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Poll Numbers Being Circulated, Moorlach Ahead in CD 45 Race

Posted by Scott Carpenter on January 31, 2014

Before I say anything for the purposes of full disclosure I would like to say that I am a personal friend of the Moorlach family and work on the same floor as him at the County Hall of Administration. I also have a good relationship with Senator Walters’ staff and was a volunteer for her State Senate campaign, as an OC Young Republican board member I spent dozens of hours volunteering for her campaign. I do not know Greg Raths all that well, I’ve met him a few times and as State Vice-Chair of the Young Republicans I gave him an opportunity to speak at our last meeting at the CRP convention. Now on to the news:
A few months ago a friend of mine in Sacramento sent me a random message on facebook saying “Hey do you know who’s doing polling in CD 45?” I had no clue a poll was being conducted…and shortly after Pat Maciariello that episode dropped out of the race. So in my own head I came up with the theory it must have been Pat doing polling to check viability. Since then I always kind of wondered what the numbers looked like. Given my personal friendships with many directly involved with this race it was just something I was  really curious about.
Then the other day someone who had taken a peek at a recent poll passed on the results they saw from a recent poll to me: Moorlach is ahead in name ID and in raw results, Walters in second and Raths barely registers. When respondents are asked about Mimi’s car tax vote, Moorlach is WAY ahead. I assume the name ID out of the gate gives Moorlach a pretty good advantage being that he was a countywide elected official for more than 10 years, much like Allan Hoffenblum and Harvey Englander predicted early in the race in this OC Register article. I thought to myself because the poll included a question about Mimi’s car tax vote, this clearly had to be Moorlach doing the recent polling. So I just texted someone from Moorlach’s camp asking if A.) It was them doing the polling and B.) The numbers were true. Without going in to detail with me they basically confirmed my suspicion and left it at “more to come…”
So I guess now we wait to see what “more to come” is…

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Petrilla Releases Statement About 2001 Arrest – Wow!

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on January 28, 2014

Last night I observed a report over at the Rancho Santa Margarita Patch about 73rd Assembly candidate Jesse Petrilla being arrested in 2001 and his pleading guilty to two felony counts: one count for assault with a firearm and another with a “firearm enhancement” (Petrilla’s Past).  I was surprised that he had nothing to say to the Patch reporter when he was contacted about it.  Apparently today he did give out a statement – not to the Patch but to some of his friends which Patch reporter Martin Henderson obtained a copy of.  It is here: (Petrilla’s statement).  Basically in his statement he admits to being arrested but tries to make the situation sound like he was arrested for self defense with all the charges simply being dismissed.

Yet Councilman Petrilla glosses over: 1. that he plead guilty to two felonies and 2. that these two charges were dismissed only after he served all or part of his probation that a judge sentenced him to and the two charges he plead guilty to being reduced to misdemeanors.   Mr. Petrilla does not express any remorse for his actions or that he has learned any lessons from this situation.  He justifies this conduct by claiming the people he was firing the rifle at were drug dealers who were threatening him.  In my opinion if that were true, the police or sheriff’s department and the District Attorney would likely have dismissed the charges – all of them – as self defense.  No need to plead guilty in a plea bargain, no probation to serve and no need to have the two convictions reduced to misdemeanors and then dismissed (which I understand is common procedure for expungement of criminal convictions from your record).

According to the Patch reporter – the facts were double checked via Court records and found to be accurate.

Since 2001 has Mr. Petrilla joined the military and served honorably?  Yes he has!  Plus he and his wife have every right to be happy at the birth of his new son!  But if he wants to represent people like myself in the legislature, he should be able to admit the truth about what happened in this past, admit to past mistakes and not try to parse words in a statement to try and wiggle out of admitting the truth of what happened.  While I understand people make mistakes in the past – I also believe you need to be open about them (felony convictions are public record and are serious matters) and hopefully to have learned from them – not try to avoid the truth via well crafted statements.

I am no one’s “opposition researcher” and I am not on any candidate’s payroll.  I am a voter in the 73rd Assembly District, a believer in the 2nd Amendment (including the right of self defense), a volunteer activist and an attorney by profession.  My response to Mr. Petrilla’s “statement” is “WOW” not because I am impressed with his explanation, but because I am shocked that he would issue a statement that glosses over these important facts and try to act like his own plea bargained confession to two felony convictions simply did not happen.  He would be better off if he had just stayed silent and not issued this parsed statement that avoids the obvious truth of what happened.  In my opinion, Mr. Petrilla’s statement alone renders him unqualified to serve as my representative in the State Assembly.

