lawsuit?

In a blog comment, Ms. Ward says she didn’t release any information, and doesn’t think her lawyers would have done so without her approval:

“These suits are filed routinely in elections all over the country, most without the fanfare and negativity that this one has been subjected to. Which leads one to wonder, how did the press even find out about this? I did not do a press release. Voice of OC was tipped off about 24 hours after the suit was filed, and to confirm factual information I posted a short notice to a new, raw, non-revenue generating blog I am working on, one that is not even tied into Google yet, so the media frenzy did not come from me. My attorney would not run a press release without me. Did Lodge or his campaign team generate the press attention? One has to wonder.”

Yes, one does have to wonder. The Lodge campaign didn’t alert the world (why would they?). But if someone else was paying for the lawsuit, like a certain public employee union that represents Anaheim city employees, and used to have Leos on its Board of Directors, and is backing Leos for Anaheim City Council, is paying for the lawsuit, then that union would have the details of the lawsuit and every motivation to pass them along to the Leos campaign.

That explanation makes a lot more sense than anything Ward or anyone else has come up with. We’re not going to hold our breath waiting for the Leos campaign to disclose how they learned of the lawsuit and its details so amazingly quickly. Only the willfully blind aren’t going to see the busy hands of the OCEA and the Leos campaign in this entire affair.

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Nine File for Anaheim City Council: Brandman, Kring, Leos, and Lodge Clear Frontrunners

Posted by Chris Nguyen on August 13, 2012

Jordan Brandman

Jordan Brandman

Lucille Kring

Lucille Kring

John Leos

John Leos

Steve Chavez Lodge

Steve Chavez Lodge

Nine people filed for Anaheim City Council by the close of filing Friday.  Two council seats are up, and they are held by termed-out Councilmembers Harry Sidhu (R) and Lorri Galloway (D), so there are no eligible incumbents in this race.  In alphabetical order by last name, the nine candidates (and their ballot designations) are:

  • Jordan Brandman (D) – Trustee, Anaheim Union High School District
  • Brian Neil Chuchua (R) – Businessman/Resort Owner
  • Rodolfo “Rudy” Gaona (D) – Small Businessman
  • Lucille Kring (R) – Attorney/Businesswoman
  • John Leos (R) – County Peace Officer
  • Linda Linder (R) – Retired Deputy Sheriff
  • Steve Chavez Lodge (R) – Retired Policeman/Businessman
  • Jennifer Rivera (R) – Law Student
  • Duane J. Roberts (G) – Student

I’ll get back to Brandman, Kring, Leos, and Lodge in a minute, but let me briefly describe the other five first.  Chuchua is a perennial candidate for council.  Gaona and Linder each won less than 10% of the vote in their 2010 bids for Council.  Roberts is a blogger at Orange Juice.  The ballot designations Rivera and Roberts picked made my worst ballot designations list from the June primary.

Here are the Big Four:

  • Brandman is a sitting elected member of the Anaheim Union High School District, which means he’s been elected by the people of the Anaheim Flatlands twice (a 2008 special election and 2010 regular election).  He’s backed by former Mayor Curt Pringle, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, SOAR, and the Police and Fire unions.
  • Kring is a former Anaheim City Councilwoman.  While she has lost bids for higher office (Mayor and Senator), I don’t believe she’s ever lost an Anaheim Council race.  She has an impressive knack for getting elected over higher-funded candidates. (She’s still well-funded, it’s just the other candidates are very well-funded.  This is Anaheim, after all.)  This 2006 LA Times story describes her aggressive door-to-door strategy that returned her to office.
  • Leos is a county probation officer with deep ties to labor unions.  He’s even served on the OCEA board and the statewide probation union association.
  • Lodge is a retired Santa Ana police officer and the brother of Roger Lodge (if you don’t know Roger Lodge, here’s his Wikipedia article).  Lodge’s backers include former Mayor Curt Pringle, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, SOAR, and the Police and Fire unions.

For those wondering, of these four, only Lodge lives in Anaheim Hills.  Leos lives in the eastern flatlands, Brandman lives in Central Anaheim, and Kring lives in West Anaheim.  Since both Sidhu and Galloway live in Anaheim Hills, the flatlands will gain 1-2 seats in this election. (Also, in all the coverage about Anaheim council residences this year, I should add Councilwoman Kris Murray lived in the flatlands when she was elected; she only moved to the Hills after the election.)

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Anaheim Chamber PAC Announces City Council Candidate Endorsements

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on August 8, 2012

This came over the wire from the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC yesterday (Brandman is a Democrat on the Anaheim Union High School District Board while Lodge is a Republican who has never run for elected office)…


Anaheim Chamber Political Action Committee Endorses  
Jordan Brandman and Steve Chavez Lodge For City Council

(Anaheim, Calif. – August 7, 2012) – Today, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (ACCPAC) announced their endorsement for Jordan Brandman and Steve Chavez Lodge for Anaheim City Council. Brandman and Chavez Lodge are running for two open City Council seats on the Nov. 6 ballot.

After interviews with many very worthy candidates, ACCPAC endorsed Brandman and Chavez Lodge based on their proven experience in helping create jobs and promoting a safe and quality environment for neighborhoods. ACCPAC believes that Brandman and Chavez Lodge will be key factors in the future economic growth of Anaheim with a major focus on job creation.

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