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Central Committee Races Finalized

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 12, 2012

The OC GOP Central Committee races have been finalized.

Here are the candidates that qualified for the ballot (top 6 win in each district):

55th Assembly District

Brett Barbre                  Appointed Incumbent
Jim Domen                   Pastor
Karla Downing             Small Business Owner
Desare Ferraro             Small Business Consultant
Peggy Huang                Deputy Attorney General
Connie Lanzisera         Small Business Owner
Robert Lauten
Brenda McCune           Businesswoman/Childrens Advocate
Tim Shaw                      Mayor, City of La Habra
Dennis R. White          Mechanical Engineer

65th Assembly District

Samuel “Sam” Han      Appointed Incumbent
Steve Hwangbo             Councilman/Businessman/Father
Jerry Jackson                Retired Aerospace Engineer
Sou Moua                       Businessman
Shawn Nelson               Orange County Supervisor
Baron Night                   Incumbent
Greg Sebourn                Businessman/Educator
David John Shawver   Mayor Pro Tem
Pat Shuff                        Incumbent
Henry Charoen             Mayor/Businessman
Alexandria Coronado  Small Business Owner

68th Assembly District

Denis Bilodeau              Mayor Pro Tem
James Brownfield         Business Owner
Mark William Bucher     Incumbent
Steven S. Choi                  Irvine City Councilman
Jon Dumitru                     City Councilman
Marcia Gilchrist               Incumbent
Ray Grangoff                    Incumbent
Jeffrey Lalloway              Irvine Councilmember/Businessman
Joshua Robert Morales  Retail Sales Associate
Walter H. Myers, III       Software Consultant
Noel Stone Parrish          Businesswoman
Deborah Pauly                 Councilwoman, City of Villa Park
Lynn Schott                      Entrepreneur/Educator
Todd Spitzer                     Businessman/Victims Advocate
Scott “Scotty” Voigts       Lake Forest City Councilman
Fred M. Whitaker            City of Orange Councilman/Businessman
Ken L. Williams Jr.         Member, Orange County Board of Education
Nick Wilson                      Small Business Owner

69th Assembly District

Cuong Sinh Cao                            Incumbent
Bryan Carter                                 Software Engineer
Gwen A. Dyrud                             Appointed Incumbent
Brett Elliott Franklin                   Incumbent
Thomas Anthony Gordon           Incumbent
Robert Morris Hammond           Business Owner/Teacher
Charles Hart                                  Appointed Incumbent
Lupe Moreno                                 Office Specialist
Glen Stroud                                    Retired Recreation Supervisor
Timothy “Tim” Ryan Whitacre  Incumbent

72nd Assembly District

John W. Briscoe            Certified Public Accountant
Dennis R. Catron           Small Businessman
Patrick Dooley
Michael E. Gates             Businessman/Attorney
Dean Grose                      Small Business Owner
Matthew Harper             Huntington Beach City Councilman
Brian Hoops                    Special Needs Educator
Diane A. Lenning           Small Business Owner
Kermit Marsh                  Incumbent
Mark McCurdy                Fountain Valley City Councilmember
Steve A. Nagel                 Incumbent
Janet Nguyen                  Orange County Supervisor
Patricia Ross                    Homemaker
Mary Tuong Van Pham  Businesswoman

73rd Assembly District

Alice Anderson                   Incumbent
Nesa Anderson                   Planning Commissioner/Businesswoman
Linda Barnes                      Community Volunteer
Tony Beall                           Incumbent
Evan P. Chafee                   Marketing Sales/Representative
Chandra Chell                     Computer Systems Analyst
Nina R. Davar                     Export Assistant Manager
Norm Dickinson                 Retired Naval Officer
Mark Dobrilovic                 Financial Advisor
John C. Drew                      Author/Speaker/Consultant
Dave Duringer                    Gun Trust Attorney
Jon Steven Fleischman     Small Business Owner
Roy Fussell                          Realtor
Paul Hebbard                      Certified Public Accountant
Michael Kogus                    Business Owner
Steve Magdziak                   Small Business Owner
Mike Munzing                     Incumbent
Nancy Padberg                    Governing Board Member, South Orange Co. Community College District
Kevin Richardson               Plumbing Contractor
Eric Stolaski                         Small Business Owner
Greg Woodard                     Appointed Incumbent
Mary Young                          Incumbent