I will be voting for a different candidate for this office.

Note: it was brought to my attention that I used the term “parole” instead of “probation” to describe part of the sentence the judge gave to Mr. Petrilla.  That was my error and I stand corrected.  I have changed the description to the correct sentence of probation.

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Petrilla’s Past: Felony Assault With A Firearm – an Important Article by Martin Henderson at RSM Patch

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on January 27, 2014

Tonight I read a very disturbing news article by Martin Henderson of the Rancho Santa Margarita Patch (http://ranchosantamargarita.patch.com/) about RSM City Councilman and 73rd Assembly District candidate Jesse Petrilla. According to the article, (Petrilla’s Past) in 2001 Mr. Petrilla pleaded guilty to assault with a firearm and another felony charge with a firearm enhancement. Apparently in 2004 the charges (after he served his probation) were reduced to misdemeanors and dismissed.

According to the article, when contacted by a Patch reporter, Mr. Petrilla apparently had no time to discuss this with the reporter.  Given that Mr. Petrilla wishes people like me (who live in the 73rd Assembly District) to vote for him to be my representative in the Assembly in Sacramento, I find this news disturbing, more so when he has “no comment.” I hope he has a better explanation that this for the voters.

Note: it was brought to my attention that I used the term “parole” instead of “probation” to describe part of the sentence the judge gave to Mr. Petrilla.  That was my error and I stand corrected.  I have changed the description to probation.

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AD-55 Watch: Diamond Bar Councilman Tye Enters and Fee-Tax Position Haunts

Posted by Allen Wilson on January 24, 2014


Diamond Bar Councilman Steve Tye has thrown his hat in the ring as a GOP Candidate for State Assembly in the 55th Assembly District.

Mr. Tye was first elected to the Diamond Bar City Council in November 2005 after losing in a bitter June 2005 Special Election contest to Jack Tanaka for a seat that was vacant due to Bob Huff elevation to the State Assembly in 2004.  Mr. Tye has been re-elected in 2009 and as recently in 2013.

On June 25, 2013, OC Political article entitled “55th AD Watch:  Another Candidate Dual Run?” inquired at the time whether Councilman Tye was flirting a run for two offices:  City Council and State Assembly.

Those inquiries are now put to a rest with confirmation that Mr. Tye is indeed an Assembly candidate.

However, Mr. Tye position on taxes and fees may not sit well with Conservative voters in the GOP safe Assembly District, especially in North Orange County portion of the 55th Assembly District.

On September 21, 2010, the Diamond Bar City Council unanimously approved an increase of user fees for Community Services, Public Works and Community Development Departments to be phased in the next three years tied with CPI (Consumer Price Index) beginning on July 1, 2010.

Diamond Bar City Manager James DeStefano submitted the 40 page report to the council for approval.

This contributor spoke to the Diamond Bar City Council on September 21, 2010 with a reminder that an increase of user fees are misguided in an unstable economy and that such user fees are taxes which comes out of someone’s pocket one way or the other.

Councilmember Tye was adamant with a defensive tone, according to September 21, 2010 Council Minutes, by stating:

“…this is not a tax but a user fee.”

“…was a proponent for adding a fee for licensing a cat.”

“…it is appropriate if it costs $100 to issue a permit to have a water heater install in his home that he should pay the $100.”

“…likes the idea of someone plans to add to his home he pays the fees for it.”

When the City gets closer to recovering those user fees, it will be better for all of the citizens of Diamond Bar.”

The Orange County Register Editorial on September 21, 2010 clarifies during the debate over Proposition 26 proposal to close loopholes regarding fees and the two-thirds vote requirement for approval by the state legislature:  “Calling fees what they are:  Taxes“.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has been vigorously fighting over the Fire Fee (Tax) that was approved in 2011 along party lines with Democrats support and Republicans opposed in the state legisature and signed into law by Governor Brown.

The $150 Fire Fee (Tax) for Fiscal Years 2011-12 AND 2012-2013 has effected hundreds and thousands of properties under the CalFire’s jurisdiction known as the State Responsibility Area.

So, Mr. Tye says “a fee is not a tax” may not have read the Orange County Register article, has a lack of understanding of why HJTA is fighting a fire fee that is a tax and surely has a lot of explaining to the voters in the 55th Assembly District whom loathe fees AND taxes.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along: Politics as usual in Yorba Linda

Posted by Brenda Higgins on January 23, 2014

I hate to quote Rodney King, but it just fits. There are too many important races coming up this year and too much at stake to not take an early look at alignments, tactics and issues.

