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Top Ten OC Stories of the 2012 General Election

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 8, 2012

The top ten stories from the results of the 2012 general election in Orange County:

  1. 65th Assembly District – With an influx of hundreds of thousands of dollars in union and Democratic Party money, Sharon Quirk-Silva leads by 1,034 votes in her bid to unseat Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby and deliver a Democratic supermajority in the State Assembly.
  2. 72nd Assembly District – Travis Allen defeats fellow Republican Troy Edgar by 11% to win a seat in the Orange County legislative delegation.
  3. Irvine (Mayor and 2 Council seats) – After years of trying, Republicans finally defeat Larry Agran to capture the majority of the Irvine City Council, with Councilman Steven Choi defeating Larry Agran for Mayor and former Councilwoman Christina Shea returning to the Council, creating a majority of Choi, Shea, and Jeff Lalloway with a Council minority of Agran and Beth Krom.
  4. Fullerton (3 Council seats) – Councilman Travis Kiger (R) leads former Councilwoman Jan Flory (D) by 114 votes in their respective bids for new Council terms.  If Kiger’s lead holds, he will join fellow Republican election winners Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald on the Council.  Kiger, Whitaker, and Councilman Greg Sebourn are libertarian conservatives, Fitzgerald is a more traditional conservative, and Councilman Doug Chaffee is a Democrat.  Kiger’s re-election would cement the results of the recall and maintain Orange County’s most libertarian council.
  5. Costa Mesa (3 Council seats and Measure V) – Voters delivered a mixed bag by re-electing Republican Councilmen Steve Mensinger and Gary Monahan (two of the 3Ms), but also electing Republican former Councilwoman Sandy Genis and rejecting Measure V.  If Monahan’s 319-vote lead over Democrat John Stephens holds, the reform majority will have shrunk from four seats to three seats (Mensinger, Monahan, and Jim Righeimer), yet would still be the majority.
  6. Anaheim (2 Council seats) – Voters delivered a mixed bag by electing former Councilwoman Lucille Kring (R) from Mayor Tom Tait’s slate and electing School Board Member Jordan Brandman (D) from Councilwomen Kris Murray and Gail Eastman’s slate.  Brandman’s election maintains the 3-2 majority that supports allowing the GardenWalk Hotel to keep 80% of its Transient Occupancy Tax revenue.
  7. 47th Congressional District – Long Beach State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D) defeats Long Beach Councilman Gary DeLong (R), becoming the third Democrat in Orange County’s Congressional delegation, joining the Sanchez sisters.
  8. Yorba Linda (3 Council seats) – If Gene Hernandez’s 35-vote lead over Councilwoman Nancy Rikel holds, YLRRR will have lost control of the Yorba Linda City Council.  Re-elected Councilman Mark Schwing and holdover Councilman John Anderson are the two remaining members of the YLRRR Council coalition.  Though originally backed by YLRRR, holdover Councilman Tom Lindsey has broken with the group.  Newly-elected Councilman Craig Young is not backed by YLRRR.  A Lindsey-Young-Hernandez majority would face off against a Schwing-Anderson YLRRR minority (this entire set of people I’ve mentioned for Yorba Linda are Republicans).  If Rikel is overtakes Hernandez, status quo is restored in Yorba Linda.
  9. Aliso Viejo (3 Council seats) – Voters tossed two incumbents from office, ousting Councilmen Greg Ficke (R) and Don Garcia (NPP) in favor of Ross Chun (D) and Mike Munzing (R).  Councilman Bill Phillips (R) was the sole incumbent re-elected.
  10. Mission Viejo (2 Council seats) – Voters delivered a mixed bag by re-electing Republican Councilmembers Frank Ury and Cathy Schlict, who ran on opposing slates.  Schlict leads Ury’s running mate, Republican Wendy Bucknum, by 0.5%.  Schlict’s running mate, Republican Ed Sachs, trails by 7.8%.

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Orange County Register Endorsement: Kring & Leos for Anaheim City Council

Posted by Lassie on November 6, 2012

In case you missed it, the Orange County Register endorsed Lucille Kring and John Leos for Anaheim City Council.  The full editorial is at http://www.ocregister.com/articles/city-374061-council-county.html but here’s some key excerpts:

Editorial: Time for Anaheim residents to get stronger voices

Two seats are up for election this year and Anaheim voters have a slew of candidates to choose from. We believe it is critically important that voters in the city elect former Councilwoman Lucille Kring and John Leos.
Article Tab: image1-Editorial: Time for Anaheim residents to get stronger voices
Ms. Kring stands out among the crowd of nine candidates. Having served on the city council previously, she acutely understands the issues facing Anaheim and has a much-needed independent streak on a council in which, we believe, former Mayor Curt Pringle, and other special interests, have far too much influence.

