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Top Ten OC Stories of the 2012 General Election

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 8, 2012

The top ten stories from the results of the 2012 general election in Orange County:

  1. 65th Assembly District – With an influx of hundreds of thousands of dollars in union and Democratic Party money, Sharon Quirk-Silva leads by 1,034 votes in her bid to unseat Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby and deliver a Democratic supermajority in the State Assembly.
  2. 72nd Assembly District – Travis Allen defeats fellow Republican Troy Edgar by 11% to win a seat in the Orange County legislative delegation.
  3. Irvine (Mayor and 2 Council seats) – After years of trying, Republicans finally defeat Larry Agran to capture the majority of the Irvine City Council, with Councilman Steven Choi defeating Larry Agran for Mayor and former Councilwoman Christina Shea returning to the Council, creating a majority of Choi, Shea, and Jeff Lalloway with a Council minority of Agran and Beth Krom.
  4. Fullerton (3 Council seats) – Councilman Travis Kiger (R) leads former Councilwoman Jan Flory (D) by 114 votes in their respective bids for new Council terms.  If Kiger’s lead holds, he will join fellow Republican election winners Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald on the Council.  Kiger, Whitaker, and Councilman Greg Sebourn are libertarian conservatives, Fitzgerald is a more traditional conservative, and Councilman Doug Chaffee is a Democrat.  Kiger’s re-election would cement the results of the recall and maintain Orange County’s most libertarian council.
  5. Costa Mesa (3 Council seats and Measure V) – Voters delivered a mixed bag by re-electing Republican Councilmen Steve Mensinger and Gary Monahan (two of the 3Ms), but also electing Republican former Councilwoman Sandy Genis and rejecting Measure V.  If Monahan’s 319-vote lead over Democrat John Stephens holds, the reform majority will have shrunk from four seats to three seats (Mensinger, Monahan, and Jim Righeimer), yet would still be the majority.
  6. Anaheim (2 Council seats) – Voters delivered a mixed bag by electing former Councilwoman Lucille Kring (R) from Mayor Tom Tait’s slate and electing School Board Member Jordan Brandman (D) from Councilwomen Kris Murray and Gail Eastman’s slate.  Brandman’s election maintains the 3-2 majority that supports allowing the GardenWalk Hotel to keep 80% of its Transient Occupancy Tax revenue.
  7. 47th Congressional District – Long Beach State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D) defeats Long Beach Councilman Gary DeLong (R), becoming the third Democrat in Orange County’s Congressional delegation, joining the Sanchez sisters.
  8. Yorba Linda (3 Council seats) – If Gene Hernandez’s 35-vote lead over Councilwoman Nancy Rikel holds, YLRRR will have lost control of the Yorba Linda City Council.  Re-elected Councilman Mark Schwing and holdover Councilman John Anderson are the two remaining members of the YLRRR Council coalition.  Though originally backed by YLRRR, holdover Councilman Tom Lindsey has broken with the group.  Newly-elected Councilman Craig Young is not backed by YLRRR.  A Lindsey-Young-Hernandez majority would face off against a Schwing-Anderson YLRRR minority (this entire set of people I’ve mentioned for Yorba Linda are Republicans).  If Rikel is overtakes Hernandez, status quo is restored in Yorba Linda.
  9. Aliso Viejo (3 Council seats) – Voters tossed two incumbents from office, ousting Councilmen Greg Ficke (R) and Don Garcia (NPP) in favor of Ross Chun (D) and Mike Munzing (R).  Councilman Bill Phillips (R) was the sole incumbent re-elected.
  10. Mission Viejo (2 Council seats) – Voters delivered a mixed bag by re-electing Republican Councilmembers Frank Ury and Cathy Schlict, who ran on opposing slates.  Schlict leads Ury’s running mate, Republican Wendy Bucknum, by 0.5%.  Schlict’s running mate, Republican Ed Sachs, trails by 7.8%.

