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Jon Dumitru Loses Court Fight Over Ballot Title

Posted by OC Insider on September 5, 2012

In other ballot title litigation news, Orange Councilman and mayoral candidate Jon Dumitru lost a court fight this morning over his ballot designation of “Businessman/City of Orange Councilman.”

Dumitru’s opponent, Councilmember Tita Smith, field a lawsuit challenging the “businessman” part, because Dumitru’s full-time job is as a dispatcher for the Orange County Fire Authority.

Dumitru’s rationale for using “businessman” was because he has a side-business buying and selling the contents of abandoned storage lockers, like on the reality series “Storage Wars.”

The judge disagreed, “businessman” is out and his ballot designation will presumably be shortened to “City of Orange Councilman.”

Smith’s ballot title is “Councilmember, City of Orange.”

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  1. Nancy Collins said

    Step 1…..

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