In my little town of Yorba Linda, we have the usual onslaught, yes, already, of Republican on Republican verbal violence. It makes no sense, and literally everyone loses in such a battle. There is a movement afoot, to recall two council members. There is no allegation of abuse of power, of violation of law, of conflict of interest, sexual or moral misconduct, the gist of this movement is that they did not keep their campaign promises.

Really. Shocking. Whether they did or didn’t, just shocking that such an allegation would arise.

One of the Council Members targeted in the recall is up for re-election in NOVEMBER. Mark my words, the candidates and their supporters who are behind this, will run in November beating the drum of how they are the “real” fiscal conservatives. Please consider the cost of this recall effort. Even if it goes nowhere, the city staff still must count and review the signatures obtained and the application paperwork.

Recalls should be reserved for serious and egregious conduct, not just because you don’t like who’s in office. That is precisely the situation with this one, as well as the last unsuccessful recall effort (that would be the ‘other’ side who tried that last cycle) The current recall literature is couched in terms of high versus low density zoning. This is a perennial issue in Yorba Linda which has existed as a very contentious one for more than two decades.

News Flash: Nobody wants HIGH Density zoning. The proverbial, NOT IN MY BACKYARD attitude prevails. The best spin doctors on this issue, many years ago, used the term, “low income” housing. Which is confusing and lead people to have images of a Harlem style development, also formally known as Section 8 housing. Higher density does not mean Section 8 housing.

The one true statement that appears in the literature from both sides is that it is gonna happen. The part that is not true, is each side attributing ‘fault’ to the other. The real villain in the scenario is Sacramento. The state mandates that the city have some land available for building homes that are “affordable”. Last time I checked that was the theory of housing for a family of four with an income of about $40,000 per year. We can’t be sure where the Sacramento brain trust came up with such an imaginary family, but I can assure you, regardless of what they build in Yorba Linda, it is not likely to be affordable for that family under any circumstances. The theory though, requires that the “density”, or the number of homes per acre, must be raised to more homes per acre than Yorba Linda has had historically, in order to satisfy this State mandate.

If Yorba Linda does not in some way comply, there will be litigation. State of California vs. Yorba Linda, is not a case that I want to see filed anywhere. It is likely to be very costly and the bottom line is, Yorba Linda loses. I suppose there is a tangential argument (Translation of tangential: Ridiculous and unsuccessful) that we Yorba Lindans have a proprietary and constitutional right to all have low density zoning, anywhere and everywhere in our town because that is what we bargained for when we moved in here and paid all this money for our lovely homes.

This has been tried before. The U.S. Supreme Court block busting cases, Kraemer, and it’s progeny, basically said what we all already know, our constitutional rights all have limits. All of them, even the ones related to ownership of property. Keeping people out on the basis on economic impediments is likely to go as well as keeping people out on the basis of race. Likely result of the litigation is the California law will be upheld and Yorba Linda will foot the bill for the whole fiasco. The city’s law firm, and the numerous law clerks who would work on the case would be imminently pleased to have learned so much about constitutional and municipal zoning laws, at our expense. So, if you think High Density will have a negative impact on your property taxes, just wait till City Hall gets our lawyers involved with litigation with the State and see what happens to our city’s otherwise bright financial future.

The city’s coffers are not the piggy bank of politicians to take up and take on ridiculous issues for the purposes of keeping their names in the paper. Look around residents, it has become the status quo. Everytime you see a Yorba Linda politician in the paper or on the news it is usually NOT about an issue that has a close nexus to something that is in the best interests of the city.

Everybody in the race this year is likely to be Republican. Everybody in the race this year is going to be waving the flag of being a “Fiscal Conservative”. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the spin, here because in general they are all SAYING THE SAME THING.

We don’t want HIGH Density, but we DON’T want litigation either. We must walk this fine line between getting what we want and placating big brother. Anyone who is telling you something different, anyone who is blaming the other guys and saying it is THEIR fault and THEY broke promises, and I can give you the proverbial “chicken in every pot” (or a half acre for everyone in the case of Yorba Linda), well they are just not being truthful with you.

The bloodsport of politics in the city of Yorba Linda is likely to be as ugly as any year prior. Be informed, tell the people standing in front of your grocery store that you are informed and that there presence is decreasing your property value as much as anything.

The only thing to be gained by any of this posturing is to ruin some candidates and get attention for other candidates. We as citizens encourage this by tolerating and ignoring it. These ugly and contentious races have kept away good candidates and very much work to minimize public participation of those who fear retribution. I don’t know about you, but my intent is to be aware and not support the negativity and histrionic shenanigans of these people. We should all make that known to the candidates as they announce their candidacy in the coming weeks.

