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Anaheim Mailbox: Major Typo, I Am Finally Caught Up

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on November 1, 2012

My mailbox had just 3 Anaheim mailers in it today. One of them hitting Lucille Kring made a major typo that I am surprised no one caught (See if you can spot it). Scoreboard today is as follows:

Brandman/Lodge Positive- 1
Leos Negative- 1
Kring Negative- 1

Here is the piece sent out from OC Tax supporting Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge:

Here is the Leos Hit Piece:

Finally, we have the Lucille Kring hit piece. See if you can find the typo:

4 Responses to “Anaheim Mailbox: Major Typo, I Am Finally Caught Up”

  1. Cynthia Ward said

    I think Cunningham probably designed it.

    • ReasonableGuy2 said

      Jordan Brandman and Steve Chavez Lodge are focused on jobs and business development. Leos is focused on protecting union pensions….and who knows what Kring is focused on. She admittedly changes her positions based on polls. Maybe since the bar she owned in Anaheim went bankrupted she might be looking for a way to have lobbyists buy her alcohol again.

  2. J. B. said


  3. J. B. said

    I can imagine Jordan like his puppet master Pringle supports the biggest money scam in California right now, High Speed Rail. If, since Steve “I’m a mexican” Lodge is a puppet as well, he’ll surely support it.

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