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Former Assemblyman Allan Mansoor Announces Run For Costa Mesa City Council

Posted by David Mansdoerfer on July 6, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.14.33 PM


July 6, 2016

Contact:  David Mansdoerfer

Email: david@clarkstrategygroup.com


Costa Mesa, CA – Today, former State Assemblyman Allan Mansoor announced his candidacy for Costa Mesa City Council. Mansoor will by vying for one of three available seats on the Costa Mesa Council with Mayor Steve Mensinger and Councilwoman Sandy Genis up for reelection, and Councilman Gary Monahan termed out.

“Having lived here most of my life, I appreciate all of the different residential and business communities and the people who live and work here,” Mansoor stated.  “As a husband and a father, I will fight not only for the current residents, but for future generations to be able to live, work, and play in Costa Mesa.”

“As a former Mayor of Costa Mesa, Allan has the experience and understanding to tackle some of the biggest issues facing Costa Mesa including; crime, homelessness and economic development,” stated Mayor Mensinger.

“I’m proud to have the support of Mayor Mensinger in this endeavor,” stated Mansoor, “He has volunteered so much of his time for youth sports and the kids in our community, that says a lot about him.”

In the upcoming days, the campaign will release a comprehensive list of endorsements and announce a formal kick-off event.

Mansoor has hired Clark Strategy Group Consultant David Mansdoerfer to lead his effort. Mansdoerfer has a successful track record in Orange County including helping Senator John Moorlach win the 2015 special election for Senate District 37.


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The Sacramento Leftist Elite’s Culture War Against All Dissent Continues – SB 1146

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on June 25, 2016

Meanwhile off the Presidential campaign trail, the California legislature continues to prove it is controlled by people who will not stand for any dissenting opinions even from religious colleges.  Recently the State Senate passed SB 1146 (Lara – D) the so called Equity in Higher Education Act (at the time of this post, SB 1146 is pending in the Assembly).  This bill vastly trims down exemptions from anti-discrimination laws for private religious colleges from, among other things, the LGBT agenda.  In other words, a religious college cannot require students and employees to adhere to a code of conduct that is in conformity with its faith based belief system unless that school is only a seminary preparing students to be ministers.  While this law is currently tied to Cal. Grant funds, the real issue is the heavy hand of government attempting to stamp out any dissenting opinions or beliefs.  Constitutional protections like Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, etc.?  Nope those are all subservient to the demands of liberal elite’s to agree with their viewpoints – which in this instance is the LGBT agenda and practices.

Andrew T. Walker of the National Review has an excellent article on this: California’s Culture War against Religious Liberty

Here is an excerpt:

“Tacked onto existing law, the proposed amendment to the state’s Equity in Higher Education Act attempts to stigmatize and coercively punish any religious belief system that might dare to offer a difference of opinion about sexuality and gender. The bill strong-arms religious schools into an untenable position: Either compromise their religious identity or risk losing access to grants and government-backed financial assistance like Cal Grants. How so? According to the legislation, any religious school that made admission decisions or laid out student-conduct expectations based on religious criteria that were at odds with the bill’s protected classes would risk losing access to state funds unless they affirmed the highly contestable categories of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” – categories at odds with views about marriage and sexuality in many religious traditions.”

I commend the rest of Mr. Walker’s article to your reading.  Another very good and short read on the implications of SB 1146 is by John Gerardi of California Family Council (See Update).

There is an argument that Christian schools should not take Cal. Grants and other government monies.  There are two problems with this argument. First if our tax dollars can go to schools that the government says it approves of its message but not those that do not, that is viewpoint discrimination by a government entity.  Plus that is forced public funding of one viewpoint over another.  Another problem with this argument is it is a ruse.  Today it is the application of this law to schools that accept Cal. Grant and similar college funding programs.  Tomorrow it will be to remove their tax exempt status for not conforming to the demanded viewpoint of the legislative majority (in other words the right to exist as a religious institution). And that logic can be applied without pause to churches. No room for dissent allowed and the U.S. and California Constitutional protections for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Association will be rendered historical footnotes.

Of course, the legislature also goes out of its way to state that the bill does not seek to impair any student’s right to file a lawsuit against the college for discrimination.

Will these Christian colleges and the churches whose pulpits they fill engage the culture and stand against this publically?  The colleges are expressing their opposition to the legislature now with the help of organizations like the California Family Council and Pacific Justice Institute.  But if Senator Lara (the bill’s author) and his fellow travelers in Sacramento pass SB 1146 and the Governor signs it, will they file lawsuits and organize a referendum campaign to stop it?  Will they engage the voters in a healthy debate over the role of religious belief and practice in public life, in education and the proper limits under the U.S. and California Constitutions on a government that tries to dictate belief systems?  Or will they just engage real estate agents in Texas to find new locations for their campuses?

I pray it is the former and not a retreat to Texas.

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Orange County Register Shamelessly Becomes PC Word Police with Hammond

Posted by Walter Myers III on May 29, 2016

hammondA few weeks ago when Brian Calle informed readers of the direction of the Orange County Register editorial board, it concerned me that while they would continue to be fiscally conservative, they would take more progressively liberal positions on social issues. Still, I thought their historically libertarian views would be the more powerful driver, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong. The heading in the Sunday, May 29, Opinion section proved this to me with a shocking editorial titled “Gomez for county Board of Education.” Brian Calle and his cohorts turned their backs on OC Board of Education Area 1 incumbent Robert Hammond, endorsing Rebecca “Beckie” Gomez based on Hammond’s use of the word “sodomite” well over two years ago, without any understanding (or caring) of the context in which it was used.