18 Responses to “Top Ten OC Stories of the 2012 General Election”

  1. Fenton said

    And in Huntington Beach, Don Hansen fails completely as his anti-pension tax Measure Z initiative fails, Mayor Pro Tem Devin Dwyer loses his re-election bid, and a progressive majority takes over the City Council. Late campaign disclosure reports finally filed to show that the vicious smear campaign against Jill Hardy was funded with money from Poseidon and developers, laundered through OCTax PAc and OCBiz Pac. Poor Barbara Delgleize finishes fourth, as Hansen’s support once again is the kiss of death for her campaign.

    • Grimm said

      Surely you mean a LIBERAL majority.

      • Vern said

        Funny thing there – contrary to what you would think, the most fiscally conservative councilmembers on the HB council have long been the one on the far right – Don Hansen – and the supposedly far left – Debbie Cook, Jill Hardy, joe Shaw and Connie Boardman.

  2. Greg Diamond said

    I’d have made it at least a Top 12, adding Huntington Beach (as Fenton notes above) and Santa Ana. Still, good recap — and thanks.

  3. Ryan Cantor said

    How about Chevron burning $1.5M to lose 60:40?

  4. Johnny Wagon said

    The pro-rape party loses- and this is just the beginning…

    • Ryan Cantor said

      There’s no such thing as the “pro-rape” party. It’s also completely inexcusable to use something that serious as a joke.

      • Vern said

        Well but there IS a party many of whose members are so zealous about preventing abortion that they couldn’t help repeatedly trying to redefine, narrowly, what rape is. That’s weird and radical, and lost lots of votes.

        • Ryan Cantor said

          That’s just asinine, Vern. About as asinine as perusing through the voter registrations of convicted felons to determine which party is “pro-rape.”

          Guess who wins that contest.

        • Ryan Cantor said

          Point being– let’s not let a few assholes speak for the whole party. Let’s just call ’em as we see ’em.

          • Vern said

            What’s asinine? I’m not the guy who said “pro-rape party.” My comment was accurate, I think. These two bozos cost your Party two Senate seats … and they were just the most prominent of at least half a dozen who were droning on in recent months about what’s rape and what’s not.

            I’m sorry about that. I bet it won’t happen again.

  5. Brenda McCune said

    Where is Ed Rakochy on this? I’m sure he’s gonna say that you are totally misrepresenting everything contained in #8. (It’s 106lead for Hernandez today, all is good in the land of gracious living)

  6. scarecrow said

    about top story No. 2. “72nd Assembly District – Travis Allen defeats fellow Republican Troy Edgar by 11% to win a seat in the Orange County legislative delegation.”

    you should know that Mayor Troy Edgar was not able to carry his own city in this contest!

    perhaps a few more endorsements for Edgar and another $100,000 of his own money would have changed the outcome? (sarcasm – it wouldn’t have made a difference).

    • scarecrow said

      On another blog, it was pointed out that 65% of the Los Alamitos voters DID NOT vote for and support Mayor Troy Edgar’s campaign for AD72.

      Mayor Edgar was only able to get 35% of the Los Alamitos voters to support him. That is pathetic!

      Mayor Troy only won the two smallest precincts by a combined total of 12 votes, which was overshadowed by his loss of the other 6 precincts by almost 500 votes.

      The breakdown of the total votes within Los Alamitos for the candidates was 57.6% for Travis Allen and 42.4% for Troy Edgar, so if it were only up to the citizens of Los Alamitos to determine who would be elected for AD72, Travis Allen would have been elected by a 15% margin, which is even higher than the 11% margin that Travis Allen got from all voters in the assembly district.

      Travis Allen is obviously the better candidate according to 65% of Los Alamitos voters, and now they are stuck with Mayor Troy Edgar for the next two years of his city council term.

      • Vern said

        Troy Edgar did about as well in Los Alamitos as Romney did in Massachusetts. To know either of them is apparently to dilike them. Sorry, ‘pubs…

  7. Denton Dent said

    EDITORS NOTE: This comment has been redacted due to accusations made that cannot be proven.

  8. Fountain Valley Weirdo said

    I am looking forward to going dancing this weekend with Roy and Mokiki. We are going to do the sloppy swish for those of you wondering.

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