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Say No to Daigle

Posted by HBK on February 14, 2012

I was a bit busy last night, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about the 74th Assembly District in a race that should be an easy pick for voters. On one side you have Allan Mansoor a consistent conservative presence in the legislature that stands strong on RDA elimination, illegal immigration, and 2/3 vote to approve a budget, and on the other side you have Leslie Daigle a squishy vote who is notorious for being mean to anybody who has the misfortune of meeting her in person.

What this race comes down to is a consistent conservative vote being challenged by the public employee unions and the pro RDA forces that are looking to take out an incumbent that will not follow their agenda. Leslie Daigle even quotes former Costa Mesa police chief Dave Snowden on her website.

Newport Beach is talked about all over her website for its AAA rating and some other malarkey, but for anyone that has been there you may know it as the city run by the parking police. Is it that difficult to come up with a parking plan that is actually functional. What rocket scientist decided that we should have meters everywhere and limit parking to multiple lots over a large city space.

Allan Mansoor is not perfect but he is pretty darn solid in my book. Leslie Daigle would be a nightmare if she were to get elected and I encourage all voters to make sure that this does not happen. What I fear most is that Chad Morgan who appears to be running Mansoor’s race is not known for being very competent (although I would rank him ahead of Tim Clark) and he is facing off against Meridian Pacific which has some of the best consultants in the business including Matt Rexroad.

Voters, say no to Daigle.

4 Responses to “Say No to Daigle”

  1. OC Insider said

    Just got this in email today:

    A Special Valentine
    For Assemblyman Allan Mansoor

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    you’ve stayed true to us and we thank you.

    Although others disparage our name, you speak no ill,
    while some even refuse our help, we know you never will.

    You took only 14 donations from AD74,
    you say you care about your constituents, but clearly you like us more.

    We’re responsible for over 90% of your campaign donations,
    we truly appreciate your loyalty and dedication.

    Sacramento Special Interests

    More than 90% of Newport Beach Councilwoman Leslie Daigle’s contributions come from within Orange County – they are taxpayers, families and small businesses.

    More than 90% of Allan Mansoor’s contributions come from outside Orange County – from the same Sacramento interests he demagogues.

    A mere 14 of Allan Mansoor’s contributors actually live in the 74th District.

    127 of Leslie Daigle’s contributors live in the 74th Assembly District.

    Due to prudent and conservative management of financial resources, Leslie Daigle for coastal Assembly District 74 has almost $120,000 cash on hand and no debt. Allan Mansoor for coastal Assembly District 74 has less than $60,000 cash on hand and is mired in debt.

    Paid for by Daigle for Assembly 2012, FPPC ID #1339905
    P.O. Box 11922, Newport Beach, CA 92658

  2. Google it said

    Right, Chad Morgan really is a zero — about the same intellect as Mansoor, which isn’t saying much.

  3. Geez, you guys irk me! You support Mansoor, a dullard and a divisive force while on the Costa Mesa City Council, no matter what! His brief tour in Sacramento is undistinguished. He lacks the skills and basic political instincts to find ways to build concensus and is NOT a persuasive speaker. Don’t you realize that the Democrats are hoping for him to win the seat because they don’t have to worry about him at all – he’s just a placeholder, and an ineffective one at that. These are dark days, indeed, if Allan Mansoor is the best my Republican Party can do in the 74th.

    • No GOP Fan said

      As well, his AA degree and lack of pertinent private sector experience (he was a jailer) support your point. Alan Mansoor simply isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      But don’t think for a minute that the Dems wouldn’t want this seat — they’re only two or three away from the magic two thirds they need in the Assembly to pass whatever they wish, so if they cold grab it they would. And with a RINO like Daigle, maybe they accomplish that anyway.

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