The meaning of the word sodomite is simple. It is a word that refers to someone who engages in sodomy, which is defined by Dictionary.com as 1. “anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex, or 2. “copulation with a member of the same sex.” I spoke with Hammond about his use of the word sodomite, which was in the context of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage as a fundamental constitutional right. Hammond sent out an email to his colleagues, whose subject was not even about sodomy, matter of factly noting that sodomites could now marry in response to the decision. It is the word that he was taught to use in his childhood as a politer alternative to the word gay or queer, which is an accurate description of those who participate in same-sex intercourse, and hardly “inflammatory” as grossly charged by the Register editorial. But the Register editorial board’s stated rationale is that times have changed and Hammond should have known better. I can’t think of a more arbitrary and baseless assertion.

The Register editorial board has now fallen into the liberal progressive trap that people (specifically they and no one else) can simply redefine language as they wish, and what once was a word that carried no derogatory meaning can now simply be declared as such on a whim. Bigots are now being created overnight with breathtaking speed, and the Register has become a willing participant in this madness. So Hammond has now used a word that has been recently determined to denigrate others, and even though the board agrees with him on most issues, and is highly skeptical of Gomez herself, they endorse her out of “hope” instead of solid reason due to the perceived meaning of a single word. For the use of but one word, the editorial board would put our children at risk by endorsing someone they have little reason to trust (particularly regarding charter schools) over someone who has proven himself over and over to be a responsible guardian over the wellbeing of all Orange County students. And that’s not to mention the broader, chilling effect on free speech and freedom of conscience that will flow from this action by the Register editorial board.

My first action after breakfast on Tuesday morning will be to cancel my subscription to the Orange County Register. Good riddance.

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OC GOP Endorses Schatzle Over Judge Steiner

Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 16, 2016

wpid-ocgop-logo-1_400x400.jpgYour intrepid blogger did not make it out to Central Committee tonight, but multiple people present are reporting that Deputy District Attorney Karen Lee Schatzle has won the Republican Party of Orange County’s endorsement in her bid to unseat Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner.

The vote was 24-7 to endorse Schatzle after the Endorsements Committee had recommended no endorsement.

With absentee ballots already out, Schatzle will need to move quickly if she is going to make voters aware of this endorsement.

Also endorsed were Representative Ed Royce for the 39th Congressional District and Ofelia Velarde-Garcia for 69th Assembly District.

Our prior coverage of OC GOP endorsements is available here and here.

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Why I am still voting for Ted Cruz for President of the United States

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on May 9, 2016

2016-05-08 18.50.45

Today (Monday, May 9, 2016) vote by mail ballots will be sent to voters in California. I will be voting for Senator Ted Cruz for President of the United States for the Republican primary of June 7th. I am also encouraging other Republicans to do the same. Why am I doing this when Sen. Cruz suspended his campaign? The reasons are several fold:

Senator Cruz (who will be listed first on our ballots) is still in my opinion the best candidate for President of the United States due to his long history of fighting for the U.S. Constitution and his willingness to take on the Washington, D.C. establishment on both sides of the isle. Ted Cruz is a proven and tested Constitutional leader. I recommend you go to: Senator Cruz’ web site to find out more.

In addition, Donald Trump has not earned my vote or support. His positions on issues (as much as can be understood of any position he may take) such as supporting transgender bathrooms and locker rooms, eminent domain abuse by having government take other people’s property then selling it to developers for them to build private property projects for their own profit and many other causes over the years are on the opposite side of what I believe in. Another example is he still loves Planned Parenthood. In addition, his tactics during the campaign including, but not limited to, going after people’s wives and children, alleging Ted Cruz’ father was in league with Lee Harvey Oswald in the assignation of JFK and other similar personal attacks have not convinced me The Donald has the temperament to be President. It is Mr. Trump’s job to sell me on supporting him and he has not do so.

Some have said a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. I disagree. June 7th is a closed Republican Primary not the general election. No matter who any Republicans vote for in the primary that will have zero effect upon the Democrats nominating Hillary Clinton or any other person as their candidate for President. Also, in the general election in California we Republicans will be outnumbered by Democrats and others who will vote for the Democratic nominee so our votes for anyone in the general election will likely not matter in liberal California (and there is no way I will vote for the Democratic nominee).

Some might argue that if enough people vote in the primary for Ted Cruz rather than Donald Trump, Mr. Trump might not get the necessary 1237 delegates to achieve the Republican nomination on the first ballot resulting in a contested convention. Then someone like Ted Cruz could still obtain the nomination on the second, third or a later ballot. If this were to occur and Ted Cruz became the nominee my response would be that old Christian hymn / doxology:

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!

That would be a result I would be very happy with. Now if Mr. Trump does obtain the 1237 delegates to lock up the nomination, then he should be the nominee even if I do not like the result. That does not mean I will vote for or support him in the general election for all of the reasons above. But he will have won the nomination by doing obtaining 1237 delegates and maybe he can convince me he is a better candidate than I have seen to date before the November 8th election.

