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Nine File for Anaheim City Council: Brandman, Kring, Leos, and Lodge Clear Frontrunners

Posted by Chris Nguyen on August 13, 2012

Jordan Brandman

Jordan Brandman

Lucille Kring

Lucille Kring

John Leos

John Leos

Steve Chavez Lodge

Steve Chavez Lodge

Nine people filed for Anaheim City Council by the close of filing Friday.  Two council seats are up, and they are held by termed-out Councilmembers Harry Sidhu (R) and Lorri Galloway (D), so there are no eligible incumbents in this race.  In alphabetical order by last name, the nine candidates (and their ballot designations) are:

  • Jordan Brandman (D) – Trustee, Anaheim Union High School District
  • Brian Neil Chuchua (R) – Businessman/Resort Owner
  • Rodolfo “Rudy” Gaona (D) – Small Businessman
  • Lucille Kring (R) – Attorney/Businesswoman
  • John Leos (R) – County Peace Officer
  • Linda Linder (R) – Retired Deputy Sheriff
  • Steve Chavez Lodge (R) – Retired Policeman/Businessman
  • Jennifer Rivera (R) – Law Student
  • Duane J. Roberts (G) – Student

I’ll get back to Brandman, Kring, Leos, and Lodge in a minute, but let me briefly describe the other five first.  Chuchua is a perennial candidate for council.  Gaona and Linder each won less than 10% of the vote in their 2010 bids for Council.  Roberts is a blogger at Orange Juice.  The ballot designations Rivera and Roberts picked made my worst ballot designations list from the June primary.

Here are the Big Four:

  • Brandman is a sitting elected member of the Anaheim Union High School District, which means he’s been elected by the people of the Anaheim Flatlands twice (a 2008 special election and 2010 regular election).  He’s backed by former Mayor Curt Pringle, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, SOAR, and the Police and Fire unions.
  • Kring is a former Anaheim City Councilwoman.  While she has lost bids for higher office (Mayor and Senator), I don’t believe she’s ever lost an Anaheim Council race.  She has an impressive knack for getting elected over higher-funded candidates. (She’s still well-funded, it’s just the other candidates are very well-funded.  This is Anaheim, after all.)  This 2006 LA Times story describes her aggressive door-to-door strategy that returned her to office.
  • Leos is a county probation officer with deep ties to labor unions.  He’s even served on the OCEA board and the statewide probation union association.
  • Lodge is a retired Santa Ana police officer and the brother of Roger Lodge (if you don’t know Roger Lodge, here’s his Wikipedia article).  Lodge’s backers include former Mayor Curt Pringle, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, SOAR, and the Police and Fire unions.

For those wondering, of these four, only Lodge lives in Anaheim Hills.  Leos lives in the eastern flatlands, Brandman lives in Central Anaheim, and Kring lives in West Anaheim.  Since both Sidhu and Galloway live in Anaheim Hills, the flatlands will gain 1-2 seats in this election. (Also, in all the coverage about Anaheim council residences this year, I should add Councilwoman Kris Murray lived in the flatlands when she was elected; she only moved to the Hills after the election.)

2 Responses to “Nine File for Anaheim City Council: Brandman, Kring, Leos, and Lodge Clear Frontrunners”

  1. Cynthia Ward said

    I would double check that info on Murray, if she lived in the flatlands it must have been as a child. I believe she and Steve have owned the house in Anaheim Hills for a number of years, certainly prior to the election. No big deal, I just admire the passion for accuracy you guys maintain on this site. Good work.

  2. Just to clarify, S.O.A.R. PAC has not endorsed Steve Chavez Lodge. We are continuing to dialogue with the candidates and are considering a second endorsement.

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