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Jose Solorio is the Most Corrupt Politician in Orange County

Posted by OC Insider on October 13, 2014

The name calling from Jose Solorio in this election is just LAUGHABLE. Jose and his Sacramento cronies are the most corrupt bunch of politicians in the State!

While he was voting to increase our taxes 80 times, Fat Cat Jose was lining his pockets with boat loads of special interest money to the point that the FPPC stepped in and found he accepted illegal gifts from the MOST CORRUPT LOBBYIST IN SACRAMENTO HISTORY!

Jose’s top paid advisor, Ken Nguyen, was fined $700,000 for piracy by the federal court!!

And why isn’t anyone talking about his 4 Senate cronies that are facing criminal charges of bribery, corruption, voter fraud and putting lives at risk with reckless drinking and driving??? Maybe Jose’s paid for blogs could write about that!! Guess not.

I love it when political mail sources its claims from a BLOG! Nice try Jose.

Oh ya, and the blog source they are using, is not only funded by special interests, but chief blogger in charge himself, Art Pedroza, the source for Jose’s claims was sued and lost for linking people’s personal URL’s to pornographic websites including NAMBLA!

Maybe Jose should choose his friends more carefully… or who he decides to pay on his campaign. A quick browse through Jose’s financial disclosures show payments to Art Pedroza. I hope Jose’s donors know that.

Jose is the most corrupt politician in Orange County.

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Bob Huff Supports Ling-Ling Chang

Posted by OC Insider on April 23, 2014

This is an excellent piece written by Bob Huff on Ling-Ling Chang and why she is the best choice for voters in the 55th Assembly District.

Senator Bob Huff

California’s 29th District | Senate Republican Leader

I’m supporting Diamond Bar Councilwoman Ling-Ling Chang for the State Assembly because she has the kind of experience and values we need in the Legislature.

On the City Council, Ling balanced every budget, never raised taxes, built a $17 million reserve and helped make her city one of the safest in California.

As an elected member of a local water board, she worked to ensure reliable delivery of water without raising taxes or rates. During her time as President and CEO of the Youth Science Center, she worked with young people to emphasize science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.

And, as a Councilmember, she’s working to create new jobs and cut her own pay to help the city stretch its tax dollars.

Ling-Ling Chang is the real deal. She has been solving problems in our region for almost 10 years as a Water Board member, City Councilmember and Mayor. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to rely on her advice and live in a city she helps govern.

Now, more than ever, we need honest and fresh leadership. I believe we have found, can find and will continue to find that leadership in Ling-Ling Chang. Ling has earned my support time and again, and I hope she can earn your support in the June primary, as well.

Bob Huff
Senate Republican Leader

Ling-Ling Chang for Assembly 2014

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Phillip Chen Not Truthful with O.C. Register

Posted by OC Insider on April 12, 2014

AD 55 Candidates Phillip Chen and Ling-Ling Chang

AD 55 Candidates Phillip Chen and Ling-Ling Chang

When Phil Chen was asked why he claimed his occupation was “Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff” when he was really a county health care employee, Phil told the O.C. Register he served as a reserve for 20 hours a month.

Chen told the newspaper that he’s served “about 20 hours a month in the job since 2007” and “makes no apologies for the representation.”

Yet since 2010, Chen has averaged 2.1 hours a week – not the 20 hours/month he falsely claimed.

Los Angeles County records show that the only time Chen has been seen in uniform in 2014 is in his campaign literature. In fact, since 2010, there have been 30 individual months where he did not show up even once.

Phillip Chen chose to answer a question about him making a false claim about his occupation by making a false claim about what he did as a reserve.

Count on him to follow-up with another false claim about Ling-Ling Chang!

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Phillip Chen Intentionally Deceived Voters About His Occupation

Posted by OC Insider on April 7, 2014

In 2011, when Phillip Chen ran for the Walnut Valley Unified school board he listed his occupation as “Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff.”

The problem is Chen was a full-time Los Angeles County employee at the time he made his false claims – not a full-time cop.

AD 55 Candidates Phillip Chen and Ling-Ling Chang

AD 55 Candidates Phillip Chen and Ling-Ling Chang

Yes, Mr. Chen is a reserve officer who makes $1/year for his services, but he has never been a LA Deputy Sheriff. No amount of training or volunteer work changes the fact that Chen intentionally deceived voters about his occupation and tried to conceal the fact that he was a county health care employee from them.

Apparently embarrassed by his true occupation, Chen is now campaigning for State Assembly as a “small business owner” – despite the fact that he remains a well-paid L.A. county health care employee.

During his school board campaign, Phillip Chen also claims he was a faculty member at Cal-State Fullerton for six years and that he started teaching there in 2000. But, Chen didn’t graduate until 2002 – after he claims he was on the faculty!