If you wish to see my “Craig’s Pics” voter recommendations go to: Craig’s Pics. I also recommend going to Robyn Nordell’s site and review Robyn and other conservatives’ excellent voter guides.

The sign in my front yard for Ted Cruz in the picture above I just put up last night (Sunday, May 8, 2016).

For those that may disagree with my recommendation I ask one thing: Please state facts for your arguments, not emotion, guilt or insults.

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Letter: Vote No on Dana Point Measure H, the Empty Lots Initiative

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on May 9, 2016

Recently the Dana Point Times published my Letter to the Editor.  In it I stated my opposition to Measure H which I call the Empty Lots Initiative.

Below is a part of that Letter:

By Craig Alexander, Dana Point

I have lived in Dana Point since 1999. One of the first things I realized is property development is a hot button issue. Another thing I noted in 1999, which continues to today, are the numerous empty lots and sometimes rundown buildings in downtown Dana Point. Over the years, there have been several studies and many public meetings about how to create a better downtown Dana Point to attract visitors and make it a nice place for residents to enjoy a wonderful shopping and dining experience.

A few years ago, a prior city council led by now Assemblyman Bill Brough, spearheaded the city finalizing what is now called the Lantern District plans after dozens of public hearings at which all citizens of Dana Point were allowed to participate. The plan passed via city council votes, and the city has already spent over $18 million, plus millions of ratepayer dollars from the South Coast Water District, to implement the Lantern District improvements. Part of the Lantern District plan is to recoup part of those funds via development fees and increased property taxes.

Now, unhappy with a few development decisions by the City Council, some members of our community want to implement a ballot box zoning law called Measure H that would have the effect of halting development in the Lantern District. I call this the “Empty Lots Initiative,” because it would make development there so restrictive that no project could financially work, thus the empty lots would stay empty. An obvious result would be the city not receiving back many of the millions of dollars it spent under the Lantern District Plan from development fees and increased property tax revenue. This ballot box zoning measure is like taking a sledge hammer to a problem that needle nose pliers can fix. You might get the result you want but you will also destroy the object you are trying to fix.

If you do not like the City Council and their property development decisions, change the City Council. That is why we have elections every two years in November and term limits as well.

At the very least, before making such a drastic decision, I encourage my fellow Dana Point residents to go to the city’s website (http://www.danapoint.org/) and click on the link to the Town Center Initiative Impact Report. You will find valuable information in that report, which I recommend you seriously consider prior to casting your vote for or against Measure H.

Here is the link to the full Letter to the Editor (Vote No On H, the Empty Lots Initiative)

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Freedom and Liberty = Public Charter Schools

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on May 3, 2016

As a follow up to my post of last week (Anti-Choice Teachers Unions Want to Take Control of O.C. Board of Education), former State Senator Gloria Romero has penned another excellent op-ed piece in the O.C. Register.  In Celebrating National Charter Schools Week Senator Romero not only noted that this week is a time to celebrate the tremendous success of public charter schools but the continued voracious opposition to public charter schools by unions and the local Boards of Trustees the unions pay to elect.  

Here is part of her op-ed piece:

“Increasingly, parents understand that charter schools were precisely given the flexibility to be independent of the many constraints under California’s Education codes, allowing them to be more innovative while simultaneously being held accountable for improved student achievement. Several studies confirm that charter school students do better than their traditional school peers. Stanford’s Center for Research on Educational Outcomes found that charter schools do a better job teaching low-income students, minority students and English language learners than traditional schools. The Center for Reinventing Public Education and Mathematica Policy Research found that charter school students are more likely to graduate from high school and go to college.”

Yet despite public charter school successes unions and school boards fight parent’s desire to start and continue great public charter schools.  No example of this is the fight by the parents of children at Palm Lane Elementary School, a currently traditional public school that has been failing for over a decade.  The District’s response when the parents attempted to use the Parent Trigger law to convert the school to a public charter school? Sue them in court and spend an estimated million taxpayer dollars to stop the parents’ efforts.  In effect spend over a million in taxpayer dollars to keep children in a failing school.  Who are these deniers of parents’ rights to a quality education for their children?  Trustees Jeff Cole, Ryan A. Ruelas, Bob Gardner, David Robert H.R. Heywood and Jackie Filbeck. (Board of Trustees) And lets not forget their enforcer Superintendent Dr. Linda Wagner. (Superintendent) If liberty, freedom, parents’ rights and quality education (not to mention fiscal responsibility) were grades these trustees and the superintendent needed to earn: they would receive an F grade.

And the ongoing battle of the parents of Palm Lane students: the Superior Court judge ruled against the District and in favor of the parents. See Parents and Children Win The Right to State a Public Charter School. District responded with an appeal that is still pending.  Who is among those filing legal briefs in support of the school district to deny parental choice and a quality education for their children?  You guessed it, the California Teachers Association.

I commend Senator Romero’s op-ed to your reading.

