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Galloway Was For “Tax Giveaways” Before She Was Against Them

Posted by HBK on September 13, 2012

As others here have noted, Anaheim politics nowadays makes for strange bedfellows and alliances.

Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway has been the toughest critic of the city’s deal with the GardenWalk project, under which Anaheim rebates 80% of the hotel project’s transient occupancy tax revenue back to the two hotels for 15 years.  This is larger than the 50-50 TOT splits the city has done in the past with resort district hotels.

Galloway has denounced the GardenWalk deal as a “tax giveaway” and declares this is not “a good time to give $158 million of taxpayer money away to one developer.”

A few years ago, she thought it was a good idea to give tax money to a developer, far in excess of normal standards. This excerpt from a October 2008 post on a now-dormant blog called “No On Galloway” explains how when it came to an Anaheim affordable housing project called the Elm Street Commons, a different view of developer subsidies prevailed:

“It seems the funding on this project got a little creative. On November 28, 2006, SADI, the developer for Elm Street Commons, came to City Council to have their standard DDA approved through the Housing Authority. Standard practice in Anaheim is to give the developer money, to be paid back over time, 85% to the City, and the developer keep 15% as profit. The 85% is then recycled into more housing projects, which keeps Anaheim building apartments for the working poor. Whether you agree with building subsidized housing or not, it is an efficient system. In the development of the Elm Street Commons, the City offered many millions of dollars in direct funding, plus incentives added later such as a sewer project the developer decided the City should do. Rather than approve the otherwise ordinary deal, now-convicted-felon Richard Chavez pulled the development from the Consent Calendar, allowing discussion. In the end, the City Council, led by Chavez and backed by Lorri Galloway, changed the condition of the agreement, bumping the developer’s profit from the standard 15% to a whopping and unprecedented 50% profit for a private corporation!!”

Increasing the traditional 50-50 TOT split to 80-20 for one developer is a “tax giveaway.” But increasing the city-funded profit margin from 15% to 50% for another developer is legitimate?

The post continues:

“Why would Lorri Galloway take money from the very people she claims to champion? Perhaps the answer is in her Council statement, as she looked at the developer and admonished him, “I hope you acknowledge how much Council has been supportive of you.”

“Well the developers at Elm Street Commons sure did remember to acknowledge that 35% jump in their profits, funded by robbing Anaheim’s working poor. Again funneling money through PAC filings with Treasurer Kinde Durkee, who is frequently under investigation by the FPPC, a donation of $15,000 was made by Elm Street, which funded the Clear Channel billboards Lorri has all over the City. They also underwrote a large mailing, and the graphic arts for the mail piece.”

Food for thought.

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Deb Pauly Only Garnered 5.5% of Vote?

Posted by HBK on June 11, 2012

I have been allowed to make one last post regarding the 3rd Supervisorial District race with the understanding that The Rock of OC would also get to make one last post and so I planned a sort of tongue in cheek post about Deb Pauly, Steve Rocco and the Orange County Tin Foil Hat Society.

As someone who witnessed Steve Rocco win in an unbelievable shock back in 2004 I did not expect him to garner more than 10% of the vote in his race for Supervisor. Shockingly he managed to get 26% of the vote. This leads me to conclude that 26% of the vote can be labeled the crazy vote.

With Deb Pauly garnering 31% of the vote in her race we can only conclude that she garnered the 26% of the crazy vote and picked 5% of people who actually made a rational decision to vote for her.

I made an agreement with Nguyen and Emami that I would no longer post about this particular race after this who have the same agreement with The Rock of OC. Therefore, I feel it important to ask readers to let me know what other issues in the North Orange County area that they would like me to post about.

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Pauly Bashes Carona Supporters Unless They Donate to Her Campaign

Posted by HBK on May 31, 2012

I want you all to know that I tried to stay away from the blog. I really did. Nguyen and Emami begged me to blog about something other than the 3rd District Supervisors race, Deborah Pauly just made me have to jump back on here with some of her latest hypocrisy. I promise to keep it short and not go on some sort of long diatribe.

