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Anaheim Mailbox: Calm Before The Storm?

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on November 4, 2012

A relatively slow mail day in the Anaheim City Council race with only 3 pieces arriving at my house. Kring, Chuchua, and Brandman all sent out a piece of mail and my fear is that I will be crushed when I try to open my mailbox on Monday.

Here is the Kring piece: Read the rest of this entry »

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Anaheim Mailbox: It’s Almost Over

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on November 3, 2012

4 more mailers rolled in yesterday for the Anaheim City Council race. Many people are telling me that Tuesday cannot come fast enough.

Here are the Leos positive pieces/Brandman hit: Read the rest of this entry »

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CD-39: Royce, Chen, and Chen SuperPAC Spend $2.7 Million or How My Father Received Over 41 Feet of Mail

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 2, 2012

Jay Chen & Ed Royce

Democrat Jay Chen is challenging Republican Representative Ed Royce

151,311 voters live in the City of Anaheim: 10,196 voters live in Ed Royce’s 39th Congressional District, 27,431 live in John Campbell’s 45th Congressional District, and 113,684 live in Loretta Sanchez’s 46th Congressional District.  You’ve seen Emami’s endless mail count on the Anaheim City Council race, but he has the good fortune to be one of the 27,431 Anaheim voters in CD-45.  This is a tale of the mailboxes for the 10,196 Anaheim voters in CD-39.

(For those of you wondering, Gail Eastman lives in Sanchez’s CD-46, Harry Sidhu lives in Royce’s CD-39, and Lorri Galloway, Kris Murray, and Tom Tait live in Campbell’s CD-45.  For those of you wondering for even more info, Steve Chavez Lodge lives in Campbell’s CD-45 while Lucille Kring, John Leos, and Jordan Brandman all live in Sanchez’s CD-46.)

Before I get into the mail, I should note there are precinct walkers and phone bankers from both camps scurrying and calling across CD-39.

An OC Political friend passed on a transcript he made of a phone call he received from the Jay Chen campaign in October.  The content of this script is clearly geared toward Republicans, and the OC Political friend who transcribed this call is a high-propensity Republican in a pure Republican household.

Here’s the transcript…

Hi.  Good afternoon.  My name is Andrew and I am a volunteer with the Jay Chen for Congress Campaign.

I’m calling you today to tell you a little bit about Jay and about his campaign for congress in your district.

Jay is a small businessman, a school board member and US Naval Reserves intelligence officer who is running to represent you in Congress.

Unlike his opponent, Ed Royce, Jay volunteered to serve our country and he will protect our veterans when they come home.

Jay was recruited right out of Harvard University to work for Bain and Company, a section of the successful Bain Capital, and he has valuable experience balancing the books and improving results without raising taxes.

Jay is clearly the right person to serve this district in Washington.  For more information about Jay or our campaign, please visit our website at chenforcongress.com.  And since you are registered to vote by mail your ballots will be arriving around October 8th.  Please remember to vote and sent them back in.

Thank you for very much your time and I hope you vote for Jay in the upcoming November election.

Here’s an excerpt from Chen’s 2011 school board re-election campaign biography:

In 2002 Jay joined Bain & Company, a global business consulting firm. While at Bain he worked closely with top executives of Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement crucial business strategies. He managed the roll-out and evaluation of new products for a global logistics company and analyzed the cost-savings for a mergers and acquisition in the technology space with a combined value of over $1 billion. Jay believes his financial and business experience will be of great value to the school board, which manages an operating budget of over $360 million dollars and nearly 3000 employees.

Anyone else find it fun that Democrat Jay Chen is touting his Bain experience while Republican Mitt Romney is getting trashed for his Bain experienced by national Democrats?

Now, on to the money: From July 1 to October 17, Royce spent $1,232,479 while Chen spent $406,351.  However, Super PAC America Shining (run by Chen’s brother) has spent $762,316, with $65,894 supporting Chen and $696,162 against Royce.

In other words, between America Shining and Jay Chen, the pro-Chen/anti-Royce spending since July 1 has reached $1,458,478 while Ed Royce has spent $1,232,479.

For both candidates, over 60% of their direct contributions came from individual citizens.  However, if you account for America Shining, the pro-Chen/anti-Royce money received has been 52% from PACs, and 33% from individual citizens, while pro-Royce/anti-Chen money that’s been received is 62% from individual citizens and 36% from PACs.

While Emami religiously scans each piece of mail that falls into his hand, I’m just going to take a picture of all the mail.  For my father, who is likely in the most coveted demographic group in all of CD-39 (high-propensity Asian independent), this is what $2.7 million of campaign spending looks like:

35 Pieces of CD-39 Mail

My poor father was inundated with CD-39 mail

He’s received 36 mailers, and there’s still three more mailing days before Election Day (today, tomorrow, and Monday).  I “only” received 15 mailers, and my Republican mother “only” received 8 mailers.  Inexplicably, my independent sister only got 1 mailer (it was pro-Royce).

I should note my 52-year-old father was not pleased to receive the America Shining piece entitled, “Senior News.”

Here are other ways to look at the 36 mailers sent to Dad:

  • Stacked on top of each other, they are 1/2 inch thick.
  • They weigh a combined 1 lb. 7 oz.
  • Laid end to end, they are 41 feet, 3 inches long.

They have achieved near-perfect parity in Dad’s collection:

  • 18 from Royce’s side, 18 from Chen’s side
  • 6 pro-Royce, 4 pro-Chen
  • 12 anti-Chen, 14 anti-Royce

From my father’s mail: For every pro-Royce, there were exactly two anti-Chen pieces.  For every pro-Chen piece, there were more than three anti-Royce pieces.  While both sides have sent virtually the same amount of mail and both have been pretty negative, Chen’s side has sent out more negative mail and less positive mail than Royce’s side.

