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Greg Diamond Says He’s Running For Congress, Gets Assistance From Fly By Night Karma Repair, And Pays 20% Fundraising Commission To Household Member For Out-Of-District Funds

Posted by Lassie on November 5, 2012

Greg Diamond

Greg Diamond

In his July, August, September campaign finance report, Democrat Senate candidate Greg Diamond raised $2,560 for the period, and he paid $500 to a fundraising consultant.  Why would anyone pay a 20% fundraising commission when the normal commission is 10%-15%?

Maybe it’s because he’s paying it to a person who lives in his house.

That’s right, Greg Diamond campaign donors, you’re contributing to a campaign who’s sending money straight into the candidate’s household’s pockets.

Although since his donors are largely from outside the district, I guess they wouldn’t really notice.  Of his $1640 itemized contributions, there is exactly one from the 29th Senate District: $100 contribution from former Assembly Democrat Sacrificial Lamb John MacMurray.  Even widening the net to all of California south of San Francisco, there’s only two more: a $50 contribution from Garden Grove and a $25 contribution from Glendale.  All of California only adds one more $250 contribution from El Cerrito (north of Berkeley) from the CEO of Fly by Night Karma Repair.  Yes, he’s reporting $250 from the CEO of something called “Fly by Night Karma Repair.”

His contributions are from so far out of the district that he even got $500 from a foreign country.  Weirdly, that’s the same amount he paid to the fundraising consultant living in his house.

Diamond opposes Proposition 35, which according to its official summary on the ballot, “Increases prison sentences and fines for human trafficking convictions. Requires convicted human traffickers to register as sex offenders. Requires registered sex offenders to disclose Internet activities and identities.”

Of course, I should note that it could be that the donors didn’t know what office Diamond was running for.  I’m not sure he does either.  Check out his web site’s “About Why I’m Running” page at http://www.gregdiamond2012.com/aboutwhyirun, where Diamond says, “I decided to run for Congress because, among the people in the Occupy movement here, I’m among those who could most easily be considered a credible potential candidate.”  There is so much silliness in that one sentence.

I wonder how Ed Royce and Jay Chen feel about Diamond’s Congressional campaign.

4 Responses to “Greg Diamond Says He’s Running For Congress, Gets Assistance From Fly By Night Karma Repair, And Pays 20% Fundraising Commission To Household Member For Out-Of-District Funds”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Oh, joy, my own personal hit piece! Thanks for omitting a faked drawing of me — classier than some!

    I’ve received contributions from one (or by now perhaps more) American citizens living abroad. So? Check out the corporations donating to Bob Huff — any overseas connections there?

    Any money paid up front to a household member (I recalled it being less than that, but I’ll take your word for it) was an advance for laborious set-up costs for fundraising, including weeding through my e-mail to find potential donors. (Damn right I’d rather keep that in the family!) She’s done that, more of that, a lot of other campaign management tasks, and much more besides. Overall, though, she’ll have made less than $1000 for working for me (and doing so quite well, I should add), which represents less than 10% of what I’ve collected — so overall it’s been a great bargain.

    I’ve done much of my fundraising with out of state friends and people who know me through a national political blog where I’ve participated for years. They want nothing from me but for me to do a good and honest job. My opponent has been funded by corporate interests that want something from YOUR pockets — either salaries and contracts, subsidies, or relaxed regulations that allow them to screw you over (e.g. insurers) or not pay for poisoning your environment or ripping you off. Which of those is supposed to be embarrassing?

    You’re quite right that I oppose Prop 35 — proudly so. It’s terribly written. I explain why in a well-read article that people can reach through http://www.tinyurl.com/Prop35.

    That’s so funny that I put in the wrong race in my “Why I Run” page. That’s totally my mistake — you’re the first one to tell me about it. No, indeed, I am running for State Senate. I had originally thought about running for Congress if no one else stepped forward, but I preferred this and am very happy to support Jay Chen.

    I don’t recall reading the name “Fly by Night Karma Repair,” but I’ll take your word for it that that’s the name of that donor’s business. People name their businesses all sorts of things. Whatever service it is that person sells, Lassie, I suggest that you may want to look into buying it!

    Congratulations on your oppo research. I hope that your compensation brings you much joy.

  2. Nelson's Cat said

    How is this any different from Dana Rohrabacher paying his wife to work on his campaign? Moxley can tell you all about that.

    • Greg Diamond said

      That’s easy. My daughter did that $500 (or whatever it was) amount of work, did it well, and did it at well below market rates.

      Can Ms. Rohrabacher say the same? Maybe she could debate my daughter over it.

  3. Greg Diamond said

    I would have won, too, if I were not the Worst. Candidate. Ever!

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