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Anaheim Mailbox: Candidates Are Ramping Up The Mail

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 27, 2012

I received 3 mailers on behalf of candidates that are running for Anaheim City Council. A puff piece on John Leos that points out his military experience, joint piece supporting Steve Chavez Lodge and Jordan Brandman, and a hit piece on Jordan Brandman from the OC GOP.

Here is the Leos piece:

Here is the Brandman/Lodge joint piece:

Lastly, here is the Jordan Brandman hit piece:

2 Responses to “Anaheim Mailbox: Candidates Are Ramping Up The Mail”

  1. Tax Dollars At Work said

    You forgot to mention that Leos puff piece is paid for by part of the $300,000 the Orange COunty Employees Association is pumping into another effort to elect Leos to the Anaheim council. What does his union expect in return?

  2. […] Emami has posted some of the mailers being put out by the OCEA here, here and […]

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