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Edgar Strategy to Reach Out to Democrats: Recycling?

Posted by OC Insider on September 30, 2012

Conventional wisdom suggests that the winner in AD72 will be the candidate who is best able to reach out to Democrat voters. Troy Edgar’s campaign has apparently really taken this to heart, as they seem to be rebuilding their campaign around a theme of RECYCLING.

And no, I don’t mean that in an effort to appeal to voters in Huntington Beach or Seal Beach that Edgar has organized Beach Cleanup Days or anything like that.

No. Instead, Edgar’s campaign has taken to recycling their Press Releases.

Now obviously saying this is an effort to attract Democrat voters is in jest, but just how stalled is the Edgar campaign that they’re already having to take to using old Press Releases – this past week they sent out a release announcing endorsements from local Mayors, the same release they first sent out on 4/18/12 — to insinuate continued momentum?

Compare that with Allen’s campaign.

  • Van Tran comes on board with the Allen campaign as a Senior Advisor.
  • Troy Edgar lies to the press about lying to the Federal Elections Commission.
  • Allen’s campaign announces the endorsements of Joe Dovinh and Long Pham.

It is clear which campaign has momentum, and which candidate isn’t just stuck in neutral – but seems to be cruising in reverse.

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Every Mayor in AD 72 Endorses Troy Edgar for Assembly

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on September 28, 2012

This came over the wire from the Troy Edgar for Assembly campaign…

Every Mayor in AD 72 Endorses Edgar

Bi-partisan consensus to elect Edgar to State Assembly

ORANGE COUNTY – Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar and leading candidate for the 72nd Assembly District announces the endorsement of every Mayor in every City within the new 72nd Assembly District.

“It is an honor to have earned the support of my peers in the District.  Many of my fellow mayors have worked with me for years and they know that I will strive for the benefit of the local community,” said Edgar.

“As a veteran, I understand the importance of teamwork and finding colleagues who have your back and know that you will have theirs as well.  I am humbled that Fountain Valley Mayor John Collins, Garden Grove Mayor Bill Dalton, Huntington Beach Mayor Don Hansen, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, Seal Beach Mayor Mike Levitt, and Westminster Mayor Margie Rice have all publically stated they have my back in the 72nd Assembly District,” Edgar added.

In addition to these local endorsements, Edgar has the support of every Republican member of the State Senate and the State Assembly representing Orange County in Sacramento.

Edgar is also endorsed and supported by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association, the Orange County Taxpayer’s Association, the Orange County Family PAC, the Orange County Business Council, the California Small Business Association, the California Women’s Leadership Association and the California Republican Assembly.

Troy Edgar is a husband and father of three sons, a homeowner, Navy veteran, owns and operates two businesses, and is serving his second term as Mayor of Los Alamitos.  Edgar is also a regionally recognized leader as evidenced by his election as the Chairman of the Orange County Sanitation District.  Troy and his wife Betty – a school teacher – live in Los Alamitos.

 #   #   #

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Travis Allen Wins Important Vietnamese Endorsements

Posted by OC Insider on September 28, 2012

For Immediate Release:                                                                                    September 28, 2012

Travis Allen Announces the Bi-Partisan Support of Former Opponents Image

Westminster, CA – Today, the Travis Allen for Assembly campaign held a press conference to announce the bi-partisan support of the two Vietnamese primary candidates for the 72nd Assembly District, Republican Dr. Long Pham and Democrat Joe Dovinh.  With former Assemblyman Van Tran having already join the Allen campaign as a Senior Advisor, today’s press conference represents a consolidation of the Vietnamese community behind Travis Allen.

“I have the unique perspective of having been a candidate in this election.  I had the opportunity to get know both candidates and I can tell you without reservation, Travis Allen is the only candidate we can trust to represent our community in Sacramento,” commented Dr. Long Pham.

“Travis Allen is the only candidate that will fight to support small businesses, ensure that our community can send their kids to quality schools, and he will not raise you taxes” continued Dr. Pham

Joe Dovinh added, “I am supporting Travis Allen because he is the candidate that will work to bring everyone together for the betterment of our community and state.” Dovinh continued, “Travis Allen is a consensus builder and his campaign is a perfect example of how Travis Allen can get members of different parties to come together.”

Former Assemblyman Van Tran also added, “I represented a substantial part of what is now the 72nd Assembly District, for the better part of a decade” Tran continued. “I know that as a small business owner, Travis Allen knows the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community.”

