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Should Santa Ana’s Sal Tinajero be charged with a crime?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on September 2, 2014

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero has decided to ramp up the election year campaign rhetoric yet again.

“Hey, if there’s something here we can investigate and prosecute, then we do it,” Tinajero said.

Tinajero is referring to property swap between the family of Mayor Pulido and business owner Rupen Akoubisn back in 2010 that is currently being investigated by the DA and FPPC.

But if Sal Tinajero is looking for criminal behavior on the Santa Ana City Council, he needs look no further than the nearest mirror.

Sal Tinajero was one of several Santa Ana City Council members who illegally took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and then illegally voted to sweeten the pot for said donors.

The votes in question appear to violate Santa Ana Municipal Code section 2-107. The law prohibits members of the city council from participating in discussions and voting on matters benefitting campaign contributors who have contributed more than $250 during the year preceding the vote. The crime may be prosecuted at the discretion of the City Attorney who can choose between filing an administrative citation for an infraction or a misdemeanor charge that is punishable by a fine of $1,000 and 6 months in county jail.

Sal Tinajero went so far as to send out a press release in which he admitted guilt.

At tonight’s Santa Ana City Council meeting the public will ask the City Attorney to investigate and prosecute Sal Tinajero for his many flagrant violations of the law he’s sworn to uphold.


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OC Weekly Exposes Troy Edgar’s Campaign Finance Crimes

Posted by OC Insider on September 26, 2012

OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley has once again exposed potential crimes by an OC Politician.  For those you who are not aware of Moxley’s previous work, he is the same reporters that exposed disgraced Former Sheriff Mike Corona.  Moxley was also the reporter that brought the Mike Duvall sex scandal to light.

It looks like once again, Moxley has manged to get the scoop and expose yet another politician’s dirty laundry.

Excerpt From OC Weekly, By Scott Moxley (0/26/12):

Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

In January, for his now-defunct congressional campaign, Edgar produced and delivered an eight-page glossy mailer to 3,000 Southern California Republican power brokers. The objective was to win endorsements, raise contributions and frighten potential GOP opponents away from the race. As political literature goes, the piece wasn’t bad. It hailed his leadership skills, conservative policy stances and family values. To bolster credibility, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas declared on the front page of the brochure, “Supporting Troy Edgar for Congress was an easy decision.”

It might be a line the DA, who recently announced he’s seeking additional resources to prosecute corrupt public officials, will soon wish he hadn’t uttered because the brochure could be the centerpiece of two crimes. Let me explain.

Because of anti-public corruption concerns resulting from the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, federal campaign-finance laws require campaigns to publicly disclose major expenses. The rationale is that voters should know if a candidate is up to no good. According to records obtained by the Weekly, the power-broker brochure cost more than $5,668, but Edgar never complied with federal election rules to disclose the spending or reveal who paid for it.

Indeed, he disclosed 41 separate congressional-campaign disbursements but not this one—which also happened to be the committee’s largest expenditure.

Asked to explain, the candidate first said he is unfamiliar with that specific mailer because he has sent out “hundreds” of them. Later, he assured me the power-broker disbursement “absolutely shows up” on a disclosure report. When I told him it didn’t and asked him to resolve what happened, he replied he “printed it at home,” which is troubling because, as I write this column, I’m looking at a detailed invoice for the job from Sparta Graphics.

Read the Rest of the Article Here: Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

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Why were three 17 year olds robbing a medical marijuana clinic in Santa Ana at 2:15 AM?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on March 21, 2012


Just what were three 17 year old kids from Santa Ana doing out last night at 2:15 in the morning in the city that bills itself the 4th safest in America no less….

They were robbing a medical marijuana clinic along with an 18 year old named Gustavo Alexander Penaloza, when they were captured by SAPD.

With the assistance of a police helicopter they were arrested and booked into juvenile hall.

Santa Ana not only has an epidemic of teenagers roaming the streets at all hours of the night in violation of our curfew laws, but a multi-million dollar graffiti problem and an excessive drop out rate from Santa Ana Unified School District.

Where were their parents? Were these children no longer attending school?

Just what do you think should be done about this and who is ultimately to blame?

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Medical Marijuana advocates seek ballot measure in Santa Ana

Posted by Thomas Gordon on February 8, 2012


A group called the Committee to Support Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative pulled paperwork from the Santa Ana City Clerk to begin the process of gatherings the roughly 5000 signatures needed to qualify it for the November ballot.

The initiative would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate under strict guidelines such as limiting hours from 9 am to 9 pm, restricting patients to 21 years of age and older, forbid loitering and limit dispensaries no closer than 600 feet from a school or park. It would also limit the number of dispensaries in Santa Ana to no less than 20, possibly more.

Medical Marijuana dispensaries were outlawed in Santa Ana in 2007 but according to Santa Ana Police no fewer than 62 operate illegally.

In an effort to sweeten the pot the backers of the measure to legalize have proposed an additional 2% sales tax on medical marijuana to benefit the cities depleted general fund.

In 1996 California voters passed Prop 215 which legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes so long as it was through community collectives.

Given Santa Ana’s track record I’m curious to see how this will all play out…..

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