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Orange County Register Endorsement: Kring & Leos for Anaheim City Council

Posted by Lassie on November 6, 2012

In case you missed it, the Orange County Register endorsed Lucille Kring and John Leos for Anaheim City Council.  The full editorial is at http://www.ocregister.com/articles/city-374061-council-county.html but here’s some key excerpts:

Editorial: Time for Anaheim residents to get stronger voices

Two seats are up for election this year and Anaheim voters have a slew of candidates to choose from. We believe it is critically important that voters in the city elect former Councilwoman Lucille Kring and John Leos.
Article Tab: image1-Editorial: Time for Anaheim residents to get stronger voices
Ms. Kring stands out among the crowd of nine candidates. Having served on the city council previously, she acutely understands the issues facing Anaheim and has a much-needed independent streak on a council in which, we believe, former Mayor Curt Pringle, and other special interests, have far too much influence.

Ms. Kring has a firm grasp on the budgetary challenges of the city and has the right ideas as to how to fix them, including serious pension reform. She also has in-depth knowledge of public safety, and she opposes crony capitalism, sweetheart deals handed out to those with political connections or representation. Our second pick, John Leos, is not necessarily a natural fit for the Register’s Editorial Board because of his affiliations with Orange County Employees Association and Orange County Labor Federation.

But given recent crony capitalism in the city – namely the hotel subsidy – the council needs a stronger voice for the average city resident.

Mr. Leos impressed us in his candidate interview where he was brimming with ideas on gang violence, pension reform, education and bolstering the local economy. He also noted that the city’s former mayor, still has “too much control in the city” leaving the current elected mayor, Tom Tait, “without a gavel.”

For these reasons, we respectfully urge Anaheim voters to elect Lucille Kring and John Leos to lead such an important city.

6 Responses to “Orange County Register Endorsement: Kring & Leos for Anaheim City Council”

  1. Keep the Faith said

    Thank you for reminding us that the OC Register threw its long-time conservative principles overboard by endorsing a public employee union hack and a career local politician in order to do Tom Tait a political favor.

  2. Cynthia Ward said

    We all need to watch the pay and pension thing, no question about it. But I would remind you that ALL public employees unions need to be subject to scrutiny. What is it about Fire and Police that make them seemingly immune from the same critique? They are public employees too, and frankly their pay scale and pensions make our librarians relatively harmless in comparison. So if Leos is not to be trusted due to his connection with OCEA, then Brandman becomes questionable given his backing from public safety, AND have you seen those filings? He is swimming in labor money,both public safety and others. While we are at it, Lodge deposits one of those cushy 3 at 50 checks every month, and half of it is likely not taxable thanks to a Worker’s Comp claim that indicates a probable disability pension. So we need to watch him, because Lodge us clearly sympathetic to his brothers and sisters on the force, so they will not be asked to share the pain if the economy nosedives again.

    Now if we want to dish on Lucille being a “career politician” then Curt Pringle’s record would obviously remove him from consideration when choosing strong endorsements. Curt has been everywhere from trying (and failing) at Garden Grove City Council, to Assembly, Anaheim Mayor, and let’s not forget High Speed Rail. Boy if ever we needed to watch someone looking for taxpayer funded bennies for bad ideas, that is the biggest. So given Curt’s clearly biased and flawed decision making ability we cannot possibly accept his endorsements as viable.
    Really, based on your viewpoint Lodge and Brandman are outside the limits for a candidate any good conservative should be backing. Right? We are using the same standard for everyone, are we not?

    • We have to watch the pay and pension “thing”? Why? You have assured us that there is absolutely no way John Leos will vote the OCEA-way on such issues, and that he will be more terrified of an online spanking by you and Jason Young than of the wrath of the OCEA’s money machine.

  3. Cynthia Ward said

    We have always had to watch pay and pension,for the AMEA and public safety, but you seem content to give the public safety candidates a free pass while condemning the candidate who is allied with the AMEA. In fact if you are so hyper focused on protecting us from public employee unions, why were you not screaming your head off in June when a Republican Council majority gave the AMEA the most generous package they have enjoyed in many, many years? Why the silence Matt? Do they get a free pass because they are your friends? Or did you not bother because nobody was paying you to run an opposition campaign back then?

    • Matthew Cunningham said

      “In fact if you are so hyper focused on protecting us from public employee unions, why were you not screaming your head off in June when a Republican Council majority gave the AMEA the most generous package they have enjoyed in many, many years?”

      Well, Cynthia, I didn’t start Anaheim Blog until September. But for the record, I did and still oppose that LOU.

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