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Supervisorial 5: Mimi Walters to Take this Seat

Posted by Dominus on January 16, 2013

In 2014 Supervisor Pat Bates of the 5th District will termed-out of this seat.  It is confirmed that state Senator Mimi Walters will run for this position next year to avoid political extinction herself.

This supervisorial district belongs to Mimi.  No one in this area have the high name identification and financial resources to challenge Mimi.

What is more interesting is the special election that a Mimi victory will trigger.  Assemblyman Alan Mansoor and Assemblyman Don Wagner are both eyeing this senate district.

Between Wagner and Mansoor, I don’t know who is the stronger candidate.

8 Responses to “Supervisorial 5: Mimi Walters to Take this Seat”

  1. larrygilbert said

    Reblogged this on Larrygilbert’s Weblog and commented:
    If Assemblymen Don Wagner and Allan Mansoor compete for Mimi Walters Senate seat it will be interesting to see how the Central Committee responds to expected requests for endorsements where only those endorsed by the local GOP have full access to local phone banks and GOTV efforts that include full use of phone banks and precinct walkers

    • Muriel RWF said

      Too bad our local GOP doesn’t really have any real GOTV effort, phone banks, precinct walkers or money

    • Dan Avery said

      Worried that you won’t be able to break party rules and abuse the system at the RSM party HQ again, Larry? After all, that IS what got Schlicht the 200 votes she desperately needed right?

  2. OC Insider #29 said

    Sorry, but Mimi Walters can’t run in the Fifth District. It doesn’t go went of the 133, and she lives in Irvine.

  3. OC Insider #29 said

    (Note: my source is Pat Bates’s website, so if it hasn’t been updated, that’s to blame.)

  4. Screaming Mimi said

    I love how Republicans think the office is theirs to take. I get it, you have an electoral advantage, but the smugness is appalling and probably why your numbers are dwindling in Orange County as I type. You take too much for granted. The fact that Mimi won her current seat without even living in the District reveals the gaping hypocrisy. The rules don’t matter, she’s owed the seat. It’s insulting to the voters.

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