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Thugs and the illusory promise of a free press

Posted by Brenda Higgins on November 6, 2012

Jim Drummond writes a column for the Yorba Linda Star. He is and has been the only political commentator on Yorba Linda Politics. Well, that is, until I started writing for this blog.

In 2010, when I was a candidate for Yorba Linda City Council, Mr. Drummond approached me at one of the candidate forums and made clear that he did not like me, that he did not like my consultant and that I would receive no favorable treatment in his column. He made good on that promise and on several occasions printed information about me that was completely inaccurate, without contacting me at anytime to verify anything.

A list of his recent columns appears here. http://jimdrummond.blogspot.com/

Notably absent from this list is any mention of the mammoth expenditures made in this recent election by the AOCDS. The union of our newly contracted police service, the Orange County Sheriff.

In spite of the overwhelming support of the Yorba Linda voters for Measure Y the “Ethics”ordinance, in spite of the overwhelming support of many citizens for keeping the Brea PD, and in spite of his alleged “objectivity” in the process as a ‘journalist’, an expenditure that dwarfs the spending of many individual campaigns, in not worthy of mention during this election cycle.

Voters in Yorba Linda should look very carefully at who is running their city, because it is clearly not the voters.

3 Responses to “Thugs and the illusory promise of a free press”

  1. Wow. Who knew one writer for a po-dunk newspaper could be powerful enough to sway political structure in Yorba Linda?

    • It is difficult to say, Jeff, that this column “sways” anyone or anything. I really don’t know. It has for a very long time
      been the only source of information on Yorba Linda politics, and it has been terribly incomplete, and not in any way thorough coverage. This lack of coverage on the mamoth spending of special interests just seemed really irresponsible to me.

      OCPolitical is a political blog, while it is a dispenser of a great deal of accurate information, as a writer here, I am political and have, and support my views.

      The disturbing part of this omission of coverage by Drumond, The Star and The Register is the presumption of objectivity that come with wearing the label of Journalist.

      • I was being facetious, of course. Like Yorba Linda, the Our Town Tustin blog is the only real source of political news in our community. We share the same issues with the Register you do in that they appear to be in the pocket of Jerry Amante and John Nielsen. With Amante termed out, I have a slim hope there will be a change in the OCR writers’ attitude toward what really happens in our city. Until then I, like you, will continue to report the truth. Good luck and stick with it. I like your writing.

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