74th Assembly District

Jon Aiken                                Office Clerk
Allan Bartlett                          Incumbent
Scott Baugh                             Incumbent
John Draper                            Businessman
Bill Dunlap                              General Contractor
Thomas A. “T.J.” Fuentes    Businessman
Don Hansen                            Mayor, City of Huntington Beach
Daniel Marshall                      Attorney
Jeff Mathews                          Business Owner
Vanessa A. Matthews            Small Business Owner
Gary Morse                             Retired Business Owner
Richard “Dick” Palmer         Community Volunteer
Scott “Scotty” Peotter           Businessman/Legislative Analyst
Rhonda Rohrabacher           Small Business Owner
Emily Sanford                        Retired Navy Captain
Christina L. Shea                   Businesswoman
John Warner                          Incumbent

This is simply a list of the candidates that qualified for the ballot along with their ballot designations. After the alphabetical lottery we will make some predictions on who we think will actually win these races.

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2-28-2012 Central Committee (AD 72) Filing Update

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 28, 2012

Here is part 4 in the Central Committee update.

Thank you to Meridian Pacific for the use of the map to show this district:

This Assembly district is currently represented by Assemblyman Jim Silva and represents  more of a coastal demographic. Currently Matt Harper, Troy Edgar, and Long Pham are battling it out for this seat. With that being said here is the break-down of who has pulled papers:

Janet Nguyen– She is currently the Orange County Supervisor from the 1st District and an incumbent on the Central Committee too. *Incumbent.

John W. BriscoeHe is currently an elected member of the Ocean View School District and has run for higher office in the past as well.   CORRECTION (11:55 PM): John W. Briscoe is President of the Fountain Valley Republican Assembly and a CRA State Officer.  He is also a CPA on the Orange County Property Tax Appeals board and a past Chairman of the Fountain Valley Planning Commission.  (He is not Ocean View School District’s John F. Briscoe.)

Mark McCurdy– He is currently an elected member of the Fountain Valley Council and is serving as the Mayor Pro Tem. Also he is an incumbent on the Central Committee. *Incumbent.

Dennis R. Catron– I am not sure if it is the same person but according to a bit of research that I did a Dennis Catron used to be the Vice-Chairman of the OC GOP back in 1986.

Brian Hoops– According to some research, I couldn’t quite pinpoint it but their was a Brian Hoop linked to a Tea Party meet-up group.

Matthew Harper– An elected member of the Huntington Beach City Council nd current candidate for the 72nd Assembly District seat. *Incumbent.

Dean Grose– He s a former member of the Los Alamitos City Council who got into some hot water for his watermelon e-mail that he sent out. *Incumbent.

Kermit Marsh– He is a former member of the Westminster CIty Council who left because he chose to do so, not because of term limits or losing an election. *Incumbent.

Ian Dooley– The first of the brothers Dooley to pull papers for this office. He currently has a profile up on the Campaign For Liberty website (A Ron Paul affiliated group).

Patrick Dooley– The second of the brothers Dooley to pull papers for this office. He currently has a profile up on the Campaign For Liberty website as well.

Michael Gates– I could find no information on him.

Patricia Ross– Although I was unable to find any political information out about her, she is involved in charity work with local schools.

Diane A. Lenning– She is a perennial candidate for the office of California State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Steve A. Nagel– Currently an elected member of the Fountain Valley City Council and the OC GOP Central Committee. *Incumbent.

Mary Tuong Van Pham– (Updated: 10:35 PM). According to one of our commenters this is the wife of Assembly candidate Long Pham. I was able to confirm that this does indeed seem to be the case.

Readers help me out by adding info on any candidates that I may have left out and feel free to fill me in on the candidates I found nothing on.

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