“Today, I am honored to have received the support of Dr. Pham and Joe Dovinh,” added Travis Allen.  “Having faced both as candidates in the primary election, I know they both love their community and have distinguished themselves by giving both of their time and financial resources.”  Travis Allen continued, “I look forward to working with both Dr. Pham and Joe Dovinh when I am a member of the State Assembly.  Their advice and guidance will help me in making the right decisions for our community”

Travis Allen is a Certified Financial Planner and the owner of the Orange County-based Wealth Strategies Group. Travis has lived in Huntington Beach for the past two decades.


The 72nd Assembly District includes the cities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Westminster, Los Alamitos, and the unincorporated community of Rossmoor.


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Costa Mesa Council Candidates Steve Mensinger, Gary Monahan, and Colin McCarthy Make Their Case At Local Fundraiser

Posted by Greg Woodard on September 28, 2012

Last night, the “3Ms” as they’re called, current council members Steve Mensinger and Gary Monahan, and council candidate Colin McCarthy, made their pitch for the upcoming November Costa Mesa City Council election at a fundraiser put on by Jeff Mathews (candidate for Costa Mesa Sanitary District) at Eurocar, a high-end car dealership in Costa Mesa.  All three candidates made the argument that the city is at a crossroads regarding unsustainable city spending, and they pledged to make sure that city services and funds will exist not only for current residents, but for their children, as well.

The City of Costa Mesa was described as the “Wisconsin of the West” and OCGOP Chair, Scott Baugh, praised the work that Mensinger, Monahan, and council member Jim Righeimer had done in representing the residents of Costa Mesa, and stressed the need to continue to elect conservative candidates like the 3Ms to keep the progress moving forward.

Jim Righeimer emphasized the need to pass Measure V which would make Costa Mesa a charter city, and give it more flexibility in negotiating with city workers and allow it to outsource some city services, resulting in significant savings to the city and the residents.

The event rasied thousands of dollars for the candidates and Measure V, and was well-attended.  Those in attendance included California Assembly members Tim Donnelly, Diane Harkey, Allan Mansoor, and Don Wagner.  Local candidates Jim Fisler (Mesa Water District incumbent running for re-election) and Don Harper (running for Costa Mesa Sanitary District) also were in attendance.  In addition, Irvine council member Jeff Lalloway, long-time party supporters Buck Johns and Judy Ware, as well as several party supporters attended.

Two other local candidates, Eric Bever (Costa Mesa Mayor running for Mesa Water District) and Ethan Temianka (Costa Mesa Parks & Rec. Commissioner running for  Mesa Water District), were scheduled to attend but were unable to make it.

Council candidates Steve Mensinger, Gary Monahan, and Colin McCarthy with Costa Mesa Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer and OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh

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AD-69: Moreno Drops Out Citing Hatch Act, Name Will Remain on Ballot

Posted by Chris Nguyen on September 28, 2012

In case you hadn’t read the other blogs (like Liberal OC or Orange Juice) yesterday, Republican 69th Assembly District candidate Jose “Joe” Moreno announced that he was dropping out of the AD-69 race because of the Hatch Act.

While the timing is surprising, this development itself should not be of surprise to anyone:

  • On March 29, Moreno wrote to the Registrar of Voters attempting to withdraw from the AD-69 race, citing the Hatch Act.  (The Registrar denied this request.)
  • In the second week of April, OC Political, the OC Register, the Liberal OC, and then OC Political again speculated/warned/advised that Moreno’s candidacy likely violated the Hatch Act.
  • On April 21, Moreno issued this press release declaring his candidacy was not in violation of the Hatch Act.
  • On April 23, the Liberal OC again wrote that Moreno’s candidacy violated the Hatch Act.
  • On July 18, unbeknownst to the OC mainstream media and blogosphere, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel issued an advisory opinion, entitled “California’s Voter-Nominated Primary Elections are Presumptively Partisan for Purposes of the Hatch Act.”

In that July 18 advisory opinion, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel  stated:

In short, California’s voter-nominated elections are presumptively partisan elections for purposes of the Hatch Act. As such, an SSA employee covered by the Hatch Act may not be a candidate in voter-nominated primary elections.

The advisory opinion also states:

…even if voter-nominated elections were designated nonpartisan by the California Constitution, and therefore presumed nonpartisan for purposes of section 1503, the presumption would be rebutted. The California Constitution allows candidates in the voter-nominated primaries to list a party preference following their names on the ballot…

Though the advisory opinion is redacted, it’s fairly obvious that this was the advisory opinion requested regarding Moreno.  There are only 306 candidates running in a California voter-nominated race in November (2 each for the U.S. Senate, for 53 U.S. House races, for 20 State Senate races, and for 78 Assembly races, plus Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla (D-14) and Assemblyman Isadore Hall III (D-64), both of whom are unopposed).  Moreno is the only one of the 306 to work for a Social Services Agency.