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Anti-Choice Teachers Unions Want to Take Control of the OC Board of Education

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on April 27, 2016

Everyone agrees that education for our children is a critical pathway for those children to grow into adults who are ready to earn a living and become responsible members of our society. Unfortunately labor unions including teachers unions have a different focus – to benefit their union bank accounts with your tax dollars more than the quality and success of students in those schools.  Often to balance a school district’s books the union elected Board of Trustees will give raises to District employees and increase class sizes (with layoffs of younger teachers with less seniority).  How does this help children in these schools?  Not at all.  In fact classroom overcrowding and teachers kept due to seniority instead of quality and student progress is detrimental to their education.

Let me pause and say there are many great teachers in the public school system.  It is not their actions that are the problem.  It is their unions who want to hold onto power who are the problem.

Many parents choose to send their children to private schools or choose to homeschool their children to assure that they are doing everything they can to provide a quality education for their child. But there is another route parents can take: public charter schools.  The success of public charter schools is beyond refutation. The fact is that public charter schools, with the freedom to not unionize their staffs and focus on children’s academic progress rather than just seniority in teacher evaluations, have resulted in long waiting lists for children to gain entrance into good public charter schools.  What is the response to this by government employee unions?  To block public charter school applications at every turn.  First via the Board of Trustees at the local level.  Then with a rubber stamp Orange County Board of Education that denied charter school application appeals routinely. That changed two years ago when Linda Lindholm joined Trustees Robert Hammond and Ken Williams to form a pro public charter school majority.  Since then charter schools that formerly were routinely denied appeals have had their appeals granted and more charter schools opened to the benefit of children, parents, teachers who work there and ultimately all of us as these children graduate with a quality education.

This June 7th voters in Orange County will have an opportunity to re-elect Trustees Hammond and Williams to keep that pro-charter school majority in place.  The teacher unions are running Tustin Councilmember Rebecca Gomez and Irvine School Board member Michael Parham against Hammond and Williams to replace the current majority with a board majority that will bring the OC Board back to the days when charter school application appeals are routinely denied no matter the quality and demand by parents for a viable alternative to sometimes failing public schools their children are enrolled in.

Former State Senator Gloria Romero has an excellent opinion article in the Orange County Register (Teachers unions trying to take back O.C. board). Follow the link to her article where she has set forth how this is a deceptive campaign by the unions to smear Trustee Hammond and Williams to place their handpicked Trustees on the board.

Here is a part of her article:

“The name “Teachers for Local Control” undoubtedly was poll tested and determined to be a resonant mantra with Orange County voters.     What backers probably won’t reveal is that Teachers for Local Control is a chameleon group for the Santa Ana Educators Association, a local affiliate of the powerful Sacramento-based California Teachers Association, which has fought virtually every public education reform and law granting parental school choice in California.

In fact, the legal phone number for Teachers for Local Control provided to the California Secretary of State’s Office is the same number as for the Santa Ana teachers union office.


Teacher unions what to give parents less choice in the education of their children by opposing public charter schools. Trustees Hammond and Williams want to preserve choice and excellence in education.   Voters will have an important choice regarding education in Orange County on June 7th.

Re-elect Robert Hammond and Dr. Ken Williams to the Orange County Board of Education.

For more about former Marine Robert Hammond go to: http://www.robertforocbe.com/

For more about Dr. Ken Williams go to: http://www.williamsforocbe.com/

For more about public charter schools in general go to: http://www.ccsaadvocates.org/ and Parents Advocate League.



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Live from OC GOP: Wagner vs. Philips and Other Endorsements

Posted by Chris Nguyen on April 18, 2016


We’re live from the OC GOP Central Committee, where endorsements for the June 2016 Primary Election in the 47th Congressional District and Superior Court Judge Office No. 3 are being considered. A very early endorsement request for the November 2016 re-election bid of Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Cecilia Iglesias is also being considered.

Prior endorsements for the June 2016 Primary are available here.

The 69th Assembly District Republican candidate, Ofelia Velarde-Garcia, spoke about her priorities of jobs, public safety, and education.

Volunteer of the Month was Paula Prizio.


First up is the 47th Congressional District where Andy Whallon and Sanford Kahn are seeking the OC GOP endorsement in their bids to advance to the November General Election against Congressman Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach).

Whallon says he was the only Republican who stepped forward in 2014 to run against Lowenthal. As a first-time candidate in 2014, Whallon got 44% of the vote. He has consistently attended Central Committee meetings in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties as an ex officio member of both. He pledges to vote only for balanced budgets and is willing to donate his entire Congressional salary to charity if the budget is not balanced.

Kahn says he ran for Congress in 2012 and several times before that. He is a mechanical engineer. He says this is not a complicated age: there is choice between a set of economic-political policies that empowers individuals and a set of economic-political policies that empowers government. He wants to replace the tax code with a 15% flat tax. He does not believe education needs more funding – he believes education needs competition, and he supports vouchers.

Anthony Kuo asks the candidates where they live and for how long.

Kahn has lived in Long Beach since 1969 while Whallon has lived in Long Beach since 1985.

Baron Night asks the candidates how long they have attended Central Committee meetings.

Kahn does not believe he has ever attended an OC GOP Central Committee meeting. Whallon has regularly attended both OC GOP and LA GOP Central Committee meetings for the last two years.

Dennis White asks what philosophy drives each candidate.

Kahn points to individual empowerment while Whallon points to Atlas Shrugged.

Scott Voigts asked if they have been involved in any other candidates’ campaigns.

Neither has.

John Warner asks how much each has raised and who has endorsed them.