Ms. Kring has a firm grasp on the budgetary challenges of the city and has the right ideas as to how to fix them, including serious pension reform. She also has in-depth knowledge of public safety, and she opposes crony capitalism, sweetheart deals handed out to those with political connections or representation. Our second pick, John Leos, is not necessarily a natural fit for the Register’s Editorial Board because of his affiliations with Orange County Employees Association and Orange County Labor Federation.

But given recent crony capitalism in the city – namely the hotel subsidy – the council needs a stronger voice for the average city resident.

Mr. Leos impressed us in his candidate interview where he was brimming with ideas on gang violence, pension reform, education and bolstering the local economy. He also noted that the city’s former mayor, still has “too much control in the city” leaving the current elected mayor, Tom Tait, “without a gavel.”

For these reasons, we respectfully urge Anaheim voters to elect Lucille Kring and John Leos to lead such an important city.

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Anaheim Councilmember Kris Murray Responds To Tom Tait

Posted by OC Insider on November 6, 2012

In her e-newsletter yesterday, Anaheim Councilmember Kris Murray published this response to the op-ed by Mayor Tom Tait published in yesterday’s Orange County Register (it was very, very unusual for the OC Register to provide space for a campaign endorsement op-ed the day before an election):

In an op-ed to bolster his endorsed candidates, Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait irresponsibly compares investment in Anaheim’s resort district to the failed Solyndra solar power deal and says that such investment amounts to “sweetheart deals” and pandering to “special interests.” Does it really need to be said again that forward looking economic investment is is what makes Anaheim unique among cities. Or that our city’s 60-year, mutually beneficial partnership with Orange County’s largest employer is not a special interest?

The truth is that public-private partnerships with the resort district have allowed Anaheim to balance the budget with cash reserves at a time when other cities are bankrupt. Investment in parks, libraries and gang reduction programs are being made at a time when other cities are contracting out basic services they can no longer afford to provide.   Mayor Tait’s claim that the Garden Walk economic assistance program is a $158 million give-away is false. In fact, the city’s data is very clear that the action taken by the council earlier this year to amend a long-standing program for $40 million in additional tax reduction was designed to secure a $300 million, four-star hotel development. The Garden Walk hotels will actually raise $187 million over 20 years in new revenue to the city’s general fund – funding that will support police, fire, parks, libraries without raising taxes on our residents or businesses. I encourage Anaheim residents to learn more about the city’s long-standing economic assistance programs on the city’s web page at http://www.anaheim.net/articlenew2222.asp?id=1520.

It’s been said that the OC Register is staunchly Libertarian, supposedly pro-business and supportive of sound fiscal policies, but their attacks on the resorts and on council policy are now becoming a pattern. When I attempted to rebut anti-business language in another recent editorial, I was given 250 words buried a week later under the day’s letters. The placement of a nearly full page op-ed, the day before the election, is clearly an orchestrated effort by the Register’s editorial staff to take aim at Anaheim’s business community – and completes an unprecedented campaign by the Register to impact the outcome of Anaheim’s elections for the mayor’s endorsed candidates.   In his op-ed, Mayor Tait claims to be a “free market guy.” Why then are the business community, the resort district, the Anaheim Chamber, OC Tax, Orange County Business Council, community leaders, and many more, endorsing the two opponents facing Mayor Tait’s candidates? Why is the mayor endorsing a candidate who is a vocal supporter of gate taxes at Disneyland, Honda Center and Angels Stadium? I think it’s time that balanced reporting is done on the impacts of Anaheim’s stadium and resort districts – not just in our city, but countywide.

In Anaheim, we’re focusing on improving our community, torn apart not by special interests but by those who support change ushered in with violence and hatred. Politicians who support these anti-Anaheim voices aren’t pragmatic and independent. They’re desperate.