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Brutal Mailer Drops In San Juan Capistrano

Posted by Lassie on January 14, 2014

I will let you form your own opinions:




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Fullerton Mayor Doug Chaffee Responds to Kelly Thomas Verdict

Posted by Allen Wilson on January 13, 2014


Fullerton Mayor Doug Chaffee responds to the acquittal verdict for the Fullerton officers tried in the death of Kelly Thomas:

Today, the jury has spoken and we respect the verdict.  I understand and appreciate how difficult this has been for the Thomas family. We appreciate not everyone may agree with the jury’s verdict.  But we trust that the community will respect the verdict and the juror’s decisions.

Over the course of the past two and a half years the City of Fullerton has taken the initiative to implement reforms to our police department so it can provide the best possible service to our community. As Fullerton’s new Mayor, I will continue to make certain those efforts continue.

Mayor Chaffee was elected in June of 2012 along with Greg Sebourn and Travis Kieger during the recall election that swept out trio Councilmembers Richard Jones, Pat McKinley and Don Bankhead out of office due to the Kelly Thomas beating and other issues that snarled the Fullerton Police Department.

Note:  Travis Kieger was unsuccessful in retaining his seat in November of 2012, which he was replaced by Jan Flory.

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AD-74: Meet Candidates Curry, Harper, Onofre, Patrascu Tonight

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on January 9, 2014

This came over the wire from the Newport-Mesa Tea Party Patriots over the weekend:

Like us on Facebook!

Come to NewportMesa Tea Party’s monthly meeting!

Admission is free (donations appreciated, online or at the meeting)

Find out who will be representing you in Allan Mansoor’s 74th Assembly District seat.

Hear the candidates’ visions for California and where they stand on the important issues facing our state today. Ask them questions – find out which candidate supports your values.

Matthew Harper Mayor Matthew Harper was elected to the Huntington Beach City Council by the voters on November 2, 2010. Mayor Matthew Harper also serves on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).
Karina Onofre was born and raised in Santa Ana, the first of four children, to a financially struggling, but hardworking family. Karina Onofre’s parents emigrated from Michoacan, Mexico in their late teens seeking a better life. They immigrated to Santa Ana, California and became legal U.S. Residents under President Ronald Reagan’s immigration reform in 1986.

Keith Curry Keith Curry, mayor of Newport Beach. Curry was appointed to the Newport Beach City Council in 2006 and will be termed out in 2016. He is the director of the Center for Public Policy at Concordia University, where he also teaches public police and leadership courses

Emanuel Patrascu, District Director for Assemblyman Travis Allen, took the lead role in organizing our community to save our beach bonfires. Previously, as a Policy Advisor in the State Senate, he was instrumental in helping craft legislation to deal with California’s water and transportation infrastructure needs. Emanuel served as the President of the Orange County Young Republicans and is serving on the advisory committee for the Orange County Trauma Intervention Program and on the Board of Directors of the Guard a Heart Foundation.

When:  Thursday, January 9, 2014

Regular meetings held the 2nd Thursday of each month

Where: Halecrest Park Swim and Tennis Club

3107 Killybrooke Ln Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Time:    6:30pm to 8:30pm

RSVP and Become a member:www.newportmesateaparty.com


Copyright © 2014 Newport Mesa Tea Party, All rights reserved.

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Councilmembers Murray and Eastman Cost Anaheim Taxpayers $2 Million

Posted by Allen Wilson on January 8, 2014

KrisMurrayGail Eastman

The protracted issue regarding how Anaheim councilmembers are elected has come to an end but with a steep price.

Councilmembers Kris Murray and Gail Eastman has cost the taxpayers of Anaheim at a tune of $2 Million.

The City of Anaheim has already racked up $1.2 Million to defend itself and now must bear the cost of paying the litigants legal bills of over $1 Million, the ACLU and Anaheim Community Activists, who brought the issue to it’s head two years ago.

The Orange County Register reports that Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait says, “the cost of fighting the lengthy lawsuit could have been avoided if the City Council in August 2012 had approved his call for similar ballot measure.”

The two councilmembers joined with then-Councilman Harry Sidhu in 2012 as council majority stubbornly rejected Mayor Tait’s proposal.

The issue centers around Latino activists who echoed the need to change how councilmembers are elected from at-large to districts, because no Latino currently sits on the dais and 52% of the community are Latinos.