Unfortunately for Chen, Cal-State Fullerton verifies that Chen only taught there from August 18, 2005 – June 2, 2006 and again from August 17, 2007 until January 2, of 2008. 13 months of teaching does not equal the six years Chen claims to have taught at Cal-State Fullerton.

One would think professor Chen was teaching high-level academic classes during his disputed “tenure” at Cal-State Fullerton. But, an internet service called “Rate My Professors” gives Phil high marks for teaching Wushu (martial arts) at Cal-State Fullerton to “hot students.”

Voters might have looked at his experience in a different light had they known “professor” Chen’s job was working up a sweat in the college gym with coeds.

Finally, Phillip claims he was “appointed by Governor Pete Wilson to serve for the Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Planning, where he worked on legislation involving foster care, gang prevention, drug awareness, mental health, and Planned Parenthood.”

Given the fact that Phillip Chen duped voters into electing him to the school board by making false claims, one has to wonder about whether Pete Wilson really entrusted a 20-year-old to do all that.

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Ling-Ling Endorsed by the San Bernardino County GOP

Posted by OC Insider on April 2, 2014

Since I’m tired of seeing Allen Wilson’s overtly one-sided bias against Ling-Ling Chang…

imageLing-Ling Chang has amassed more endorsements from public officials and political organizations than her top two opponents combined.

In this hotly contested race, she’s gotten the support of Congressman Ed Royce and Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, whose districts both cover the entirety of the 55th District which Ling is running in. She’s also been endorsed by Congressman Paul Cook, Board of Equalization Member Michelle Steel, Senator Mimi Walters, LA County Supervisors Mike Antonovich and Don Knabe, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rauckauckas, San Bernardino County Supervisors Janice Rutherford and Gary Ovitt, and most recently, she announced that she earned the support of the San Bernardino County Republican Party (see below).

This came today:



Ling-Ling Endorsed by the San Bernardino County GOP

For Immediate Release March 28, 2014

Diamond Bar City Councilwoman and candidate for the state Assembly Ling-Ling Chang built on her continued momentum by receiving the endorsement of the San Bernardino County Republican Party last night.

“I’m grateful for the support of the San Bernardino County Republican Party,” said Chang. She added, “Californians can count on me to work hard to cut government waste and fight taxes in the Assembly and to put the ‘free’ back in free enterprise.”

“Ling-Ling Chang has proven an incredible commitment to helping the private sector grow our economy,” said County Supervisor Gary Ovitt, who is a past San Bernardino County Republican Party Chairman. “Republicans can be confident that she will continue to fight for small businesses by getting government out of their way in the Assembly,” he added.

In addition to the San Bernardino County Republican Party, Chang has earned the endorsements of Congressman Ed Royce, Congressman Paul Cook, state Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford and Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. Chang has also received the strong support of the Orange County Young Republicans, Inland Valley Young Republicans, San Bernardino County Young Republicans as well as Senators Mimi Walters and Tom Berryhill, and Assemblymembers Diane Harkey and Don Wagner.

Ling-Ling Chang has been twice elected to the Diamond Bar City Council and served as Mayor in 2011-2012; she previously served as an elected member of the Walnut Valley Water District’s Board of Directors, including a term as Board President. Councilwoman Chang has focused on job creation and economic development, fighting tax increases and helping private enterprise through removing regulatory burdens. Chang, who also served as President and CEO of the Youth Science Center, was previously honored as “Woman of the Year” by the California State Assembly. Her husband, Andrew, is an accomplished attorney and active community leader.

# # #

Ling-Ling Chang for Assembly 2014

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OCTA Board Members Discuss State Lobbyist Contract

Posted by OC Insider on March 4, 2014

Yesterday, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Executive Committee discussed the state lobbying contract that the agency has with Sloat, Higgins Jensen and Associates (SHJA) because of recent FPPC violations by the firm.

If you are unfamiliar with the FPPC violations against Kevin Sloat, who is the principal at SHJA, this article will help fill you in. Sloat was fined a record $133,500 by the FPPC for hosting numerous political fundraisers that counted as “prohibited campaign contributions, and arranging and giving gifts to California lawmakers.” Some of the lawmakers warned by the FPPC for holding events at Sloat’s house include Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Lou Correa (SD-34), Senator Bob Huff (SD-29), and former Assemblyman and current SD-34 candidate Jose Solorio.

OCTA has contracted with SHJA since 2002 for state lobbying and consulting services. Unlike the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ lobbying contracts, this particular contract was approved by the full OCTA board and extended on multiple occasions by the full Board. According to the staff report, SHJA’s services to OCTA include “representation with the Legislature, Governor’s Office, various state departments, agencies, boards, committees, commissions, and staff; advising on state legislation, proposed regulations, and state budget proposals which could have an impact on OCTA; assisting with the preparation of and advocating for OCTA’s legislative program; reporting on state transportation and related developments of importance to OCTA; and updating the Board as specified. SHJA also provides a monthly verbal update on its Sacramento advocacy to the Legislative and Communications Committee.” OCTA’s contract with SHJA lists Kevin Sloat as the contract manager, with several lobbyists that work for SHJA as the legislative advocates.

