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OC CRA Endorsing Convention Recap

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 24, 2012

For those of you who don’t want to wade through my live play-by-play of the OC CRA endorsing convention, here’s a list of all the endorsements from this morning.

(By the way, the play-by-plays with the most fireworks were in the Spitzer-Pauly race for the 3rd Supervisorial District and the Edgar-Pham battle for the endorsement in the 72nd Assembly District.)

Congressional Endorsements:

  • CD-38: LA County CRAs will sponsor that endorsing convention
  • CD-39: Congressman Ed Royce by voice vote
  • CD-45: No endorsement (effectively, a 50/50 split occurred, as Congressman John Campbell blocked businessman John Webb’s  endorsement without being present)
  • CD-46: Businessman Jerry Hayden won 11 of the 12 votes cast in the first round.
  • CD-47: No endorsement actually got more votes than any candidate.
  • CD-48: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher by voice vote
  • CD-49: Congressman Darrell Issa by voice vote
State Senate Endorsements
  • SD-29: Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff endorsed by voice vote
  • SD-37: Senator Mimi Walters endorsed by voice vote

State Assembly Endorsements

  • AD-55: Assemblyman Curt Hagman endorsed by voice vote
  • AD-65: Assemblyman Chris Norby endorsed by voice vote
  • AD-68: Assemblyman Don Wagner endorsed by voice vote
  • Ad-69: No endorsement
  • AD-72: Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar captured the endorsement in the second round over Orange County Board of Education Member Long Pham, who actually led in the first round of balloting
  • AD-73: Assemblywoman Diane Harkey endorsed by voice vote
  • AD-74: Allan Mansoor endorsed by voice vote

Supervisorial Endorsements

  • 1st Supervisorial District: Supervisor Janet Nguyen endorsed by voice vote (of course, her sole opponent is convicted ketchup thief Steve Rocco, who is registered as no party preference)
  • 3rd Supervisorial District: Todd Spitzer endorsed in second round over Deborah Pauly after a fairly spirited discussion

Orange County Board of Education Endorsements

  • Area 1: Robert Hammond endorsed by voice vote
  • Area 3: OCBE Trustee Ken Williams endorsed by voice vote

(In the interest of full disclosure, my day job is working for Assemblyman Chris Norby. Also, OCBE candidate Robert Hammond and OCBE Trustee Ken Williams are clients of Custom Campaigns. Norby, Hammond, and Williams were all endorsed by voice vote.)

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