Deborah Pauly loves to rail on the corruption that was rampant in the Republican Party during the process of the Carona endorsement back in 2004. I actually agree with her on this particular point, however, she then proceeds to link Todd Spitzer to the evil Carona regime.

Pauly failed to mention one of her largest donors is Mike Schroeder the spokesman for Mike Carona. Through the course of the entire election Pauly has raised $23,468 and $1,800 of that amount comes from Mike Schroeder. That means that over 7.5% of her entire campaign funding comes from former Carona spokesperson Mike Schroeder.

Dare I say, hypocrisy?

I promise that this will be my last post on this issue, and I look forward to writing about other issues that are going on throughout the County soon.

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Deborah Pauly + Campaign Finance = Uh-Oh!!!!!

Posted by HBK on April 9, 2012

Hiring a campaign treasurer is not a bad idea for a political campaign to do. Some people look to hire Lisa Ray, Kelly Lawler, or somebody else that is not Kindee Durkee. If a candidate decides not to hire a treasurer the forms are fairly easy to figure out. However, in some situations you see certain campaigns finance reports that are a train wreck.

Deborah Pauly had some issues with her campaign finance report and also some other interesting factoids that I will point out.

1) The report was due on March 22nd yet she signed her form on March 29th. Tis shows that she was a week late in even putting her form together and based on the report and the lack of activity it is confusing as to what could have possibly taken her so long.

2) The form was turned in over a week late on March 30th. This will likely draw a fine from the FPPC as this is likely to have been forwarded to the appropriate desk at the FPPC from the Spitzer team. Again, why does a form with so few contributions require so much time to put together.

3) She has less than $2400 cash on hand. This should be pretty self-explanatory to readers.

4) $450 contribution received from Marilyn Davenport … yes, the same Marilyn Davenport who sent out the racist Obama email.

5) One person involved with CRA who has seen this has commented that it is possible that she purposely turned in her form late so that she wouldn’t have to explain her lack of support during the CRA endorsement meeting.

Todd is clearly going to win this race, the question really comes down to what the margin of victory is on election day.

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CRA Rejects Pauly’s Threats, Endorses Spitzer in Upset

Posted by HBK on March 27, 2012

In a victory for civility over coercion and conservativism over fringe elements, the California Republican Assembly endorsed Todd Spitzer over Deborah Pauly in an amazing upset.

Pauly could not conduct herself with dignity at the CRA endorsing meeting. Her campaign strategy is simple: attack Spitzer and hope that no one sees she does not have the experience or temperament to be an Orange County Supervisor.  On the other hand, Spitzer has the qualities necessary to work with others as a team, work with others to solve problems, and work with others for Orange County.   Spitzer clearly demonstrated this attitude and perspective during the CRA endorsing meeting: Pauly is a divider; Spitzer brings people together with dignity and respect to carry Orange County forward.

Pauly spoke about her role in forming the Orange-Villa Park CRA unit while Spitzer is the only candidate who is currently a member of his local CRA unit: Orange-Villa Park.  Why isn’t Pauly still in the Orange-Villa Park CRA unit?

As a long-time CRA activist, shouldn’t the endorsement have been a shoo-in for Pauly?  It’s clear the people who know her best know she does not have the qualities to be an Orange County Supervisor, which is why the CRA backed Spitzer in an upset for the endorsement.

The more Pauly spoke, the more support she lost.  In the first round, Spitzer led Pauly 14-6-2.  In the second round, Pauly lost half her supporters and one of the neutral voters went to Spitzer, giving him the endorsement 18-3-1.

Why is that?  It’s simple: the CRA allowed each candidate to speak for a minute before the second round of voting, and in her speech, Pauly decided to threaten the CRA.  When she’s trying to persuade an organization to support her, she resorts to threats.  This is the same way she conducts herself in meetings.  If she’s threatening people to get an endorsement, imagine what she’d do on the Board of Supervisors!

