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What Did Kring Tell The Anaheim Police Union?

Posted by OC Insider on October 7, 2012

The OC GOP Endorsement Committee recommended endorsement of Anaheim council candidate Lucille Kring on August 20. That means Kring had filled out the OC GOP candidate questionnaire earlier, probably in July. As noted, that first thing the questionnaire asks candidates to do is signed a pledge stating:


In July, as Kring was working on garnering the OC GOP endorsement, she was also trying to get the endorsement of the Anaheim Police Officers PAC (She had already taken a $500 contribution from them).

Kring interviewed with the police union PAC. She answered their questionnaire. She nearly won the police union PAC endorsement, narrowly missing being endorsed for the second spot in the union endorsement voting (she was edged out by Steve Lodge).  Kring wanted and pursued the police union endorsement (after having already taken their money), while she was simultaneously pursuing the OC GOP endorsement. And Kring never informed the OC GOP.

Since Kring was not forthcoming with the OC GOOP during their endorsement process, you have to wonder if she also what she told the police union while they interviewed her, or when she filled out their questionnaire. Among the questions the union PAC asked candidate was whether they supported or opposed Prop. 32, to which the unions are totally opposed. If Kring had said she supported Prop. 32, is it likely she would have come so close to winning the police union PAC endorsement? Did she tell the police union PAC she was going to take a pledge against taking government union contributions; after she had already taken their money? Again, it’s hard to believe she would have come so close to winning the union PAC endorsement had she done so.

Who was getting played? The police union? The OC GOP? Both?

4 Responses to “What Did Kring Tell The Anaheim Police Union?”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    I can’t help the feeling that each of these little missives should be published with a copy of a bill attached stating how much the author charged to SOAR. Maybe “OC Insider” wasn’t the best pseudonym to choose, eh?

    • OC Insider said

      Can’t help noticing you don’t deny these posts are true. And don’t you need to get back to your narcissistic pissing match with Moxley? You manage to make Moxley look sympathetic, and that takes some doing.

      • Greg Diamond said

        Can’t help noticing that I have no idea if those posts are true. Haven’t tried to find out.

        No, I definitely don’t “need to get back to” that. His two broadsides at me were a surprise and a time suck.

        I do admit that if I hear credible rumors that the reason that a witness called out police to investigate an act of domestic violence (specifically kneeing a pregnant wife in the stomach) by a sitting legislator, and that photos of her bruises were taken and then suppressed by the police, then I reserve the right to — NOT write about it based on those rumors alone (which I didn’t), but to turn in a public records request trying to find out whether those rumors had any basis in fact.

        That’s what I did. Then FFFF, and then, with greater force and scope, Moxley, attacked me for taking an initial, low-profile, step to see whether the rumored evidence even existed. Yeah, I’m sure that you think that that makes seen him seem highly sympathetic.

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