During their presentation, OCTA staff made it clear that there were many initiatives OCTA was trying to accomplish, and that an interruption in service, i.e. a new lobbyist, may disrupt those initiatives. The staff recommendation was to issue an RFP for the state lobbying services, with a new condition that any FPPC issues be disclosed in the proposals.

Supervisor Todd Spitzer, referencing his time in the state legislature, stated that Sloat is well-respected in the capitol but that this was not a one-time violation.  Spitzer noted that it was likely that SHJA would lose credibility as a result of this finding, and that it could have a negative impact on OCTA.

Irvine Mayor Pro Tem Jeffrey Lalloway, who is also the OCTA Vice-Chairman, noted that the situation is similar to the recent one involving Matt Cunningham. Cunningham held two contracts with OCTA, which were suspended after some poorly thought out photos of a teddy bear were published on the Anaheim Blog page that received national coverage. Lalloway attempted to connect the Sloat and Cunningham incident, and thought if one deserved to be suspended (Cunningham), that the other (Sloat) should be suspended as well to preserve the integrity of the agency.

Michael Hennessey, who serves as a public member on the Board, stated that the comparing the Cunningham and Sloat situations was “weighing morality against need.” He stated that “if Cunningham is bigoted toward Latinos, he’s the strangest bigot I’ve met since he is married to a Latina, his children are half Latina, and if you go to a Christmas party at his house, it is largely Latinos.” He went on to note that if Cunningham’s services were absolutely critical (like OCTA staff was attempting to convey with Sloat), his contracts would have not have been suspended as quickly, and the matter would have been brought to the Board, similar to the current situation with Sloat.

After some other comments by the committee members, Supervisor Spitzer motioned to remove Kevin Sloat’s name from the contract entirely, and replace it with OCTA’s primary legislative advocate Moira Topp as the contract manager. Topp is still an employee of SHJA, but the committee felt that the perception of corruption lays with Sloat as opposed to the rest of the firm. Additionally, the motion included a provision that Sloat could not do any kind of advocacy on behalf of OCTA at any level. Finally, the motion called for an expedited RFP for the lobbying services, to be brought to the Board in April. The motion eventually passed with Lalloway voting no. The full OCTA Board will vote on this issue next Monday, March 10th.

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Bill to Force District Elections on Cities Introduced

Posted by OC Insider on February 24, 2014

For those unfamiliar with legislative deadlines, each year there is a date where all legislation must be introduced by. For 2014, that was Friday, February 21st. We will look at many of the bills that have been introduced as they move through the process, but one bill in particular strikes this writer as an all-out assault on local control.

AB 2715 by Assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina) looks to require cities with a population over 100,000 (based on the last census data) to have district based elections. The bill does not specify how many districts a city could have, but each district will vote for only its own council member. Hernandez had been threatening this for months, but finally introduced it at the last-minute. The law would apply only to non-charter cities, meaning that the cities of Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and Orange would be subject to district elections by July 1, 2015.

If you follow Orange County politics at all, you know that this has been one of the paramount issues in the City of Anaheim. The council finally agreed to place district based elections on the November 2014 ballot, after much debate and discussion. Other cities, like Palmdale, have also been forced to move to district based elections. In Orange County, there are currently three cities with districts: Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Seal Beach.

Hernandez states that “this bill would adhere to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by providing underrepresented groups throughout California an opportunity to have their voice represented.” Hernandez believes that citywide election results don’t always reflect demographics, particularly in cities where large minority populations haven’t resulted in minority representation on city councils.

These types of bills are an assault on local control. While it is clear that minorities are becoming a more significant percentage of the population, these types of decisions need to be made at a local level. The same can be said of mandates like plastic bag bans. Each community is unique, and must be allowed to make these types of decisions for themselves. This author is not advocating for districts or at large elections, but it is not the state’s place to dictate how a city like Orange or Costa Mesa should be governed. If the community wants to change it, let the community decide the best way to go about that.

The bill will likely be amended to address specific issues, but hopefully our cities, businesses, and other stakeholders will weigh in to stop this blatant violation of local control.

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Assemblyman Travis Allen – Bonfire Rally in Support of Our Fire Rings

Posted by OC Insider on April 25, 2013

 Link to Facebook Event: Click Here

Bonfire Invite-page-001 (2)

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Board of Supervisors Can Do Better Than Hieu Nguyen as Clerk-Recorder

Posted by OC Insider on March 29, 2013

Long-time GOP donor Dale Dykema had an op-ed in yesterday’s Orange County Register asking the Board of Supervisors to appoint Hieu Nguyen (or is it Hugh Nguyen?) to the OC Clerk-Recorder vacancy.

