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Is Lucille Kring In It To Win It?

Posted by OC Insider on October 23, 2012

OC Political readers have already seen a couple of Anaheim council candidate Lucille Kring’s mailers, which make it clear she considers Democrat Jordan Brandman her biggest competition. She’s hitting him for being a Democrat and taking union money, both of which are true.

It is a little much for Kring to blast Brandman for being “funded by the unions” when she was very happy to take the money of the Anaheim police officers union back in May, because she was working her heart out trying to get the union’s endorsement! A small detail she somehow “forgot” to mention to the Republican Party of Orange County, and then tried to explain it away by blaming her husband for not returning over the next five months, because he was travelling.

While that grueling travel schedule kept the Krings from returning one lousy $500 check, they had plenty of time to move their personal loan of $50,000 in-and-out of her campaign account.

A couple of days before the June 30 deadline for filing campaign finance reports, the Krings loaned her campaign $50,000. Sometime during the July 1-Sept.30 reporting period, Lucille paid herself back the $50K.

Then, a couple of days before the Sept. 30 deadline for filing campaign finances reports, the Krings loaned the campaign another $50,000.

It’s all there in her campaign reports.

It’s an obvious attempt to artificially pump up her official cash-on-hand to make her campaign seem richer than it really is. Outside her $50,000 loan, Kring’s campaign fundraising hasn’t been very strong.

Whether she’ll spend that $50,000 loan is an open question. That is a lot of money. The problem is moving that money in and out casts even greater doubt on whether she’ll spend it. And what donor wants to bet on a horse that won’t bet on itself?

Former RSM Councilman Neil Blais used to do the same thing when he ran for Assembly in 2008, moving the same $100,000 in and ut of his campaign. He lost. And he never spent that $100K.


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