Kahn has tried to avoid FEC filing by not raising more than $5000. He is self-funding. He only has the endorsement of voters.

Whallon has raised $20000 and is also self-funding. Scott Voigts, Mike Munzing, David Shawver, and Al Ethans have endorsed him.

Jeff Lalloway asks why each should be endorsed over the other.

Kahn says he has an economic background and supports vouchers, a flat tax, Congressional term limits, and the elimination of the estate tax.

Whallon is working to bring new voters into the Republican Party.

Alexandria Coronado states redistricting took many cities out of Ed Royce’s seat and into the seat now held by Alan Lowenthal.

Mike Munzing asks about the repeal of Obamacare.

Whallon states instant repeal does not work because millions of Americans are enrolled in it. He wants to replace Obamacare instead.

Kahn says people should be able to buy health insurance across state lines. He believes cafeteria style plans are preferable. He suggests a healthcare voucher.

Tim Whitacre asks if they’ll support the other if they lose the primary.

Each agreed to endorse the other if he loses the primary.

Thomas Gordon moves and Baron Night seconds endorsing Whallon.

No one wishes to speak for or against the motion.

Whallon wins the endorsement by voice vote with only a smattering of verbal opposition.


Without discussion, Anthony Kuo moves and Steve Sarkis seconds the endorsement of Cecilia Iglesias for Santa Ana Unified School District.

With no debate, Iglesias is endorsed by unanimous voice vote.


Megan Wagner says she is the kinder, gentler Wagner. She notes her education and her 20+ years as an attorney in private practice representing businesses. She has been a prosecutor since 2011. She says Orange County needs judges who deal with criminals in a serious way and who understand business. She is endorsed by the Lincoln Club unanimously, the CRA, every County-level elected official, and 50 Superior Court judges. She notes the Democrat running, Andrew Stein, is a resident of Los Angeles.

Philips is a Marine veteran. He earned his law degree while an active duty Marine. He opened a private practice while a reservist JAG. He notes his endorsements from numerous average voters. Philips points to an OC Weekly article accusing Wagner of prosecutorial misconduct via improperly obtaining records.

Steve Sarkis asks Wagner to respond to Philips’s accusation.

Wagner says she is not allowed to comment on the specifics of an ongoing case. She says defendants frequently make accusations about prosecutors. She points to the OC Weekly’s political agenda.

Kermit Marsh speaks of the great expense of a Countywide race for Judge. He asks how much each candidate has raised.

Philips does not want campaign contributions because he will campaign via social media.

Wagner locked up slates a year ago and has received contributions from a number of candidates. She suggests Philips look up Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

Scott Voigts asks about each candidate’s endorsements.

Philips says he wants the endorsements of only the voters.

Wagner lists numerous organizations and elected officials.

Baron Night asks Philips about his military experience and legal experience.

He reiterates his military service and speaks of trying numerous civil trials.

Thomas Gordon asks about Wagner’s endorsements from Joe Dunn, Tom Daly, and Claudia Alvarez.

Wagner says Judge is a nonpartisan position.

Mike Glenn asks about the rule on Democrat endorsements.

Parliamentarian Kermit Marsh notes the rule applies to Republicans endorsing Democrats, not Democrats endorsing Republicans.

Philips’s closing statement notes that he is often asked about his stances but is required to set aside his opinions to apply the law as it is, not as he thinks it should be.

Wagner keeps it short noting the long evening. She notes her endorsement by 50 Superior Court Judges.

Scott Voigts moves and Gene Hernandez seconds an endorsement for Megan Wagner for Superior Court Judge Office No. 3.

Fred Whitaker speaks in favor of the motion. He points to the importance of conservative members of the judiciary, pointing to Justice Antonin Scalia. He says it is critically important to vote for judges who are conservative and exercise judicial restraint. He warns of the threat of a liberal Democrat trial attorney, Andrew Stein.

Thomas Gordon speaks against the motion. He would like the application sent to Endorsements Committee instead due to the pending investigation.

With only two “No” votes, Wagner is endorsed by voice vote.

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Live from CRA Endorsing Convention

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 19, 2016

We’re live from the CRA endorsing convention this morning where endorsements will be considered for Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, County Supervisor, County Board of Education, Superior Court Judge, AD-65 Central Committee, and AD-73 Central Committee.

To be endorsed, a candidate must get 2/3 of the vote.


The consent calendar consists of:

  • Congressman Ed Royce
  • Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
  • Congressman Darrell Issa (pulled)
  • Senator John Moorlach
  • Assemblywoman Young Kim
  • Assemblyman Travis Allen (pulled)
  • Assemblyman Bill Brough
  • Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer
  • Orange County Board of Education Trustee Robert Hammond
  • Orange County Board of Education Trustee Ken Williams

9:35 AM: The consent calendar was approved, except for Congressman Darrell Issa and Assemblyman Travis Allen, who were both pulled by individual delegates.  (Editor’s note: See 12:18 PM near the end of this post for the convention’s discussion of Issa and Allen)


9:39: The first race up is 45th Congressional District between Mimi Walters and Greg Raths.

