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Huge Protest In Spain

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 26, 2012

I did not plan to do any blogging while on vacation but since I am currently living in an apartment that was surrounded by political protesters yesterday I felt compelled to do so. Forgive the short length of the post, but I want to get back to enjoying Spain and will let the pictures give you an idea of the area.

Yesterday afternoon protesters took to the streets to rally against budget cuts being made by Spanish Parliament. They started their gathering at the huge fountain near the botanical garden. Here is a picture of where it started:


Here is a look at the neighborhood where I am staying which was flooded with protesters and helicopters late last night.


Nearby this location is the Ministry of Sanitation & Political Science which I have a picture of below.


You can even still see the reporters setup waiting for another protest to take place which is rumored to start some time this evening.


I will follow up with details on the protest and Spain’s governmental regulations/austerity measures that led to this protest sometime next week after I get back to California. This is of course unless Chris Nguyen steals my thunder and does an article first.

I will also add some photos in a later post of pictures from the actual protest and possibly a video if I can get it to upload.

2 Responses to “Huge Protest In Spain”

  1. David Boyd said

    I was in Madrid last week. On the 15th the unions claimed there were about a million protesters. I doubt that it was a million but still more people than I’ve ever seen in one place. Some violence but apparently not as much as yesterday.

    This follows my last two international trips to Athens (where rioters burned vehicles) and Bangkok (where rioters burned down a mall). I’m thinking maybe I should stay home for a while.

    Have a safe trip.

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