The CRA is the largest and most conservative grassroots organization in the state and represents the everyday values of conservative voters.  This proves that Spitzer is the conservative candidate, and Pauly is just a fringe candidate.

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Tick-Tock, Deborah…Are You Going to File for Supervisor or Not?

Posted by HBK on March 8, 2012

Almost two weeks ago, I posted here that Deborah Pauly had pulled neither the Ballot Designation Worksheet nor her Declaration of Candidacy form.  Guess what…she still hasn’t pulled those papers.

Is she not running?

It could be she realizes her tiny warchest cannot compare with Todd Spitzer’s enormous funds.  Maybe she’s afraid her ugly incident of ignoring police officer’s instructions and nearly committing DUI will come out across mailers throughout the 3rd Supervisorial District.  Maybe she’s concerned about the lack of support from city councilmembers in the 3rd Supervisorial District.  Maybe she’s concerned that Republican women aren’t backing her – a fellow Republican woman.  Maybe she’s still losing support.

Deborah Pauly only has today and tomorrow to pull and file her Ballot Designation Worksheet and Declaration of Candidacy form.

Time’s ticking, Deborah.  Are you in, or are you out?

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Only Eight Councilmembers in 3rd Supervisorial District Haven’t Endorsed Spitzer: Including Deborah Pauly, Larry Agran, Beth Krom, Sukhee Kang, Lorri Galloway, Deborah Gavello, and Rebecca Gomez

Posted by HBK on March 7, 2012

Examining Todd Spitzer’s endorsements, it’s clear Deborah Pauly has little support from local City Councilmembers in her bid for Supervisor.  Excluding Pauly herself, only Irvine Democrats Larry Agran, Beth Krom, and Sukhee Kang, along with Tustin Democrats Deborah Gavello and Rebecca Gomez, and Anaheim’s Democrat Lorri Galloway and DTS-turned-Republican Gail Eastman have not endorsed Spitzer – though none of them have endorsed Pauly either.

A major part of a Supervisor’s job is working with local Councilmembers to address their mutual constituents’ concerns, and it’s clear Pauly isn’t up to the job.  Considering the Councilmembers work with each other on regional committees and boards to address regional concerns, it’s even more notable that her colleagues across the Third Supervisorial District know she isn’t up to the job.

The most shocking fact is that all of her colleagues on her own Villa Park City Council endorsed Spitzer, as it’s rare for a Councilmember to endorse a colleague’s opponent, but in this case all of them did. They’re the ones who know her best, and they know she’s not up to the job.

Spitzer is endorsed by the overwhelming majority of councilmembers in the Third Supervisorial District, including all 5 Republican Mayors and the majorities of all 5 Councils with Republican majorities:

Orange (All)
Mayor Carolyn Cavecche (Campaign Co-Chair)
Denis Bilodeau
Jon Dumitru
Tita Smith
Fred Whitaker

Yorba Linda (All)
Mayor Nancy Rikel
John Anderson
Tom Lindsey
Mark Schwing
Jim Winder

Villa Park (All Except for Pauly)
Mayor Rich Ulmer
Bob Fauteux (Endorsed Before His Untimely Passing)
Bill MacAloney
Brad Reese

Tustin (All of the Council’s Republicans)
Mayor Jerry Amante
Al Murray
John Neilsen

Anaheim (Majority)
Mayor Tom Tait
Kris Murray
Harry Sidhu

Irvine (Both of the Council’s Republicans)
Steven Choi
Jeff Lalloway

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Are There Any Republican Women Elected Officials Supporting Deborah Pauly?

Posted by HBK on March 6, 2012

In a blow to Republican Woman Elected Official Deborah Pauly, most Republican women elected officials are backing Todd Spitzer for Supervisor.

