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Deborah Pauly + Alcohol= Poor Judgement

Posted by HBK on February 23, 2012

The OC Weekly broke a story about Deborah Pauly being a passenger in the car while her husband got into an accident while under the influence of alcohol. Deborah Pauly was not driving the vehicle the night of the incident, but she put herself in a very unfortunate situation because as an elected official you should have more sense than this.

…Pauly wouldn’t have to explain today  why voters should trust a politician who repeatedly ignored the commands of police officers and wanted to drive home drunk.

This is not the example that an elected official should be setting for others by allowing somebody else to drive drunk. Although I guess that we will never know for sure, it appears that she attempted to try to drive home drunk after her husband was arrested.

…While Plascencia tried to administer a DUI test, another officer twice told Deborah to stay in the Porsche. James was so drunk that Plascencia repeatedly had to stop simple tests “for his safety” because James was swaying so much and nearly falling on his face. When Plascencia asked James which DUI test he’d prefer, he replied “Neither,” then yelled to Deborah–who was trying to walk to her husband despite having been told to stay near the bashed-up Porsche a third time–“he needed to submit to a blood or breath test.”

James was placed under arrest for DUI. Plascencia informed Deborah of this, who promptly “requested she be allowed to drive her husband’s car home.” Plascencia didn’t allow her because “while I was standing next to Deborah, I smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Her eyes were blood-shot, watery, and they also had a glossy appearance. Her facial muscles appeared to be flaccid. Deborah slurred her words as she spoke.”

Score one for Spitzer on this one and Pauly is lucky she wasn’t arrested for failing to obey the orders of the officer.

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Say No to Daigle

Posted by HBK on February 14, 2012

I was a bit busy last night, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about the 74th Assembly District in a race that should be an easy pick for voters. On one side you have Allan Mansoor a consistent conservative presence in the legislature that stands strong on RDA elimination, illegal immigration, and 2/3 vote to approve a budget, and on the other side you have Leslie Daigle a squishy vote who is notorious for being mean to anybody who has the misfortune of meeting her in person.

What this race comes down to is a consistent conservative vote being challenged by the public employee unions and the pro RDA forces that are looking to take out an incumbent that will not follow their agenda. Leslie Daigle even quotes former Costa Mesa police chief Dave Snowden on her website.

Newport Beach is talked about all over her website for its AAA rating and some other malarkey, but for anyone that has been there you may know it as the city run by the parking police. Is it that difficult to come up with a parking plan that is actually functional. What rocket scientist decided that we should have meters everywhere and limit parking to multiple lots over a large city space.

Allan Mansoor is not perfect but he is pretty darn solid in my book. Leslie Daigle would be a nightmare if she were to get elected and I encourage all voters to make sure that this does not happen. What I fear most is that Chad Morgan who appears to be running Mansoor’s race is not known for being very competent (although I would rank him ahead of Tim Clark) and he is facing off against Meridian Pacific which has some of the best consultants in the business including Matt Rexroad.

Voters, say no to Daigle.

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Todd Spitzer’s Bank Interest Could Fund a Warchest

Posted by HBK on February 7, 2012

I am prepared to see Todd Spitzer give Deborah Pauly a little sweet chin music this election, and someone pointed out something very interesting to me about Todd and his committee. Deborah Pauly has an incredible $1,250, which is enough to spend 1/3 of a cent per voter (how would that work?), while Todd Spitzer has over $1,000,000.

If you look closely at his report though you will find that Todd gained a lot of interest on the bank account holding his campaign warchest: about $64,000 of it. This is almost 60 times what Pauly has in her campaign account. While Shirley Grindle is currently busy going after Susan Schroeder, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her propose a new campaign finance law that would outlaw bank account interest.

$64,000 will certainly buy a lot of mail, and it will be awfully hard to combat with Spitzer when the bank interest he accrues could fund an entire campaign on its own. This could become very fun to watch.

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Spitzer vs Pauly Intro

Posted by HBK on January 31, 2012

This race is talked up as if it is a big deal, but realistically, Todd Spitzer is going to win this in a landslide. He has 1 bad vote in 3% @ 50 but a $1.5 Million warchest. Deborah Pauly has not done herself any favors with the comments she has made and the bridges she has burned and will likely raise less than $15,000.

Spitzer has all of the money, name recognition, and endorsements, including all four of Deborah Pauly’s council colleagues. This race will not be close, but judging by what has happened so far, these 2 candidates do not like each other and that could make it fun to watch.

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