(One interesting footnote in the advisory opinion:

Arguably, if in a particular voter-nominated primary election all of the candidates were to run without designating a political party as their party preference then the election could be considered a nonpartisan election for purposes of section 1503 of the Hatch Act.

So a bunch of NPPs running could technically make the race nonpartisan for purposes of the Hatch Act.)

In April, OC Political had noted the case of Geof Lickey, who was able to get off of the June 2012 ballot for the AD-31 seat due to the Hatch Act because he acted more quickly than Moreno did.

The fifth commenter on this June post from Liberal OC pointed to the case of Judge Ronald Kline, who withdrew in the tiny window after the primary but before certification of the election.  The courts eventually ruled that third-place finisher Gay Sandoval would replace Kline on the November runoff ballot.  (John Adams, who had originally won the right to face off against Kline, defeated Sandoval.)

Had Moreno or the Orange County Social Services Agency moved more quickly to seek an advisory opinion from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel back in April, Moreno’s ineligibility could have been discovered sooner, and he could have withdrawn during the primary.  Considering Moreno only edged out Julio Perez by 242 votes, it is not inconceivable that more than 242 voters had Googled the race and discovered that Moreno’s press release or the various blog posts (such as this one from Orange Juice) in which he declared as lies the Jobs PAC IEs on behalf of Daly that claimed Moreno had dropped out (I believe his claim was also posted on his web site before he took it down).

Or if Moreno had withdrawn before the June primary was certified, voters in AD-69 would have had a choice between first-place finisher Tom Daly and third-place finisher Julio Perez.  Due to Prop 14, voters don’t even have the choice of a write-in candidate, so this late withdrawal leaves AD-69 voters with the choice of Daly or the withdrawn Moreno.

While this was Moreno’s first run for partisan office, this was not his first time throwing his hat in the political ring.  According to JoinCalifornia, Moreno had previously run unsuccessfully for Orange County Board of Education (2000 primary), Rancho Santiago Community College District (2000 general), and Anaheim Union High School District (2010 general).

We are now left with just two questions: Will Moreno resign his ex officio seat on the Republican Central Committee?  What will Garden Grove Councilman Steve Jones do about his endorsement flip-flopping between Democrat Daly and Republican Moreno.

Moreno’s site is down, but this is what he wrote before he took it down: Read the rest of this entry »

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Greg Diamond: Getting Support From All The Wrong Places

Posted by Republican Willie Brown on September 27, 2012

Donations to Greg Diamond for SenateI’m going to be looking over the campaign finances of various sacrificial lambs in the coming days and weeks for no particular reason other than their finances are humorous.

First up, I’ve been looking over the campaign finance report of March 18th to May 19th of State Senate candidate Greg Diamond, who is running in Senate District 29 against incumbent senator Bob Huff. Diamond’s campaign ended the period with a cash balance of $5,511. Thumbing through Diamond’s $5,401 donations reveals something strange: virtually all of his money comes from outside the district, and half of it comes from outside California! Of his total haul, $3,125.04 was in itemized donations, meaning the other $2,275.69 came in increments under $100. Diamond’s donor base is a virtual tour around America:

  • $100 from Illinois
  • $100 from Virginia
  • $100 from Maryland
  • $100 from Massachusetts
  • $200 from Minnesota
  • $375 from New Mexico
  • $500 from Florida

There was even $100 donated from Switzerland! He did raise $1450.04 from Californians outside Senate District 29. The only contribution from the district: $100 from a government employee who lives in Placentia! Diamond raised an equal amount from his district as he did from Switzerland! One might ask: What makes these people scattered across the country, and even this individual in Switzerland, want to donate to a long-shot California State Senate race? Has anyone ever heard of a campaign where only 1.9% of the donations came from within the district?

Sure, a campaign dollar from Placentia will get spent the same as a campaign dollar from Switzerland or Massachusetts, but shouldn’t there be more than $100 in district money in a campaign?

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OC Weekly Exposes Troy Edgar’s Campaign Finance Crimes

Posted by OC Insider on September 26, 2012

OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley has once again exposed potential crimes by an OC Politician.  For those you who are not aware of Moxley’s previous work, he is the same reporters that exposed disgraced Former Sheriff Mike Corona.  Moxley was also the reporter that brought the Mike Duvall sex scandal to light.