Apparently, as registered Republicans, my mother and I were each ignored by Chen.  All 15 of my mailers and all 8 of hers were from Royce.  I received 6 pro-Royce and 9 anti-Chen.  Mom received 2 pro-Royce and 6 anti-Chen.

The anti-Chen pieces are making an impact on regular voters: one of my mother’s co-workers dislikes Chen because he seems so creepy because he’s always behind sunglasses in his pictures.  None of Chen’s photos have him behind sunglasses, except the one being used on Royce’s anti-Chen pieces.

In CD-39, postal workers and mailhouses are getting together to throw a big party about the post offices saved from closure and the mailhouses’ unexpected 2012 profits, but somewhere, there’s an environmentalist crying about the forests that Chen and Royce destroyed.

On a final note, my father’s siding with the family Republicans: Dad’s voting for Royce.

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Anaheim Mailbox: Major Typo, I Am Finally Caught Up

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on November 1, 2012

My mailbox had just 3 Anaheim mailers in it today. One of them hitting Lucille Kring made a major typo that I am surprised no one caught (See if you can spot it). Scoreboard today is as follows:

Brandman/Lodge Positive- 1
Leos Negative- 1
Kring Negative- 1

Here is the piece sent out from OC Tax supporting Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge: Read the rest of this entry »

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Anaheim Mailbox: 11 More Mailers

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on November 1, 2012

Anaheim mail continues to be an exercise in insanity. The scoreboard from the last couple of mailers is as follows:

Leos Positive- 4
Leos Negative- 2
Lodge Positive- 1
Brandman Positive- 2
Brandman Negative- 2
Kring Negative- 1

Let’s now take a look at the pieces. John Leos first sent out 3 small pieces that were not of the highest quality: Read the rest of this entry »

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Anaheim Mailbox: &@#$%$

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 29, 2012

Really? I cannot believe how much mail rolled in this weekend from the Anaheim City Council race. The one interesting thing that I have been able to deduct is that we are down to 4 serious contenders for the 2 seats. Lucille Kring, John Leos, Jordan Brandman, and Steve Chavez-Lodge.

4 pieces came in this weekend. 1) Kring positive piece, 2) Leos positive piece 3) Leos hit piece 4)Kring hit piece.

Here is the first piece from Lucille Kring that not only will have a positive impact on her campaign but also will hurt the candidacy of OUSD Area 3 candidate Bob Ausmus (Retired Inglewood Policeman).

Read the rest of this entry »

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Anaheim Mailbox: Candidates Are Ramping Up The Mail

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 27, 2012

I received 3 mailers on behalf of candidates that are running for Anaheim City Council. A puff piece on John Leos that points out his military experience, joint piece supporting Steve Chavez Lodge and Jordan Brandman, and a hit piece on Jordan Brandman from the OC GOP.

Here is the Leos piece:

Here is the Brandman/Lodge joint piece:

Lastly, here is the Jordan Brandman hit piece:

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Kring is a Conservative Republican; Brandman is a Liberal Democrat; Why Doesn’t OC Insider Seem to Care?

Posted by Lassie on October 26, 2012

I’d like to say, WTF to my fellow OC Political blogger, OC Insider.  This post is ridiculous: https://ocpolitical.com/2012/10/23/is-lucille-kring-in-it-to-win-it/

He/she/it writes:

OC Political readers have already seen a couple of Anaheim council candidate Lucille Kring’s mailers, which make it clear she considers Democrat Jordan Brandman her biggest competition. She’s hitting him for being a Democrat and taking union money, both of which are true.

It is a little much for Kring to blast Brandman for being “funded by the unions” when she was very happy to take the money of the Anaheim police officers union…

First off, OC Insider seems to be having literacy issues, as it isn’t the Kring campaign that’s sending those mailers, it’s the Republican Party of Orange County.  Kring is one of the Republican Party’s officially-endorsed candidates, and Brandman is officially endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County.  It’s the Republican Party’s job to elect Republicans and defeat Democrats, just like it’s the Democratic Party’s job to elect Democrats and defeat Republicans: it’s that simple!

OC Insider complains that it’s “a little much for Kring to blast Brandman for being ‘funded by the union'” (I’d note it’s the OC GOP blasting Brandman, not Kring blasting Brandman, but that’s beside the point).  I ran the analysis of the money: https://ocpolitical.com/2012/10/11/unions-give-money-to-all-major-anaheim-city-council-candidates-kring-got-least/

Kring got $500, Brandman got $20,700.  Brandman got more than 41 times the union money that Kring did.  Who on earth could be bought with $500? But $20,700 is a nice chunk of change.  And who knows how much more Brandman is getting in union IEs.

Kring is officially endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County, the Orange County Register, and Mayor Tom Tait.  Brandman is officially endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County, numerous labor unions, and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  It’s that simple.

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Anaheim Mailbox: Brandman Targeting Conservatives

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 24, 2012

I also got a piece yesterday from the Jordan Brandman for Anaheim City Council Campaign. This piece appears to be targeting conservative voters with a very strong fiscal conservatism message. The question though is whether or not the recent GOP hit pieces have inoculated against these pieces.

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Anaheim Mailbox: OC GOP Targets Brandman

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 23, 2012

This mailer came yesterday from the OC GOP pointing out that Lucille Kring is endorsed by the OC GOP and Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait. The piece also really goes after Jordan Brandman as you will see below. It is an effective piece that shows up as an 8.5 x 11 and folds out into an 11 x 17.

Here it is:

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