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2012 General Election Predictions: 73rd Assembly District

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on September 19, 2012

It appears that I was wrong about Don Wagner still having the most conservative district in California as it appears that the new AD 73 is a bit more conservative:

Thank you to Meridian Pacific for the use of their map.

Republicans won every race in 2010 within the boundaries of this district and registration shows that 48.9% of voters are Republican and only 25.6% of voters are Democrats. The conservative leaning DTS voters make up around 21.2% of the electorate.

An even bigger factor is that Harkey had the largest margin of victory in Orange County:

Member of the State Assembly; District 73

  • Diane L. Harkey, Republican ………. 49,922 votes 70.2%
  • James Corbett, Democratic ………. 21,173 votes 29.8%

This result makes it clear that Corbett has no chance in November. It also doesn’t help that he has not raised enough money to trigger online filing. Harkey on the other hand has over $164,000.

Looking at all the factors at play in this district I believe that the winner will be:

Diane Harkey

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Useless, Meaningless, Ridiculous Campaigns In June

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 16, 2012

One of the major flaws that I have found in Prop 14 is the way t moves candidates from June to November. As an example, if Troy Edgar was running for Supervisor with the same field that he had in the Assembly race, and received over 50% of the vote he would win and no November election would take place.

(Infamous Abel Maldonado)

However, if that same race was to take place for a seat in the California State Assembly the race under the new Prop 14 rules even if a candidate received only 1 vote they would still advance to November in a head to head race. This therefore creates a number of races that essentially are glorified polls in June.

Races that would fall under this category include:

SD 29- A race between State Senator and Workers Rights Attorney Greg Diamond. I am hoping that Huff wins this race based on his policy decisions (Even though he is a bit of a squish on certain issues.). Greg Diamond is an Orange Juice blogger, a very smart man (he will let you know it, too) with an education that would rival my fellow blogger Chris Nguyen, and his best quality is that he reads this blog.

SD 37- This race is between sitting Senator Mimi Walters and perennial candidate Steve Young. Walter s is running for reelection after having defeated Harry Sidhu in her first race for Senate. Steve Young appears willing to run for any seat as I believe this is the 3rd campaign I have seen him run.

AD 55- Curt Hagman against Greg Fritchle. This race is a true yawner as it involves a district that covers Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino. Hagman is a former Chino Hills City Councilman that defeated Larry Dick for this seat back in 2008. He is now running for his last term in the Assembly. (Did I mention that I am happy to have Don Wagner as my Assemblyman).

AD 65- Chris Norby is running against Sharon Quirk-Silva for this seat. This race actually does matter in June, despite the fact that both candidates will advance to November. If Quirk-Silva does well in June, we could see some more Democratic resources be poured into this race. It is important for Norby to crush her in June.

AD 68- Assemblyman Don Wagner is running against perennial candidate Christina Avalos. The new AD 68 is pretty awesome and a huge step up for Anaheim Hills from the old AD 60. Wagner is in probably the safest seat for any Republican Assembly member in California, although I may be wrong on this particular statistic.

AD 73- This one will be interesting to watch in terms of the mail that gets sent out with Assemblywoman Diane Harkey facing off against infamous Capistrano Unified School District teacher James Corbett. The question comes down to whether or not mail gets sent out in June, or if it is held off until the November election.

1st Supervisorial District-  Some of you may think that you have caught me slipping up, as this race will be decided in June. However read the title and you will understand. This race will be a good one to chuckle over. Rocco is best known for his conspiracy that he is part of a murder plot concocted by Albertsons, Smokecraft Sausage, and Kodak.

I would say to sit back and enjoy watching the races to see who wins, but in this case nobody actually wins. This is with the obvious exception of the 1st Supervisorial District.

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Harkey Has A Familiar Opponent

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 22, 2012

Every once in a while you see a name pop up in the filing log that is a familiar one despite the fact that you can’t quite put your finger on it. In the case of the race for 73rd Assembly District the name James Corbett popped up as the only potential opponent for Assemblywoman Harkey, and I just knew that I had heard the name before.

Member Diane L. Harkey

It turns put after running a bit of googling that unless we have a unique coincidence on our hands, this is the same James Corbett that was a teacher at Capo Valley High School. The reason why I remembered the name is because he was the teacher that was sued by former student Chad Farnan for what was called “Disparaging Christianity.” I was not in the class so I find it unfair to comment specifically on what was said but according to the Orange County Register Corbett referred to creationism as “religious, superstitious nonsense.”

The initial ruling in the case after a 16 month grueling legal battle was that Corbett had violated the first amendment by disparaging students. I truly question why Corbett chose to single out Christianity versus the number of other religions that exist.

After the initial ruling the decision was overturned on appeal and was actually refused to be heard by the Supreme Court according to the OC Register.

If you look at the district and the way it is drawn this is a conservative crowd that is being represented. Diane Harkey has represented them well over the past 4 years and Corbett is just not the right representative for the 73rd District.

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