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Edgar Strategy to Reach Out to Democrats: Recycling?

Posted by OC Insider on September 30, 2012

Conventional wisdom suggests that the winner in AD72 will be the candidate who is best able to reach out to Democrat voters. Troy Edgar’s campaign has apparently really taken this to heart, as they seem to be rebuilding their campaign around a theme of RECYCLING.

And no, I don’t mean that in an effort to appeal to voters in Huntington Beach or Seal Beach that Edgar has organized Beach Cleanup Days or anything like that.

No. Instead, Edgar’s campaign has taken to recycling their Press Releases.

Now obviously saying this is an effort to attract Democrat voters is in jest, but just how stalled is the Edgar campaign that they’re already having to take to using old Press Releases – this past week they sent out a release announcing endorsements from local Mayors, the same release they first sent out on 4/18/12 — to insinuate continued momentum?

Compare that with Allen’s campaign.

  • Van Tran comes on board with the Allen campaign as a Senior Advisor.
  • Troy Edgar lies to the press about lying to the Federal Elections Commission.
  • Allen’s campaign announces the endorsements of Joe Dovinh and Long Pham.

It is clear which campaign has momentum, and which candidate isn’t just stuck in neutral – but seems to be cruising in reverse.

5 Responses to “Edgar Strategy to Reach Out to Democrats: Recycling?”

  1. There are far better choices said

    And then there was this hand grenade in the oatmeal: http://ocpoliticsblog.com/taxin-troy-edgar-has-a-hugo-chavez-problem/

  2. Greg Diamond said

    I have no dog in this race between two dogs, but I have to ask — did you just actually write an entire story based on the apparent fact that a press release appears twice (once pre-primary, once pre-general election) on Troy Edgar’s website? That is, in its way, impressive of you. Not everyone can do that — and fewer people would try.

    • met00 said

      Greg, the last two weeks have been a clusterf^&k for the Edgar campaign. From Moxley’s article where he describes Edgar lying to him about printing the documents at home when Moxley is looking at the invoice for the work to two Primary opponents endorsing Allen, one across party lines.

      Edgar needed to change a dynamic of a campaign stuck in neutral and being pushed backwards by events.

      The response was to recycle an old press release as if it was something new.

      As someone who lives in LosAl I actually want Edgar to win so he will be off my city council and we may actually have a few years without corruption.

      • Greg Diamond said

        I’ve asked a number of people, including Republicans, about the race in the past week (though not for publication.) Not one thinks that Allen is going to win. But who knows — I’m not focusing on AD-72 much.

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