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Greg Diamond: Getting Support From All The Wrong Places

Posted by Republican Willie Brown on September 27, 2012

Donations to Greg Diamond for SenateI’m going to be looking over the campaign finances of various sacrificial lambs in the coming days and weeks for no particular reason other than their finances are humorous.

First up, I’ve been looking over the campaign finance report of March 18th to May 19th of State Senate candidate Greg Diamond, who is running in Senate District 29 against incumbent senator Bob Huff. Diamond’s campaign ended the period with a cash balance of $5,511. Thumbing through Diamond’s $5,401 donations reveals something strange: virtually all of his money comes from outside the district, and half of it comes from outside California! Of his total haul, $3,125.04 was in itemized donations, meaning the other $2,275.69 came in increments under $100. Diamond’s donor base is a virtual tour around America:

  • $100 from Illinois
  • $100 from Virginia
  • $100 from Maryland
  • $100 from Massachusetts
  • $200 from Minnesota
  • $375 from New Mexico
  • $500 from Florida

There was even $100 donated from Switzerland! He did raise $1450.04 from Californians outside Senate District 29. The only contribution from the district: $100 from a government employee who lives in Placentia! Diamond raised an equal amount from his district as he did from Switzerland! One might ask: What makes these people scattered across the country, and even this individual in Switzerland, want to donate to a long-shot California State Senate race? Has anyone ever heard of a campaign where only 1.9% of the donations came from within the district?

Sure, a campaign dollar from Placentia will get spent the same as a campaign dollar from Switzerland or Massachusetts, but shouldn’t there be more than $100 in district money in a campaign?

10 Responses to “Greg Diamond: Getting Support From All The Wrong Places”

  1. John Schmidt said

    EDITORS NOTE: This comment redacted for an attack of religious bigotry.

  2. Greg Diamond said

    If you had wanted to know, you could have asked me directly, you know.

    I spent late 1984 to almost the end of 2006 living out of California, in several states. I’ve met a lot of people over that time period, some of whom have been kind enough to donate. (Also, some California friends have since moved.)

    I have also done a lot of fundraising online through a political website in which I’ve participated extensively. Those people know me, know how I think, and know how I behave. As a result a fair number of them have sent me donations.

    As for local contributions, I’m part of an insurgent reform bloc within the county Democratic Party. That’s not popular with some, so I haven’t even approached our local big donors. They’re presumably giving to Jay Chen’s and Sharon Quirk-Silva’s campaigns — both of which I expect to be successful — and that’s the politically wise thing to do so I don’t begrudge it at all.

    Do you know what I’d be really embarrassed about if it were true of me? The sort of track record you can see in this graphic showing Bob Huff’s top donors (both by sector and individual — all corporate — donors.) It’s at http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Bob-Huff-Donors-pics.jpg. All of them, one way or another, are out for one of Bob Huff’s famous handouts of public monies or tax breaks to private interests or to water down consumer protection or environmental rules. I know that this list may not offend Republican eyes, but I’d rather have the support of hundreds of people who want nothing more than to support someone that they know and trust than that of people who want me to help them screw over the public for their private benefit.

    Looking at that list, Huff’s third-highest individual donor was Majestic Realty, the company his wife works with on real estate schemes, including (though they’ve since denied it) the attempt to move the Angels from Anaheim to the City of Industry. (Remember the “NFL Stadium in Industry” redevelopment boondoggle from the same crew? Same guys.)

    “All the wrong places?” I think you that need to calibrate your moral compass! That money comes from people who know me and want nothing but to support good government! Those are the right places!

    (By the way, I have a decent number of contributions from within the district — but they’re all small donors (under $100, as I recall) and their donations are therefore not itemized. So “1.9% within the district” is a significant underestimate. But you’re an expert, so I’m sure that you already knew that — and just chose not to say so.)

  3. […] the pages of the Republican fun factory OC Political, currently in our RSS feed from them, a local state legislative candidate has been criticized for “getting money from all the […]

  4. Francisco "Paco" Barragan said

    @ Slick Willie:

    It seems that you are “Majoring in the Minors” and losing sight of the “big picture”.

    What do you think is most likely to have an influence or impact over an election, or possible negative impact on the decisions of an elected official:
    Over $1 million in contributions over time from big special and narrow interests; or $100 donations from limited number of contributors who have nothing to gain from their contributions.

    May I suggest that exploring the candidates ideas or vision for their Senate District might be a more useful and relevant exercise.

  5. I know that I have said that our bloggers can write what they want but out of curiosity what kind of sick individual goes through the campaign finance reports of sacrificial lambs. Was the job of watching paint dry unavailable.

  6. John Schmidt said

    I wasn’t being bigoted. I didn’t even know Greg was a Jew.

    My point was, as a liberal Democrat in North Orange County, I am dissapointed in Greg Diamond, who seems to spend more time blogging than campaigning. The fact he twisted my commments into further self pity and cements his position as a victim.

    The OC GOP has nothing to worry about as long as people like you are the canidates. It’s laudable, that you chose to run, but why, so you could.

    I think you playing religon is despicable, and I think you use your faith as a target. I am extremely disapointed in OCPOLITICAL for caving to your silly rants.

    If you feel victimized by a guy whose been dead for sixty years, sorry. Get over it, you have no connection to the voters or the victims. If you did you would not be discracing their fights and lives in a way so cowardly.

    Again, how this was construed as Anti-Semitism, I can’t understand, but if you are so soft that this requires a three thousand word rebuttal. We are better with a DICTATOR in Sacramento. Oh wait, we already did that and now he’s on sixty minutes defending himself.

    BOB HUFF get’s the next $200. that SQS calls for.

    • Greg Diamond said

      I didn’t think that your comment was bigoted or anti-Semitic; I thought that it was shockingly and amusingly unhinged and over the top. (For the record: you said that you’d sooner vote for Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer than me — something that discredits one of us, but it isn’t me. I do NOT impute that view to OC Political.)

      Not only did I not rant against you — go check! — but I didn’t know that Chris has redacted it until I came here just now. On the blog that I help manage, I’d have rapped you on the knuckles, made fun of you, and let it stand — but Chris’s decision not to let that be what people construe to be the tenor of this blog is his editorial decision to make and I respect it. (For what it’s worth, “Get Over It” and “you have no connection to the victims” are closer to bigotry. But please, Chris, let it stand.)

      I highly doubt that you’re a liberal Democrat, in North OC or otherwise, or you would not even joke about donating money to Bob Huff, let alone taking money that would otherwise have gone to SQS to do so. Huff would not spend the money against me, numbskull, he’d give it to other Senatorial campaigns to try to defeat other better-funded Democrats. As your intention was likely just to hurt my feelings, though, I’m not worried about your following through on the threat.

      Sorry to have — heh-heh, as if — “disapponted” you.

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