Raths speaks first. He notes that he is a Mission Viejo City Councilman. He talks about being from a large Catholic family and followed his father into military service. He served in the Marine Corps for 30 years. He moved into the 45th Congressional District in 1978. He blasts Congresswoman Walters’s residency. He speaks of the Constitution. He speaks of the national debt exploding. He says he wants to be part of a coalition of patriots in Congress to fight the debt.

A delegate asks Raths about his plan to secure the border.

Raths says Walters has low scores from various conservative groups. He blasts her for voting for the omnibus appropriations bill and the TPA. He says he would shut down the border, build a wall, and deport illegal immigrants. He notes Republicans took control of the Congress, yet these bills still passed. He states he wants adoption clinics to replace abortion clinics. He says he is pro-life. He says he is a 100% conservative like Dave Brat (who defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary).

Walters is not present.

Balloting begins.


9:52: The 46th Congressional District begins.

Louie Contreras says he is an NRA member. He supports the 2nd Amendment. He says he is a Christian. He says he is pro-life. He opposes funding Planned Parenthood.

A delegate asks about physician assisted suicide.

Contreras says he opposes suicide in any form.

Bob Peterson states his family was homeless in 1982. They lived in a warehouse. He graduated from Loara High School. In 1987, he got a job washing jail clothes at the Sheriff’s Department. By 2009, he was Commander of that unit. He speaks about being a hardworking Christian who worked his way through the ranks in his career. He speaks about the challenges of law enforcement. He has been married 23 years. His son is in law school. His daughter is getting a master’s degree in Ireland.

A delegate asks if he is accepting union money.

Peterson states he has not done so but would consider accepting money from law enforcement union members to help get out his message. He speaks of Prop 47 and rising crime.

A delegate asks if he is a resident of the district and speaks Spanish.

He says he lives in Orange and speaks Spanish “mas o menos.”

A delegate asks about his #1 priority.

He says immigration is. He gives the example of locking the door at his home but allowing guests in.


10:03: Ballots counted in CD-45: RATHS ENDORSED.


10:04: No candidate in the 47th Congressional District is present.


10:05: Ling-Ling Chang did not submit an application and is not present.

10:05: Intermission

10:07: Voting commences in the 29th Senate District.


10:08: Ballots counted in the 46th Congressional District: PETERSON ENDORSED.


10:10: The big one begins: 68th Assembly District.

Deborah Pauly thanks the delegates for attending. She speaks of getting good candidates elected, passing good ballot measures, and fighting bad measures. She speaks of gratitude and thankfulness. She speaks of having many volunteers stepping forward and people encouraging her. She speaks of her love of the United States. She says it is important to her to be accessible to her constituents. She says most delegates have her personal cell phone number and personal email address. She says she wants to be a servant in Sacramento and not get pulled off the right path due to the trappings of office.

No delegates have questions for Pauly.

Steven Choi states he is the Mayor of Irvine, a former Councilman, and a former School Board Member. He notes that he defeated the liberal Larry Agran coalition. He speaks of his faith in Jesus Christ which led him to his career in public service. He states he is pro-life, anti-tax, and pro-limited government. He says he is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He says he will stand up to liberals and defend Judeo-Christian values. He states he started he is pro-business, starting the Business Advisory Council. He states he added In God We Trust to the City Council Chambers.

A delegate asks about what his Business Advisory Council has done.

He states it gathers opinions from business leaders, which led to the Tech Valley Initiative, which brought $636 million of business and jobs to Irvine.

A delegate asks about having a military cemetery at the Great Park.

He speaks of getting wasteful spending under Agran audited. He says the Council approved a cemetery 5-0.

Alexia Deligianni-Brydges speaks of volunteering for Republican causes. She points to her OCYR service, having been CRA State Vice President, and having started the Orange-Villa Park CRA unit. She speaks of her family fleeing from Communism, and citing that as a reason she opposes socialism and liberal ideas. She states she is a real estate businesswoman and educator. She has served two terms on the school board and was the sole vote on the school board against a bond. She opposes Common Core. She supports cutting taxes.

A delegate asks about her CRA unit’s growth.

She says she grew it from nothing, as she founded it. She speaks of monthly meetings. She says she since passed its leadership on to others.

A delegate asks about how she plans to lower taxes since she stated it.

She blasts Prop 30 as an anti-business tax. She expresses concern about jobs fleeing California.

Harry Sidhu speaks of immigrating to the United States. He says he has had 28 different businesses. He blasts state regulations. He expresses concern about jobs leaving the state. He wants to oppose tax increases. He says he will fight the Sacramento spending problem. He says he will use his business experience in the Assembly, like he did on the City Council. He calls for government to take a haircut like business has to.

An Anaheim delegate asks how they can match what Sidhu says with his record.

Sidhu points to the Platinum Triangle. He speaks of helping 17,000 people find employment. He points to reducing pensions for new firefighters and police officers. He speaks of the City business development plan.

A delegate asks why Sidhu takes union money.

He denies it. He says he only took police union money on Anaheim City Council.

Kostas Roditis calls for challenging people’s world view. He says people do not own their land; they lease it from the government since people must pay property taxes. He wants to end property taxes for owner-occupied homes by having people pay a one-time 8% property tax.

A delegate asks why did Roditis enter the race so late and what city he lives in.

He says he lives in Anaheim Hills and is a businessman who is fed up with what is happening in Sacramento. He wants to propose his property tax and business ideas.