Dykema doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to promoting county bureaucrats with political ambitions. His last pick was Carlos Bustamante.

Hieu Nguyen is a family man, not a serial adulterer. But Dykema has a blind spot. He writes that “We don’t need another politician to run the recorder’s office,” a slap at both former Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly and former Sen. Dick Ackerman, one of Nguyen’s competitors for the appointment. He’s wrong. Hieu Nguyen is a politician. He just hasn’t been able to get elected to anything.

The Clerk-Recorder’s office would operate fine under Hieu Nguyen, but the same can be said of all the candidates. If the Supervisors want a Clerk-Recorder who is squirrelly and evasive, whom they can never quite be sure is being candid with them, they should appoint Hieu Nguyen.

Nguyen ran for OC Clerk-Recorder in 2010 and tried using “Assistant Orange County Clerk” as his ballot title. Daly sued him and won. Nguyen’s real job title was “Assistant Clerk, Files Management/Administration Division.”

The judge ruled Nguyen was misleading voters: “‘Assistant Orange County Clerk’ is deceptive in that, in the context of the Clerk-Recorder election, it connotes second in command to the incumbent Daly and experience in the office.”

There was also a legal challenge to his using the Americanized “Hugh ” on the ballot, since that was not his legal name. The challenge was withdrawn because Nguyen said he was in the process of legally changing his name to “Hugh.” Three years later, he’s still going by Hieu, not Hugh.  The story keeps changing.

Nguyen states in his application for the C-R post that he has been Assistant Clerk for almost seven years, writing that he worked for the C-R’s office until “June 2006, when I was promoted to Assistant Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, which is my current position at the County of Orange.”

Nguyen said something different on his 2010 campaign website, writing he had that job only since 2008: “For the past two years, I have worked at Orange County in the position of Assistant County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.” Which is it?

Nguyen used to promote himself as a fiscal conservative in the 2010 campaign by saying he voluntarily reduced his work hours to do his part in easing the county’s budget crunch. He was reducing his work hours, but not for the reasons he gave the public. The real reason is he was/is partners in a Lee’s Sandwiches franchise and was reducing his county work hours so he could work at his sandwich shop.

Hieu Nguyen working counter at his Lee's Sandwiches franchise.

Hieu Nguyen working counter at his Lee’s Sandwiches franchise on a Monday afternoon.

It’s not disturbing that Nguyen would take some time off to start a small business. That’s hard work. What’s disturbing was the phony cover story about reducing his hours to save the county money, instead of being candid. And if he could meet his county work duties on a less than full-time basis, how vital could his Assistant Clerk job be?

It’s an open secret that in the Hall of Administration, Hieu Nguyen is believed to be the author of the anonymous letter last summer claiming Daly was sexually harassing employees and that Renee Ramirez knew all about it and did nothing. The claims were debunked. Since the letter was sent to the Board after Daly won the Assembly primary, it was obvious the real target was Ramirez, and the purpose was to knock out a rival for the C-R appointment.

The Board of Supervisors have several qualified candidates to choose from. But if they are looking for something different, for a Clerk-Recorder who will give them straight answers, Hieu/Hugh Nguyen is not the person for the jo.

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Sanitation Fees Are Going UP!!!

Posted by OC Insider on March 29, 2013

The Orange County Sanitation District had a vote a couple of days ago that should anger all taxpayers over the huge rate increase that they have placed on the Orange County taxpayers. I was at the meeting and spoke about the increase and how it violated Proposition 218. The next day I made a records request from the Orange County Sanitation District and found out exactly how each voter cast their vote at the meeting so I could post it here. Just to further outrage Republicans I used the database that one of the Chrises created to show the party affiliation of each voter using colors.


Cities / Agencies Name
(YORBA LINDA) John Anderson
(LA HABRA) Tom Beamish
(SANTA ANA) David Benavides
(COSTA MESA SD) James Ferryman
(GARDEN GROVE) Steve Jones
(ANAHEIM) Lucille Kring
(SEAL BEACH) Michael Levitt
(BREA) Brett Murdock
(PLACENTIA) Constance Underhill*
(TUSTIN) John Nielsen
(VILLA PARK) Brad Reese
(STANTON) David Shawver
(BUENA PARK) Fred Smith
(ORANGE) Teresa Smith
(IRWD) John Withers


Cities / Agencies Name
(IRVINE) Steven Choi
(LA PALMA) Peter Kim
(CYPRESS) Prakash Narain
(BOARD OF SUP) Janet Nguyen
(FULLERTON) Greg Sebourn

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