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Anaheim Councilmember Kris Murray Responds To Tom Tait

Posted by OC Insider on November 6, 2012

In her e-newsletter yesterday, Anaheim Councilmember Kris Murray published this response to the op-ed by Mayor Tom Tait published in yesterday’s Orange County Register (it was very, very unusual for the OC Register to provide space for a campaign endorsement op-ed the day before an election):

In an op-ed to bolster his endorsed candidates, Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait irresponsibly compares investment in Anaheim’s resort district to the failed Solyndra solar power deal and says that such investment amounts to “sweetheart deals” and pandering to “special interests.” Does it really need to be said again that forward looking economic investment is is what makes Anaheim unique among cities. Or that our city’s 60-year, mutually beneficial partnership with Orange County’s largest employer is not a special interest?

The truth is that public-private partnerships with the resort district have allowed Anaheim to balance the budget with cash reserves at a time when other cities are bankrupt. Investment in parks, libraries and gang reduction programs are being made at a time when other cities are contracting out basic services they can no longer afford to provide.   Mayor Tait’s claim that the Garden Walk economic assistance program is a $158 million give-away is false. In fact, the city’s data is very clear that the action taken by the council earlier this year to amend a long-standing program for $40 million in additional tax reduction was designed to secure a $300 million, four-star hotel development. The Garden Walk hotels will actually raise $187 million over 20 years in new revenue to the city’s general fund – funding that will support police, fire, parks, libraries without raising taxes on our residents or businesses. I encourage Anaheim residents to learn more about the city’s long-standing economic assistance programs on the city’s web page at http://www.anaheim.net/articlenew2222.asp?id=1520.

It’s been said that the OC Register is staunchly Libertarian, supposedly pro-business and supportive of sound fiscal policies, but their attacks on the resorts and on council policy are now becoming a pattern. When I attempted to rebut anti-business language in another recent editorial, I was given 250 words buried a week later under the day’s letters. The placement of a nearly full page op-ed, the day before the election, is clearly an orchestrated effort by the Register’s editorial staff to take aim at Anaheim’s business community – and completes an unprecedented campaign by the Register to impact the outcome of Anaheim’s elections for the mayor’s endorsed candidates.   In his op-ed, Mayor Tait claims to be a “free market guy.” Why then are the business community, the resort district, the Anaheim Chamber, OC Tax, Orange County Business Council, community leaders, and many more, endorsing the two opponents facing Mayor Tait’s candidates? Why is the mayor endorsing a candidate who is a vocal supporter of gate taxes at Disneyland, Honda Center and Angels Stadium? I think it’s time that balanced reporting is done on the impacts of Anaheim’s stadium and resort districts – not just in our city, but countywide.

In Anaheim, we’re focusing on improving our community, torn apart not by special interests but by those who support change ushered in with violence and hatred. Politicians who support these anti-Anaheim voices aren’t pragmatic and independent. They’re desperate.

14 Responses to “Anaheim Councilmember Kris Murray Responds To Tom Tait”

  1. Grimm said

    Kris Murray is a pawn. A sycophant lap kitty of Mayor-for-Hire Kurt Pringle and self-appointed head of the OC Chamber of Commerce, Big Lucy Dunn. She’s to be distrusted and hopefully defeated in ’14.

    Re. the Register, they’ve lazily published their voting guide six time now (two full pages on Sunday), but only included local city council candidates and the Props. They wouldn’t print their recommendations for Statewide or National offices. And they left people off their list that they’d endorsed.

  2. Kris Murray is a manipulative liar. Read more at:


    • I was impressed with Council Member Murray’s presentations at Anaheim City Council Meetings. I listened very carefully to Council Member Murray’s and Council Member Galloway’s position on the Garden Walk Hotel incentive. Council Member Galloway telephoned me a year ago and asked for my support on this matter but when I told her I had no opinion except I thought cities provided tax incentives to stimulate growth then she became very unhappy with me. I found Council Member Murray’s presentation brilliant. My opinion is that Council Member Galloway was pressured by a jealous and ungrateful constituency. Lorri Galloway is a very nice lady and she has performed well by providing valuable services for people in need. My business associates and I donated thousands of dollars, and tens of thousands of dollars in furniture, to the Eli Home for Abused Children through the last ten years. But now I believe we must support the Cops For Kids Programs, our Police Department’s gang intervention and Resort District Projects. The Resort supplies the tax dollars Anaheim needs to improve all areas of the city. James Robert Reade

  3. Lifetime Anaheim Resident said

    Jason Young is a convicted felon for identity theft and fraud. His attacks on the character of others is beyond tiresome and ridiculous. For information on who this guy really is – especially for people interested in “right of center” politics, check out http://anaheimblog.net/2012/10/15/jason-youngs-glass-house/

    Shocking how the leftists and their new BFF Cynthia Ward are the primary commenters on this blog – don’t they have a half dozen of their own to host their rants?

  4. You don’t have any of your facts straight Lifetime Anaheim Resident. Mr. Cunningham will be hearing from my lawyer next week. Just been waiting till the election was over. You’ll be next if you continue to lie about me.

    • Lifetime Anaheim Resident said

      What a laugh, coming from a serial liar like Jason Young. What facts don’t I have straight? Were you not convicted?

    • Lifetime Anaheim Resident said

      EDITORS NOTE: This comment has been redacted due to it being a personal attack on a commenter.

      • Lifetime Anaheim Resident said

        Editor, you let Jason Young makes personal attacks here all the time. Why don’t you redact him?

        • Chris Emami said

          He had his first comment approved therefore he does not nd up stuck awaiting moderation. Let me know if you have a specific comment in mind and we will review it.

  5. Cynthia Ward said

    Good for you Jason, I am glad to see you standing up for yourself against these witless bullies.

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