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2nd Supervisorial District Watch: Huntington Beach Joe Carchio is also “Exploring”

Posted by Dominus on May 11, 2013

Last week Huntington Beach Councilman Joe Carchio sent out an email to his “friends & supporters” requesting inputs on a potential run for Orange County Supervisor, 2nd District.  This email came on the heel of similar email that was sent out by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor.  Here is a portion of that email:

Like some of you, I sat on the sidelines for year while others did the work.  I’ve voted in all the elections that I was able, sent along my contributions to candidates I cared about, stuffed envelopes, walked precincts, etc.

I’ve been told I have some good ideas that would work well for Orange County.  However, what I think of my accomplishments so far is not as important as what you think of the role I have played in our local political leadership lives and what perhaps I could do for all of us at the County.  I have no political further careers goals and would dedicate myself to serving the people of Orange County as 2nd District Supervisor.

Joe Carchio is currently a part-time Field Representative for Assemblyman Travis Allen.  He is will be forced out of the Huntington Beach City Council at the end of 2014 because of term limits.  In 2011, he publicly stated that he will run for the newly created 72nd Assembly District only to later discovered that he lives in the wrong part of Huntington Beach.

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