It looks like once again, Moxley has manged to get the scoop and expose yet another politician’s dirty laundry.

Excerpt From OC Weekly, By Scott Moxley (0/26/12):

Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

In January, for his now-defunct congressional campaign, Edgar produced and delivered an eight-page glossy mailer to 3,000 Southern California Republican power brokers. The objective was to win endorsements, raise contributions and frighten potential GOP opponents away from the race. As political literature goes, the piece wasn’t bad. It hailed his leadership skills, conservative policy stances and family values. To bolster credibility, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas declared on the front page of the brochure, “Supporting Troy Edgar for Congress was an easy decision.”

It might be a line the DA, who recently announced he’s seeking additional resources to prosecute corrupt public officials, will soon wish he hadn’t uttered because the brochure could be the centerpiece of two crimes. Let me explain.

Because of anti-public corruption concerns resulting from the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, federal campaign-finance laws require campaigns to publicly disclose major expenses. The rationale is that voters should know if a candidate is up to no good. According to records obtained by the Weekly, the power-broker brochure cost more than $5,668, but Edgar never complied with federal election rules to disclose the spending or reveal who paid for it.

Indeed, he disclosed 41 separate congressional-campaign disbursements but not this one—which also happened to be the committee’s largest expenditure.

Asked to explain, the candidate first said he is unfamiliar with that specific mailer because he has sent out “hundreds” of them. Later, he assured me the power-broker disbursement “absolutely shows up” on a disclosure report. When I told him it didn’t and asked him to resolve what happened, he replied he “printed it at home,” which is troubling because, as I write this column, I’m looking at a detailed invoice for the job from Sparta Graphics.

Read the Rest of the Article Here: Troy Edgar’s Missing Mailer Money

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Video From Spain Protest

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 26, 2012

I promise that we are not turning into Red County and will keep the overseas posts to a minimum, but as I mentioned in my earlier post here is the video I took from the protest yesterday.


The protesters were back today as rumored around 6:00 PM and they are still outside along with the police helicopters circling above the neighborhood at almost 12:00 at night.

Interestingly I was having dinner at a cafe right next to the protests and considered live blogging the events but realized that it would get really boring talking about people constantly walking in a straight line.

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Huge Protest In Spain

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 26, 2012

I did not plan to do any blogging while on vacation but since I am currently living in an apartment that was surrounded by political protesters yesterday I felt compelled to do so. Forgive the short length of the post, but I want to get back to enjoying Spain and will let the pictures give you an idea of the area.

Yesterday afternoon protesters took to the streets to rally against budget cuts being made by Spanish Parliament. They started their gathering at the huge fountain near the botanical garden. Here is a picture of where it started:


Here is a look at the neighborhood where I am staying which was flooded with protesters and helicopters late last night.


Nearby this location is the Ministry of Sanitation & Political Science which I have a picture of below.


You can even still see the reporters setup waiting for another protest to take place which is rumored to start some time this evening.


I will follow up with details on the protest and Spain’s governmental regulations/austerity measures that led to this protest sometime next week after I get back to California. This is of course unless Chris Nguyen steals my thunder and does an article first.

I will also add some photos in a later post of pictures from the actual protest and possibly a video if I can get it to upload.

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Still Waiting For An Answer, Cynthia

Posted by OC Insider on September 25, 2012

Catch this exchange between Anaheim blogger Cynthia Ward and former RedCounty blogger Matt Cunningham, who has an issue with ballot-box policymaking like an initiative in Anaheim Ward supports. True to form, Ward turns it into a personality conflict and accuses everyone of having ulterior motives.

Speaking of ulterior, Cynthia is still staying mum on who is paying her legal fees on her failed attempt to have “Chavez” struck from Anaheim Council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge’s ballot name.  Strange silence from someone who describes her self this way:

“I am a truth-teller. It gets me in trouble. But if you ask me if a dress makes you look fat, I will tell so, and help select another, before you go on television and realize it for yourself. My real friends are expected to be truthful with me as well. A secret shared will be taken to my grave, but lie to me, and it will end up here…on these pages… especially if you are tasked with the stewardship of public resources.”

Ward, as a director of the OC Cemetery District, is a “steward of public resources.” She votes to approve or disapprove budgets, contracts, etc. Gifts are reportable. She still needs to clear  up this question mark hovering over her about whether she has violated TIN CUP.

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