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Phillip Chen Not Truthful with O.C. Register

Posted by OC Insider on April 12, 2014

AD 55 Candidates Phillip Chen and Ling-Ling Chang

AD 55 Candidates Phillip Chen and Ling-Ling Chang

When Phil Chen was asked why he claimed his occupation was “Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff” when he was really a county health care employee, Phil told the O.C. Register he served as a reserve for 20 hours a month.

Chen told the newspaper that he’s served “about 20 hours a month in the job since 2007” and “makes no apologies for the representation.”

Yet since 2010, Chen has averaged 2.1 hours a week – not the 20 hours/month he falsely claimed.

Los Angeles County records show that the only time Chen has been seen in uniform in 2014 is in his campaign literature. In fact, since 2010, there have been 30 individual months where he did not show up even once.

Phillip Chen chose to answer a question about him making a false claim about his occupation by making a false claim about what he did as a reserve.

Count on him to follow-up with another false claim about Ling-Ling Chang!

2 Responses to “Phillip Chen Not Truthful with O.C. Register”

  1. Kettle Black said

    “Insider” is the only one not being truthful. Chen is a staffer to Mike Antonovich not the health department. Quit lying, Chris and Chris should boot you from this blog for multiple lies you’ve posted.

  2. Hero Complex said

    I was an advisor to Gov. Wilson (age 20), political staffer, educator (Karate Instructor), sometime reserve deputy, military reserve member in 2005 until I got medically discharged, small business owner (my family owns a building) and Republican (used to be a Decline to State)

    ….. Sorry David Zenger, I want to be just like my friend Todd Spitzer except I have a harder time being comfortable with who I am, a wanna-be politician.

    David Zenger said
    April 14, 2014 at 8:08 AM
    Yes. A political aide. Not a business owner. Not an educator. Virtually absent as a reserve deputy. What’s wrong with him just telling the truth, if it isn’t too much trouble?

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