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Thugs and the illusory promise of a free press

Posted by Brenda Higgins on November 6, 2012

Jim Drummond writes a column for the Yorba Linda Star. He is and has been the only political commentator on Yorba Linda Politics. Well, that is, until I started writing for this blog.

In 2010, when I was a candidate for Yorba Linda City Council, Mr. Drummond approached me at one of the candidate forums and made clear that he did not like me, that he did not like my consultant and that I would receive no favorable treatment in his column. He made good on that promise and on several occasions printed information about me that was completely inaccurate, without contacting me at anytime to verify anything.

A list of his recent columns appears here. http://jimdrummond.blogspot.com/

Notably absent from this list is any mention of the mammoth expenditures made in this recent election by the AOCDS. The union of our newly contracted police service, the Orange County Sheriff.

In spite of the overwhelming support of the Yorba Linda voters for Measure Y the “Ethics”ordinance, in spite of the overwhelming support of many citizens for keeping the Brea PD, and in spite of his alleged “objectivity” in the process as a ‘journalist’, an expenditure that dwarfs the spending of many individual campaigns, in not worthy of mention during this election cycle.

Voters in Yorba Linda should look very carefully at who is running their city, because it is clearly not the voters.

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Thugs and Public Servants: What’s the score now that the campaigning is done?

Posted by Brenda Higgins on November 5, 2012

While I am thoroughly appalled at the more than $60,000.00 that the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s (AOCDS) spent in support of incumbent council members in Yorba Linda, it is one of those important distinctions between their message set forth on behalf of the ‘members’ they purport to represent and the members themselves.

In April, A five year, $9 million per year contract was awarded to the Orange County Sheriff. The vote, which took place at 3 am, was literally determined by Nancy Rikel, Mark Schwing, and John Anderson. Even though we have FIVE council members, the other two (Who voted to keep the 40 year contract with Brea Police) don’t matter. The Majority 3 vote together on very issue, every time. They decided this issue, they approved this contract. Little to no public input was elicited or allowed.

These alleged fiscal conservatives, Rikel and Schwing are up for re-election, and have garnered the coveted endorsements of the local GOP and the higher up state and federal representatives.

Regardless of party philosophies and the surreptitious manner in which these endorsements were obtained, the timing of these events should raise more than red flags.

This is also well beyond whether you think the Sheriff will be better that Brea PD or Brea PD will be better that the Sheriff. Seven months later. More than $60k in support, from the Union that benefitted, to the politicians who fully controlled and ultimately decided their contract.

Did I mention there is an Ethics Ordinance in Yorba Linda that prohibits any council member from accepting contributions in excess of $250 from any person or entity that may contract with the city? These mailers were sent directly from the address of, and paid for by the Union. These politicians will stand behind their “My campaign did not pay for that”. Later we will have a debate about what “sex with that woman” means also. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem to be. Do we really need that “blue dress”of physical evidence to show us what this relationship is about?

I work with Sheriff deputies every day. I thank God each day that they are there at the courthouse, keeping me and my clients safe, and maintaining order in a tense and sometimes chaotic environment. These fine men and women serve and carry guns and badges on a daily basis to protect their community, and not necessarily because they desire to be the deciding factors in the election process.

In 2009, shortly after the Triangle Complex Fire, I had the privilege of attending the Annual Chamber of Commerce Police and Fire breakfast. I sat with 9 officers, all who for various reasons were being honored for their extraordinary service. I heard of incredible acts of courage and sacrifice during the extraordinary day that over 100 homes in Yorba Linda burned to the ground. The effective work and brave actions of the police an fire crews that protected Yorba Linda on that day were clearly responsible for the fact that there was no loss of life.

These public servants face incredible danger so that we don’t have to. They are also citizens, are entitled to associate, to vote, to form opinions and voice them. However, the magnitude of this Sheriff contract, the sweeping change of terminating a 42 year relationship with Brea PD in a 3 am vote, coupled with unprecedented dollars in campaign support, only seven months later, is all something that goes well beyond entitlement of the union to participation in the election process. If this is not pay to play, I can not imagine what is.

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Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait: From sweetheart deals to pragmatic leadership for Anaheim

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on November 5, 2012

Anaheim Mayor Tom TaitSome of you might have seen the op-ed in the OC Register on Sunday by Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, but for those of you who missed it…

Tuesday’s election gives Anaheim voters an opportunity to bring independent voices and a fresh perspective to City Hall. It’s time to shift from a city council torn apart by sweetheart deals and special interests towards a cohesive, pragmatic council that is working together on behalf of all Anaheim residents.

