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Spitzer & Pauly at Foothill Communities Association Town Hall Meeting Tonight – Will Pauly Lose Support Again?

Posted by HBK on March 5, 2012

Todd Spitzer and Deborah Pauly will be speaking tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Hewes Middle School, 13232 Hewes Ave., North Tustin.  The Orange County Register reported that as a direct result of a January candidate forum, three of Pauly’s council colleagues endorsed Spitzer.  Each time Spitzer and Pauly appear in public together, Spitzer gains more supporters.

Fortunately for Pauly, there’s few people left who haven’t endorsed Spitzer, so there could be little support left to lose.

Here’s a comparison of Spitzer’s endorsements versus Pauly’s endorsements:

Members of U.S. Congress
Spitzer: 1
Pauly: 0

California State Senators
Spitzer: 2
Pauly: 0

California State Assemblymembers
Spitzer: 9
Pauly: 0

Orange County Elected Officials
Spitzer: 6
Pauly: 0

Spitzer: 16
Pauly: 0

Mayors Pro Tem
Spitzer: 9
Pauly: 0

Spitzer: 29
Pauly: 1 (outside district)

School Boardmembers
Spitzer: 6
Pauly: 3 (2 outside district)

Former Orange County Supervisors
Spitzer: 4
Pauly: 0

Former Mayors
Spitzer: 27
Pauly: 3 (1 from San Francisco Bay Area)

Former Mayors Pro Tem
Spitzer: 2
Pauly: 0

Former Councilmembers
Spitzer: 5
Pauly: 0

Water Boardmembers
Spitzer: 6
Pauly: 0

Business Leaders
Spitzer: 88
Pauly: 16

Spitzer: 4
Pauly: 0

Community Leaders and Citizens
Spitzer: 200
Pauly: 100

2 Responses to “Spitzer & Pauly at Foothill Communities Association Town Hall Meeting Tonight – Will Pauly Lose Support Again?”

  1. Yes, Pauly with her racist comments is a losing proposition. But, she could have been a lily white conservative with no whackjob opinions and she would still lose to Spitzer.

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