A delegate asks if a state legislator can implement his property tax plan.

He says yes by amending the constitution.

A delegate asks how long he has been a Republican.

He says he has gone back and forth. He says he was a College Republican, became a Democrat in his 20s, then an independent, and eventually switched to Republican but doesn’t remember when.


10:39: Superior Court Judge Office No. 3 Candidate Megan Wagner is allowed to speak early on her judicial race due to a scheduling issue.

She says it’s ironic she is speaking after the 68th Assembly District candidates and that she’s the kinder, smarter Wagner. She urges the delegates to be careful and proactive in examining the judicial candidates. She cites her unanimous endorsement by the Orange County Board of Supervisors, which she notes is unusual. She is endorsed by Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. She speaks of her career as a prosecutor.

Craig Alexander asks about whether she has taken any union money.

She says she has not taken any.

Another delegate asks about whether she will take any union money.

She says she would consider law enforcement union money because her opponent is a criminal defense attorney from LA who previously spent $250,000 on his own race.

Kermit Marsh asks where she stands on the death penalty.

She says she would enforce the law.


10:45: Ballots counted in the 47th Congressional District: WHALLON ENDORSED.


10:45: Ballots counted in the 29th Senate District: NO ENDORSEMENT.

Voting begins in the 68th Assembly District.

10:48: Vote count released for the 29th Senate District at request of delegates: 11 for Ling-Ling Chang and 10 for No Endorsement.

10:49: Intermission


10:51: 74th District Assemblyman Matthew Harper speaks of being a Huntington Beach CRA member since 1995. He speaks of volunteering for Republican causes in high school and college. He speaks of being statewide chair of the Young Republican Federation of California. He speaks of being on the school board and being mayor. He says he overturned a racial preference policy at the school board and got a court precedent. He speaks of opposing SB 277 on vaccinations while in the Assembly. He says he has a 100% record against taxes. He says he is pro-life. He has a 100% record with numerous conservative organizations, including the CRA. He notes low scores and zero scores from various liberal groups.

Balloting begins.


10:59: Ballots counted in AD-68: PAULY ENDORSED.


11:01: Tim Whitacre speaks on behalf of Ofelia Velarde-Garcia. He speaks of her work helping the all-Republican Board of Supervisors. He says she is pro-life, pro-family, anti-tax, and pro-business. She is a lifelong Republican resident of the district. While Whitacre served in the military, Velarde-Garcia tried but was medically discharged.

A delegate asked where she is this morning.

Whitacre explained she had a family matter in Arizona and had to leave yesterday.

Voting begins.


11:06: Ballots counted in AD-74: HARPER ENDORSED.


11:07: Orange County Board of Education Trustee Area 4 Candidate Zonya Marcenaro Townsend speaks of her marriage and her birth in El Salvador. She speaks of Education being important for her life. She speaks of America being the greatest country on earth. She says she doesnt have the money or name ID of her opponents. She says Jack Bedell has $150,000 from the California Teachers Association. She says Chris Norby has high name ID. She says she opposes Common Core. She says she supports vocational schools. She says Common Core data will be used to market to children for life. She says the money came from the Gates Foundation.

A delegate asks where she stands on charter schools.

She says they need to be carefully vetted. She says many are businesses that seek to undermine America’s Judeo-Christian values.

A delegate asks how she would differ from Jack Bedell.

She says he has not taken a stand against Common Core and against the threat of wireless.


11:13: Ballots counted in AD-69: VELARDE-GARCIA ENDORSED.


11:14: Voting begins in Orange County Board of Education Trustee Area 4.

11:18: Ballots counted in Orange County Board of Education Trustee Area 4: MARCENARO-TOWNSEND ENDORSED.


11:19: First Supervisorial District begins.

Phat Bui jokes about his name. He talks about a flash mob video he did in 2014. He thanks the delegates for their attendance. He speaks of fleeing Vietnam and being grateful for the generosity of the American people. He registered as a Republican when he became a U.S. citizen. He wants minimalist government. He says the Vietnamese government preys on its citizens. He wants to give back to America. He says his company saved the California state government $1 million per year.

Long Pham asks about the Orange County Board of Supervisors competing against Bui’s group on the Tet Festival. Pham asks about open bidding.

Bui says he would support open bidding and would not allow the Board of Supervisors to compete for the Tet Festival against Bui’s group. He accuses Supervisor Andrew Do of saying one thing in English and another thing in Vietnamese.

11:25: Bui’s city council campaign consultant, Tim Whitacre, speaks on behalf of Supervisor Andrew Do’s re-election. He says this is difficult because Whitacre played such a key role in Bui’s City Council race. Whitacre says Do is at a community seminar on taxpayer rights. Whitacre highlights Do’s strongly conservative voting record. Whitacre reminds everyone that the First Supervisorial District is more than just the Vietnamese community and squabbles over Tet should not be a reason to topple a sitting Supervisor. He says Bui has made a number of allegations but no factual statements.

Pham asks if Whitacre believes that Vietnamese voters will vote for Democrats if there is no alternative to Do.

Whitacre disputes Pham’s premise.

Voting begins.


11:31: In Superior Court Judge Office No. 3, neither Andrew Stein nor Wayne Phillips are here. Megan Wagner spoke earlier.


11:33: Ballots counted leave a deadlock in the First Supervisorial District.