Let me tell you why this is important and who can help me put Anaheim on a better path.

For the past year, our City Council has been dragged down by a debate over how best to spend taxpayer monies. The debate boils down to this: Whether we should safeguard limited city funds for traditional municipal services, such as public safety and civic upkeep, or whether we should give one hotel owner a $158 million taxpayer subsidy under the guise of economic development.

I’m a free-market guy who believes that government’s primary role in economic development is to provide greater freedom – through reduced regulation and ensuring a level playing field for all.

But much like the federal government’s “investment” in the solar energy company, Solyndra, this hotel deal is a gift of taxpayer dollars to just one business. It is political favoritism that benefits one company at the expense of all others. We can do better.

With Tuesday’s election, the voters have the opportunity to elect two people who also recognize that government needs to be fair, and who will work on behalf of all the people. That is why I have endorsed Lucille Kring and John Leos for City Council.

Anaheim is arguably the core of Orange County. We are the destination spot for millions of tourists each year. Those of us who are lucky enough to call Anaheim our home enjoy a diverse array of entertainment and cultural attractions that rival those of any large city. We have beautiful parks, good schools and kind neighborhoods.

But we also have a few problems that need our attention. We’ve addressed some of the issues around pension reform but more must be done. This summer’s protests that arose from the officer-involved shootings point out that even as we work to protect public safety, we need to unify Anaheim and ensure that prosperity and opportunity exist for all segments of our community. And we can create more jobs by continuing to help businesses get up and running faster, by cutting unnecessary job-killing regulations and ensuring that all businesses are treated equally.

Lucille Kring is an experienced public servant who, as the Register described “has a much-needed independent streak.” As a former business owner and city council member, she will bring knowledge and experience to the fiscal issues we are facing. She believes that government needs to be fair and transparent, which is something today’s voters are seeking.

John Leos will do a great job representing the people of Anaheim. After growing up in Anaheim, John and his wife, Shelly, have chosen to raise their family here. Like me, he is concerned about the feeling people have that their city government is not being run by the people, for the people. His public safety experience, his experience with the Anaheim public school system and his service in the U.S. Marine Corps will give the Anaheim City Council a new, independent voice and perspective.

Those of us who live in Anaheim are blessed. We have a beautiful, diverse city that offers something for everyone. However, there is work that needs to be done to bolster our economy, strengthen the city’s fiscal footing and open up our city’s election process to all segments of the community. I am hopeful that the Anaheim voters will send Lucille Kring and John Leos to City Hall to help me accomplish these important tasks.

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Introducing Capistrano Unified School District Candidate Jim Reardon

Posted by Greg Woodard on November 5, 2012

I thought I would take a brief break from South County City Council candidates and focus on Capistrano Unified School District, which has recently had multiple recall elections, extremely rancorous elections, and pitted battles between conservative and unions.  I reached out to Jim Reardon, Steve Lang, and Bill Perkins, all of whom have been endorsed by the Orange County Republican Party.  Unfortunately, I only have heard back from Jim as of today.  While I would like to have a post with all three, in fairness to Jim, I wanted to at least put his information out for public consumption before tomorrow’s election.

Jim Reardon

Jim is running because he has had a decades-long commitment to education.  He is a product of public schools and he is not happy with the direction of the current Board and its all cuts approach without any concessions from the union.  Jim said that he is benefitting from a newly re-drawn district that has no incumbent, making his election competitive.

Jim believes that the primary problems facing the district are: (1) a reduced school year (furlough days will reduce the year by 3 weeks); (2) program cuts in both the school schedule, and in the services provided; and (3) the district’s massive accumulated debt and deficit.

Jim said that all of these problems stem from the contract the district has with the union.  He noted that 92% of the district’s current expenditures are for employees, leaving little remaining for the students.  The district can re-open the contract with the union this fiscal year, and Jim sees a great opportunity to make significant changes.  Jim wants to re-open the negotiations as early as possible and work in a calm manner with the teacher’s union to reach a resolution.  For example, he wants to get the district back to a full 180 days of education within 1-3 years.  Eliminating the furlough days helps both the teachers (more money as those days are currently unpaid) and students (more learning opportunities).

