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Quirk-Silva Wants to Raise Taxes

Posted by Steve Sarkis on September 5, 2012

Chris Emami wrote last week on this blog about Sharon Quirk-Silva’s lack of support and mentioned my letter to the editor in the Orange County Register.  If you missed it, here’s my letter again:

Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva, a Democrat, complained about “partisan gridlock” in Sacramento [“Assembly race called key to state power balance,” Local, May 21]. What partisan gridlock? She is a Democrat. Her party controls the entire California state government.

The governor, attorney general, controller and all other statewide officers are Democrats. Nearly two-thirds of the seats in each house of the Legislature are held by Democrats: 52 out of 80 Assembly seats and 25 out of 40 Senate seats. It doesn’t even require a two-thirds majority to pass the budget anymore, thanks to Proposition 25 (passed in 2010) allowing budgets to be passed by a simple majority.

What partisan gridlock is Quirk-Silva talking about? Every lever of power in Sacramento is controlled by Democrats.

Taxes are just about the only thing left that requires a two-thirds vote. Electing Quirk-Silva would give Democrats the two-thirds majority they need to raise taxes on the hardworking people of California. It’s clear that there is one thing Quirk-Silva means when she talks about ending the partisan gridlock: she wants to raise taxes.

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Steve Sarkis Introductory Post

Posted by Steve Sarkis on February 27, 2012

I was disturbed by the fact at the recent CRP Convention that the CRC was chartered despite the fact that some of its leaders tried to control the CRA thru devious means such as placing people on unit membership lists without people’s knowledge including an OC Supervisor and people on membership lists that had phony addresses and people who that were on multiple lists which was a violation of the CRA bylaws so now we will let the legal authorities deal legally with these certain individuals.

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