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Anaheim Mailbox: 11 More Mailers

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on November 1, 2012

Anaheim mail continues to be an exercise in insanity. The scoreboard from the last couple of mailers is as follows:

Leos Positive- 4
Leos Negative- 2
Lodge Positive- 1
Brandman Positive- 2
Brandman Negative- 2
Kring Negative- 1

Let’s now take a look at the pieces. John Leos first sent out 3 small pieces that were not of the highest quality:

Leos had another large positive piece that came yesterday that was extremely well done:

Leos also took a hit when the piece arrived:

OC Tax also sent out this positive piece supporting both Brandman and Lodge:

Here are the 2 positive pieces with just Brandman on them:

Here are the 2 Brandman hit pieces:

Lastly, here is the Leos/Kring hit piece:

One Response to “Anaheim Mailbox: 11 More Mailers”

  1. Cynthia Ward said

    I have to wonder why either side is bothering any more. EVERYONE I know says they are not even reading them, they pick the pieces out and toss them in the trash. So a piece with Lucille Kring splashed across the front could easily be a hit piece or promotion, readers do not know and no longer care. But this is how the consultants make their money, and while most minds are made up at this point, it makes supporters feel like they are doing something-anything-while waiting for the election. I think it is an expensive game of having the expectant husband boil water to keep him busy.

    Like Chris i do review the pieces, and I keep them from cycle to cycle so I can see who recycles old designs, etc. This year’s file is HUGE, I had to start a 2nd folder, just utterly ridiculous the amount being dropped. I always assumed that with the advent of social media that mail would decline in importance. But the internet’s broad scope and unlimited number of sites one might might turn to for news has made reaching voters that much harder. Email b-lasts are not as far reaching, newspaper readership is down, nobody watches network news anymore, even radio is giving way to pandora and ipods. The only way to ensure that all voters get your message is snail mail, which continues to let money dominate politics. How incredibly sad. Good candidates get trampled because they cannot afford mail, our mailboxes are clogged, trees die, and my poor mailman needs the name of my osteopath.

    There has to be a better way to do this.

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