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Todd Spitzer’s Bank Interest Could Fund a Warchest

Posted by HBK on February 7, 2012

I am prepared to see Todd Spitzer give Deborah Pauly a little sweet chin music this election, and someone pointed out something very interesting to me about Todd and his committee. Deborah Pauly has an incredible $1,250, which is enough to spend 1/3 of a cent per voter (how would that work?), while Todd Spitzer has over $1,000,000.

If you look closely at his report though you will find that Todd gained a lot of interest on the bank account holding his campaign warchest: about $64,000 of it. This is almost 60 times what Pauly has in her campaign account. While Shirley Grindle is currently busy going after Susan Schroeder, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her propose a new campaign finance law that would outlaw bank account interest.

$64,000 will certainly buy a lot of mail, and it will be awfully hard to combat with Spitzer when the bank interest he accrues could fund an entire campaign on its own. This could become very fun to watch.

3 Responses to “Todd Spitzer’s Bank Interest Could Fund a Warchest”

  1. OC Politico said

    Spitzer’s fund raising (and endorsements) further demonstrates that he is the candidate who can and has built a broad base of supporters.

  2. […] could be she realizes her tiny warchest cannot compare with Todd Spitzer’s enormous funds.  Maybe she’s afraid her ugly incident of ignoring police officer’s instructions and […]

  3. Pedro Guffey said

    Im thankful for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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