Jim pointed out some of the problems with the existing teacher’s contract that are magnifying the district’s fiscal problems.  For example, the current contract gives teachers 5 hours of pay for work that they do not even have to show up for.  He wants to combine cuts, suspension of tenure-based pay increases, and modify work rules as part of any new contract with the teachers.

Jim also wants to improve the working relationship between the district and the union.  He said the Board needs to publicly develop goals for negotiations in will undertake with the union.  To emphasize public goals and transparency, he will push for Board sessions to be televised on Cox, or streamed on the internet.  Jim also wants to start early (in the winter) and engage teachers, parents, and any other interested parties in setting the goals, and then engage in negotiations.  Jim said that the current Board does it backwards – they engage in secret negotiations with the union, then try to publicly set goals, even though they already have completed the negotiations.

Jim said that teachers are neither over nor under compensated – they are paid what the Board agrees to pay them, and the Board cannot pay them more money than the district has.  He believes that the current overall package offered to teachers is unsustainable and concessions have to be made, possibly from both sides.  Jim wants to combine three factors (1) working conditions (hours, responsibilities, instructing time requirements, class size, etc.); (2) the rate of pay; and (3) how much money the Board has in any negotiations, where in the past Jim says these factors were disconnected from any union negotiations.  He noted that the district’s enrollment is declining but labor costs are escalating resulting in kids in larger classes, for fewer days, with less instruction while the median rate of teacher pay has gone up due to adjustments for seniority (when teachers are laid off, the newer teachers who are the lowest cost to the district, must be laid off first per union contract requirements).

Jim is endorsed by, among others, the Orange County Republican Party, the Lincoln Club, the Atlas PAC, the Family Action PAC, and Orange County School District member Robert Hammond.

You can find out more about Jim at www.votereardon.com.

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Greg Diamond Says He’s Running For Congress, Gets Assistance From Fly By Night Karma Repair, And Pays 20% Fundraising Commission To Household Member For Out-Of-District Funds

Posted by Lassie on November 5, 2012

Greg Diamond

Greg Diamond

In his July, August, September campaign finance report, Democrat Senate candidate Greg Diamond raised $2,560 for the period, and he paid $500 to a fundraising consultant.  Why would anyone pay a 20% fundraising commission when the normal commission is 10%-15%?

Maybe it’s because he’s paying it to a person who lives in his house.

That’s right, Greg Diamond campaign donors, you’re contributing to a campaign who’s sending money straight into the candidate’s household’s pockets.

Although since his donors are largely from outside the district, I guess they wouldn’t really notice.  Of his $1640 itemized contributions, there is exactly one from the 29th Senate District: $100 contribution from former Assembly Democrat Sacrificial Lamb John MacMurray.  Even widening the net to all of California south of San Francisco, there’s only two more: a $50 contribution from Garden Grove and a $25 contribution from Glendale.  All of California only adds one more $250 contribution from El Cerrito (north of Berkeley) from the CEO of Fly by Night Karma Repair.  Yes, he’s reporting $250 from the CEO of something called “Fly by Night Karma Repair.”

His contributions are from so far out of the district that he even got $500 from a foreign country.  Weirdly, that’s the same amount he paid to the fundraising consultant living in his house.

Diamond opposes Proposition 35, which according to its official summary on the ballot, “Increases prison sentences and fines for human trafficking convictions. Requires convicted human traffickers to register as sex offenders. Requires registered sex offenders to disclose Internet activities and identities.”

Of course, I should note that it could be that the donors didn’t know what office Diamond was running for.  I’m not sure he does either.  Check out his web site’s “About Why I’m Running” page at http://www.gregdiamond2012.com/aboutwhyirun, where Diamond says, “I decided to run for Congress because, among the people in the Occupy movement here, I’m among those who could most easily be considered a credible potential candidate.”  There is so much silliness in that one sentence.

I wonder how Ed Royce and Jay Chen feel about Diamond’s Congressional campaign.

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Raghu Mathur Can’t Be Trusted to Lead Laguna Hills

Posted by Lassie on November 5, 2012

Raghu Mathur

Raghu Mathur

I wrote a few weeks ago about Raghu Mathur’s history of wasting taxpayer dollars (https://ocpolitical.com/2012/10/16/raghu-mathur-a-history-of-wasting-taxpayer-dollars/) Mathur wants to lead Laguna Hills as a city councilmember, but Laguna Hills can’t afford him.  Today, I’ll show you why Mathur’s record as Irvine Valley College President and as South Orange County Community College District Chancellor just demonstrates that he can’t be trusted as a leader in Laguna Hills or anywhere else.

