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Deb Pauly Only Garnered 5.5% of Vote?

Posted by HBK on June 11, 2012

I have been allowed to make one last post regarding the 3rd Supervisorial District race with the understanding that The Rock of OC would also get to make one last post and so I planned a sort of tongue in cheek post about Deb Pauly, Steve Rocco and the Orange County Tin Foil Hat Society.

As someone who witnessed Steve Rocco win in an unbelievable shock back in 2004 I did not expect him to garner more than 10% of the vote in his race for Supervisor. Shockingly he managed to get 26% of the vote. This leads me to conclude that 26% of the vote can be labeled the crazy vote.

With Deb Pauly garnering 31% of the vote in her race we can only conclude that she garnered the 26% of the crazy vote and picked 5% of people who actually made a rational decision to vote for her.

I made an agreement with Nguyen and Emami that I would no longer post about this particular race after this who have the same agreement with The Rock of OC. Therefore, I feel it important to ask readers to let me know what other issues in the North Orange County area that they would like me to post about.

One Response to “Deb Pauly Only Garnered 5.5% of Vote?”

  1. Jefferson Hamilton said

    All yours and the Rock of OC’s posts sucked anyway, so if you both would just stop all together it would do this blog a great service.

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