Tim Whitacre repeats that Do is a good sitting incumbent who has followed the Republican platform and the CRA platform. He urges that Do winning in June frees up Republican money for school board races, city council races, and legislative races.

Phat Bui accuses Do of being a former Democrat and accuses him of donating to Democrats in 2000-2002.

11:39: Still no result in First Supervisorial District: Do 4, Bui 3.

Phat Bui alleges he did the research on Do’s campaign finance contributions. He says he was worked in IT, which could help streamline County government.

Whitacre notes Do fought for an anti-tax plank in the County legislative platform and a fiscal transparency measure for the ballot. Whitacre notes the unanimous endorsement of the Board of Supervisors and the early endorsements of the Republican Party of Orange County. He says Bui is a divider casting aspersions against a good Republican. He says Bui will only represent a small constituency not all the people of the whole district.

Ballots were counted: NO ENDORSEMENT (4 voted for Andrew Do while 3 voted for Phat Bui).


11:57: Voting is underway for Superior Court Judge Office No. 3 between Megan Wagner, Andrew Stein, and Wayne Phillips.


11:58: Superior Court Judge Office No. 48 Candidate Karen Lee Schatzle is challenging Judge Scott Steiner. She points to Steiner’s admissions of sex in his judicial chambers and trying to get them jobs. She blasts his endorsers. She says she is a career prosecutor. She speaks of being a peace officer before being a prosecutor. Her parents immigrated from Argentina. She says she is running to stand against abuse of power and protect judicial power. She makes it clear she is running against Scott Steiner, not Bill Steiner.

A delegate asks where she stands on sanctuary cities and immigration.

She says she opposes sanctuary cities and regulated legal immigration. She believes people need to follow the law. She says both judges and immigrants need to follow the law.

Craig Alexander asks her viewpoint on the separation of church and state.

She says there will be no separation in Hell. However, she says judges must follow the laws on the book. She will not make policy from the bench. She wants to go back to God and country. She believes the separation of church and state is in the Constitution.

A delegate asks for an example of walking the talk.

She talks about working full-time to support her way through school. She was pregnant while taking the bar. Her children are working while in school.

Voting begins Superior Court Judge Office No. 48.


12:07 PM: Ballots counted for Superior Court Judge Office No. 3: WAGNER ENDORSED with 44 of 54 votes cast.


12:09: No candidates for either Superior Court Judge Office No. 40 or Superior Court Judge Office No. 49 are present.

Convention Chairman Dale Tyler asks for unanimous consent for no endorsement in either seat. In Office No. 49, no endorsement is approved unanimously between Mike Murray and Thomas Martin.

In Office No. 40 between Democrat Larry Yellin and unknown registration for Thuy Pham, Benita Gagne of Anaheim objects because one of her delegates likes Pham.

A delegate asks why Pham should be endorsed when he didn’t seek an endorsement.

The Gagne objection is withdrawn.


12:17: Ballots counted in Superior Court Judge Office No. 48: SCHATZLE ENDORSED.


12:18: In the 49th Congressional District, Craig Alexander opposes Congressman Darrell Issa’s endorsement for a number of votes. Among those, he cited were the House Budget reconciliation bill that didn’t repeal Obamacare (HR 3762). He voted for the continuing resolution that included Planned Parenthood funding (HR 719). He voted for the Import-Export bank (HR 597).

(Editor’s Note: Alexander sped through his list of Issa’s votes faster than this blogger could type: In addition to those noted above, Alexander objected to Issa’s votes for Transportation, Housing, Urban Development Appropriations (HR 329); No Child Left Behind Reauthorization (S. 1177), and $1.1 Trillion Year-End Omnibus Spending Bill.  Alexander also objected to Issa’s failure to co-sponsor the First Amendment Defense Act (HR 2802), Transportation Empowerment Act (HR 2716), and Employee Rights Act (HR3222).  In his remarks to the convention, Alexander noted that he had written to Issa months ago about HR 2802.)

Voting begins.


12:21: In the 72nd Assembly District, the objector to Assemblyman Travis Allen declines to speak.

Voting begins.


12:23: There is unanimous consent for the CRA President’s Council to make any remaining endorsements for the June 7 ballot, excluding Central Committee and races affecting only one CRA unit.


12:24: Ballots counted in the 49th Congressional District: NO ENDORSEMENT.


12:28: Ballots counted in the 72nd Assembly District: NO ENDORSEMENT.

12:28: The 72nd Assembly District objector from Fountain Valley decides to speak against Travis Allen in the second round. She says Allen did not respond to her inquiry about his stance on abortion. She says another woman said that Allen is pro-choice.

12:33: Ballots counted in the 72nd Assembly District: NO ENDORSEMENT (No Endorsement 12, Allen 1).


12:35: The endorsements process is beginning for Central Committee in the 65th and 73rd Districts.

Both districts are voting in caucuses.

1:08: The endorsements for 73rd District Central Committee are:
Tony Beall
Jennifer Beall
Mike Munzing
Laurie Davies
Ed Sachs
Mary Young

1:33: The endorsements for 65th District Central Committee are:
Alexandria Coronado
David Shawver
Jerry Jackson
Zonya Marcenaro Townsend
Sou Moua
Baron Night

The convention is complete.

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