The majority of Republican women Councilmembers in the Third Supervisorial District are backing Todd Spitzer over fellow Republican Woman Councilmember Deborah Pauly.

Every Republican woman Community College District Boardmember in the Third Supervisorial District is backing Todd Spitzer over fellow Republican woman Deborah Pauly.

Both women on the Orange County Board of Supervisors (Pat Bates and Janet Nguyen) have endorsed Todd Spitzer over fellow Republican woman Deborah Pauly.

Both women in Orange County’s state legislative delegation (Mimi Walters and Diane Harkey) have endorsed Todd Spitzer over fellow Republican woman Deborah Pauly.

Spitzer has even locked up the Third Supervisorial District’s Republican woman water board member vote over Republican woman Deborah Pauly.

Are there any Republican women elected officials backing their fellow Republican woman elected official, Deborah Pauly?  Just look at her endorsements list, and it’s clear the answer is no.

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Spitzer & Pauly at Foothill Communities Association Town Hall Meeting Tonight – Will Pauly Lose Support Again?

Posted by HBK on March 5, 2012

Todd Spitzer and Deborah Pauly will be speaking tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Hewes Middle School, 13232 Hewes Ave., North Tustin.  The Orange County Register reported that as a direct result of a January candidate forum, three of Pauly’s council colleagues endorsed Spitzer.  Each time Spitzer and Pauly appear in public together, Spitzer gains more supporters.

Fortunately for Pauly, there’s few people left who haven’t endorsed Spitzer, so there could be little support left to lose.

Here’s a comparison of Spitzer’s endorsements versus Pauly’s endorsements:

Members of U.S. Congress
Spitzer: 1
Pauly: 0

California State Senators
Spitzer: 2
Pauly: 0

California State Assemblymembers
Spitzer: 9
Pauly: 0

Orange County Elected Officials
Spitzer: 6
Pauly: 0

Spitzer: 16
Pauly: 0

Mayors Pro Tem
Spitzer: 9
Pauly: 0

Spitzer: 29
Pauly: 1 (outside district)

School Boardmembers
Spitzer: 6
Pauly: 3 (2 outside district)

Former Orange County Supervisors
Spitzer: 4
Pauly: 0

Former Mayors
Spitzer: 27
Pauly: 3 (1 from San Francisco Bay Area)

Former Mayors Pro Tem
Spitzer: 2
Pauly: 0

Former Councilmembers
Spitzer: 5
Pauly: 0

Water Boardmembers
Spitzer: 6
Pauly: 0

Business Leaders
Spitzer: 88
Pauly: 16

Spitzer: 4
Pauly: 0

Community Leaders and Citizens
Spitzer: 200
Pauly: 100

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Deborah Pauly Abandoning Supervisorial Race?

Posted by HBK on February 24, 2012

Deborah PaulyOne of the most telling signs that Deborah Pauly is bending under pressure to Todd Spitzer’s steamroller of a campaign can be found in the candidate filing log from the Registrar of Voters.  You can see the financial numbers from this race in this post by one of my colleagues on this blog.

Yesterday, Pauly filed all of her candidate filing paperwork for Central Committee in the 68th District, including her Ballot Designation Worksheet and her Declaration of Candidacy form.  (She is using “Councilwoman, City of Villa Park” as her ballot designation, by the way.)

In the 3rd Supervisorial District race, she has pulled neither the Ballot Designation Worksheet nor her Declaration of Candidacy form.  Why didn’t she at least pull those papers while at the Registrar of Voters when she filed those two forms for Central Committee?

Considering both forms are quite brief, why didn’t she file them for both offices?  Furthermore, shouldn’t a candidate for two offices file for the race that’s their top priority first?  Like Pauly, Spitzer is also running for both Supervisor and Central Committee, but Spitzer has filed all of his candidate filing paperwork for Supervisor.

It’s becoming clear Deborah Pauly is not long for this supervisorial race.

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