On his campaign web site (http://www.mathurforlagunahills.com/philosophy.html), Mathur promises, “I believe in solving problems while respectfully listening to and working with everyone…I will restore civility, trust and openness to Laguna Hills City Council governance.”  His record shows respect, working with everyone, civility, trust, and openness are the furthest things from his record.

In 1999, the LA Times reported that the community college accreditation agency strongly rebuked the leadership, stating “Irvine Valley College and its district . . . are organizations in crisis–primarily a governance crisis. . . . A multiplicity of deep and bitter divisions characterize virtually all entities and relationships. . . . The district had become wracked by malfunction and misfortune.”

Five years prior, in 1994, Mathur became the only person ever to have been censured for lying in the history of Irvine Valley College, according to the OC Weekly.

In 2002, free speech restriction policies were implemented after Mathur was appointed Irvine Valley College President amid protests from students and faculty and continued after he was appointed Chancellor of South Orange County Community College District.  Courts ruled the policies were unconstitutional because the district was muzzling free speech: http://articles.latimes.com/2002/mar/19/local/me-speech19

In 2004, Mathur was given a vote of “no-confidence” by the faculty for a third time, described as a “vindictive and dictatorial bully, intolerant of criticism” who “in pursuit of personal power, he has sold out his former colleagues” at SOCCCD: http://articles.latimes.com/2004/may/17/local/me-mathur17

In 2010, when Mathur was voted out by the SOCCCD Board of Trustees 5-2 and he was given a golden handshake of over $250,000, the settlement imposed a gag order forbidding discussion of the separation agreement. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/mathur-231052-college-valley.html

Mathur opposed the incorporation of Laguna Hills.  Why does he now want to lead something that he doesn’t believe should exist?   Is he planning to drive the city off the cliff?  Will he try to get Laguna Hills dissolved?

Laguna Hills can’t afford Raghu Mathur, and Raghu Mathur can’t be trusted to lead Laguna Hills.

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“Citizens for Good Government” Slate Mailer Improperly Uses Trademarked CRA Logo, Advocates Against CRA Positions

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 5, 2012

It seems every election year, one slate mailer or another draws attention for their negative actions.  In 2012, it’s “Citizens for Good Government” in the negative spotlight.

It recommends the entire Republican slate of candidates along with the following ballot recommendations:

Prop 30 – Yes (CRA Says No on 30)
Prop 31 – No
Prop 32 – No (CRA Says Yes on 32)
Prop 33 – Yes (CRA is Neutral on 33)
Prop 34 – No
Prop 35 – Yes
Prop 36 – No
Prop 37 – No
Prop 38 – No
Prop 39 – Yes (CRA Says No on 39)
Prop 40 – No

Now you may be wondering why I brought up four measures where the California Republican Assembly disagreed with the “Citizens for Good Government” slate mailer.  Well look closely at the inside of the mailer (in the lower left corner of the mailer) to the left of Yes on 39 and below No on 38.

Citizens for Good Government Slate Mailer - Outside  Citizens for Good Government Slate Mailer - Inside

Yep, that’s the CRA logo.  If you click on the photo to blow it up to full size, you’ll see the CRA logo they used even has the “TM” symbol to indicate it’s trademarked.

(The particular one above was sent to Stanton Republicans, but Republicans in Garden Grove and Fullerton also received versions of this slate mailer.)

The caption for the CRA logo reads:

If you would like to volunteer to help elect good Republicans to public office, go to http://www.californiarepublicanassembly.com for the name of your local Republican club.

Hopefully voters who might have used this slate mailer took its advice and visited  http://www.californiarepublicanassembly.com, where the home page clearly lists CRA’s positions on ballot measures, in which the CRA differed with “Citizens for Good Government” on Props 30, 32, 33, and 39.

No CRA officer has stated they gave “Citizens for Good Government” permission to use the CRA logo, especially since the slate mailer is designed to show that it is supportive of CRA and imply (falsely) that its recommendations are backed by CRA.

CRA officials are consulting attorneys to see what action, if any, can be taken to prevent future use of the CRA logo and what can be done to repair the damage done to CRA by this slate mailer.

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