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Deborah Pauly + Alcohol= Poor Judgement

Posted by HBK on February 23, 2012

The OC Weekly broke a story about Deborah Pauly being a passenger in the car while her husband got into an accident while under the influence of alcohol. Deborah Pauly was not driving the vehicle the night of the incident, but she put herself in a very unfortunate situation because as an elected official you should have more sense than this.

…Pauly wouldn’t have to explain today  why voters should trust a politician who repeatedly ignored the commands of police officers and wanted to drive home drunk.

This is not the example that an elected official should be setting for others by allowing somebody else to drive drunk. Although I guess that we will never know for sure, it appears that she attempted to try to drive home drunk after her husband was arrested.

…While Plascencia tried to administer a DUI test, another officer twice told Deborah to stay in the Porsche. James was so drunk that Plascencia repeatedly had to stop simple tests “for his safety” because James was swaying so much and nearly falling on his face. When Plascencia asked James which DUI test he’d prefer, he replied “Neither,” then yelled to Deborah–who was trying to walk to her husband despite having been told to stay near the bashed-up Porsche a third time–“he needed to submit to a blood or breath test.”

James was placed under arrest for DUI. Plascencia informed Deborah of this, who promptly “requested she be allowed to drive her husband’s car home.” Plascencia didn’t allow her because “while I was standing next to Deborah, I smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Her eyes were blood-shot, watery, and they also had a glossy appearance. Her facial muscles appeared to be flaccid. Deborah slurred her words as she spoke.”

Score one for Spitzer on this one and Pauly is lucky she wasn’t arrested for failing to obey the orders of the officer.

2 Responses to “Deborah Pauly + Alcohol= Poor Judgement”

  1. Dude, seriously. I just went through and cleaned up the comments on the Lassie post, now you post this. Let’s keep the comments civil here people.

  2. […] warchest cannot compare with Todd Spitzer’s enormous funds.  Maybe she’s afraid her ugly incident of ignoring police officer’s instructions and nearly committing DUI will come out across mailers throughout the 3rd Supervisorial District.  Maybe she’s […]

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