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Spitzer vs Pauly Intro

Posted by HBK on January 31, 2012

This race is talked up as if it is a big deal, but realistically, Todd Spitzer is going to win this in a landslide. He has 1 bad vote in 3% @ 50 but a $1.5 Million warchest. Deborah Pauly has not done herself any favors with the comments she has made and the bridges she has burned and will likely raise less than $15,000.

Spitzer has all of the money, name recognition, and endorsements, including all four of Deborah Pauly’s council colleagues. This race will not be close, but judging by what has happened so far, these 2 candidates do not like each other and that could make it fun to watch.

6 Responses to “Spitzer vs Pauly Intro”

  1. junior said

    yeah … if Lou Correa could get re-elected after his breaking his pledge to not vote to raise taxes, I suppose that Todd could get elected/re-elected to the OC BOS.

  2. OCS said

    Spitzer is a two-bit attorney who got his start answering phones for liberal talkshow host Bill Handel. He got his first taste of power when LAPD hired him as a parttime thug. And then we, the morons of OC, elected him to the BOS… We thought we got rid of him in Sacramento but term limits brought him back to OC where he got fired from the DA’s Office. This clown is bad for OC. He hasn’t seen a pension spike he didn’t vote for. At least Pauly knows how to say no to stupid ideas like millions to re-landscape VP medians. No, I’ll take my chances with a real conservative who isn’t another attorney…

  3. Spitzer’s record is awful – which is why so many Democrats are openly supporting him. I hope Mark Bucher ends up running against him.


  4. Don't need a half-term Supervisor said

    Mark Bucher: Would you PLEASE run against this union-loving sycophant?

  5. Orange Crush said

    Please child. Deb Pauly is a certified lunatic. All four of her fellow conservative members of the Villa Park City Council have endorsed Todd. Her style of right-wing extremism is exactly why the GOP continues to shrink in terms of voting registration and influence in Orange County.

    Todd offers the big tent conservatism that was first displayed by Ronald Reagan. I look forward to Todd crushing Deb this June and hopefully her drubbing will result in the end of her political career.

  6. Anna Lee said

    Pauly has spewed hate and racism from the get-go and will do nothing but make things worse. Todd has proven himself to be a champion of good government. He refuses to let government waste and abuse go; he fights it and fights to ensure our tax dollars are spent well. All the while, Pauly is out somewhere race-baiting.

    We deserve someone who’s going to get the job done, and that person certainly isn’t Deb Pauly.

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