The settlement was agreed upon from a case Moreno, et al. vs. City of Anaheim that was slated to go to trail on March 17, 2014 regarding the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA).

The Voice of OC reported that Councilmember Murray called the deal “a win for our citizens, for our residents, for the taxpayers of Anaheim.”

Ironically, the Orange County Register reports that Councilmember Murray says, “I am still opposed to a form of single-member district election.  I think this lawsuit and the fees attached to it are unfortunate for this city.”

In the January 8th, 2014 edition of The Anaheim Blog contributor Matthew Cunningham asserts that the ACLU and Jose Moreno are at fault for costing the taxpayers huge legal bills:  “The fault lies with the plaintiffs’ stubborn insistence on bypassing the voters in favor of the imposition of single-member districts by judicial fiat.”

Frankly, Mr. Cunningham forgets that Councilmembers Murray and Eastman have an fiduciary duty to protect the city’s assets such as taxpayer funds and settle the issue back in 2012 as suggested by Mayor Tait to let the voters decide how their councilmembers are elected.

Councilmembers Murray and Eastman should realize that the buck stops with them and they have the power by finding a consensus with Mayor Tait instead of fighting against him and the community.

The bottom line is this:  consensus is cheap, litigation is expensive.

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Anaheim Chamber Misleading E-Newsletter

Posted by Allen Wilson on January 7, 2014


The Anaheim Chamber recently boasts that the EZ (Enterprise Zones) was a success due to a recent independent audit in the January 7th, 2014 e-newsletter edition of “This Week in Anaheim”:

The recently published audit of Year One of the Anaheim Enterprise Zone was confirmation of the Chamber’s successful launch and operation of the EZ. According to the independent audit,  “the City of Anaheim and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce have developed an effective partnership and made substantial progress implementing the Enterprise Zone Program, and in carrying out core responsibilities.” The audit’s “assessment of the Program’s first year of operation revealed many key successes” and judged that the “the Enterprise Zone Program achieved a substantial number of its first-year goals, and made significant progress on the other goals. This includes processing 1,417 voucher applications from local businesses, each representing a newly hired employee.”

This is no surprise: last summer, the Governor’s Jobs Czar told the Chamber that if every Enterprise Zone in the State operated as well and as efficiently as the Anaheim EZ, the program would not have been eliminated. This was a judgment echoed by other leaders in Sacramento.

The Chamber stood-up a successfully operating Enterprise Zone in next to no-time. As of December 4, 5,786 job-creation vouchers had been issued – in less than two years.

That is a testament to the City of Anaheim’s wisdom in contracting out the operation of the EZ, rather than running it in-house; the city recognized it was unlikely to achieve as much success, as quickly, as the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. We were able to administer the EZ at half of what it would have cost the city to do so in-house, while deriving vouchering revenues back to the city to the tune of $400,000.

“I am extraordinarily proud of the work our Chamber staff and Enterprise Zone team did in administering and managing the Zone. Today, there are businesses operating in Anaheim and not out of state because of the Enterprise Zone,” said Chamber of Commerce Chairman Jeff Farano. “Today, there are many formerly unemployed and hard-to-employ Anaheim residents who now have jobs because of the Enterprise Zone.  That is a real record of accomplishment of which all Chamber members and Anaheim residents can be proud.”

However, the Anaheim Chamber neglects to disclose in their e-newsletter that the same audit reported chamber’s spotty expense tracking according to the December 30th, 2013 article in the Voice of OC.

The Chamber was awarded a five-year contract by the City of Anaheim in 2012 at an initial cost of $1.8 Million, then it was bumped to an additional $1.1 Million for the need to hire more staff at a grand total of $2.9 Million for the purpose of administering Anaheim’s enterprise zone.

The full account of the audit was performed by Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting at the request of the City of Anaheim.

The Voice of OC reports that chamber’s expense tracking was so shoddy that auditors could not determine whether the business group spent taxpayer funds on other, perhaps political, activities.”

The Voice of OC further reports that “the chamber’s tracking of staff time was unreliable, so verifying the organization’s spending under the contract was impossible”, Ouch!

When a civic organization, such as a chamber, that gathers support from the business community should be forthcoming with all of the facts and not omitting facts for the purpose of bragging rights on the success of the enterprise zone program.

It makes one wonder if the Anaheim Chamber had a journalist in mind when producing the e-newsletter for accurate reporting instead of a propaganda tool at the behest of those at the top in charge of the organization.

Therefore, misleading or slanted information of any documentation such an e-newsletter diminishes the reputation of an organization.

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