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Jose Solorio is the Most Corrupt Politician in Orange County

Posted by OC Insider on October 13, 2014

The name calling from Jose Solorio in this election is just LAUGHABLE. Jose and his Sacramento cronies are the most corrupt bunch of politicians in the State!

While he was voting to increase our taxes 80 times, Fat Cat Jose was lining his pockets with boat loads of special interest money to the point that the FPPC stepped in and found he accepted illegal gifts from the MOST CORRUPT LOBBYIST IN SACRAMENTO HISTORY!

Jose’s top paid advisor, Ken Nguyen, was fined $700,000 for piracy by the federal court!!

And why isn’t anyone talking about his 4 Senate cronies that are facing criminal charges of bribery, corruption, voter fraud and putting lives at risk with reckless drinking and driving??? Maybe Jose’s paid for blogs could write about that!! Guess not.

I love it when political mail sources its claims from a BLOG! Nice try Jose.

Oh ya, and the blog source they are using, is not only funded by special interests, but chief blogger in charge himself, Art Pedroza, the source for Jose’s claims was sued and lost for linking people’s personal URL’s to pornographic websites including NAMBLA!

Maybe Jose should choose his friends more carefully… or who he decides to pay on his campaign. A quick browse through Jose’s financial disclosures show payments to Art Pedroza. I hope Jose’s donors know that.

Jose is the most corrupt politician in Orange County.

12 Responses to “Jose Solorio is the Most Corrupt Politician in Orange County”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Don’t be absurd. Jose is not the most corrupt politician in OC. Neither is Janet, who (thanks to Cal-Optima) is right up there in the rankings herself.

    Do you have any idea how fierce the competition is for that title?

    Now what either of them would do if they had the power of the County DA or if they controlled the majority of the Anaheim City Council — that, I cannot say.

  2. David said

    “Jose’s top paid advisor, Ken Nguyen, was fined $700,000 for piracy by the federal court!!”

    Could you provide a link or other source?

  3. marionb@aol.com said

    “The most corrupt politician in Orange County”?!?!? Wow! Sherri

  4. OC voter said


  5. OC voter said

    Just Google his name with Piracy you will get all the articles you need

  6. Reblogged this on Sterling's Court and commented:
    I only met Art Pedroza once. Nevertheless, I guess I “worked” with him in some sense as I posted a number of write-ups on his blogs, New Anaheim and OC Politics. This was when I was first began writing and I was eager to get my ideas out there.
    From the beginning, I noticed Pedroza’s obvious disdain for Supervisor Janet Nguyen. He tried to convert me to the anti-Janet cause in our first meeting. Taking it upon myself to learn that the accusations of corruption were groundless, I became a fan of the Supervisor. It is interesting to reflect on the fact that Pedroza’s attacks against Janet only backfired, at least with respect to myself.
    I think I can account for Pedroza’s obsession with the Supervisor. It comes down to a simple fact that I have insisted on learning the hard way over the past year. Blogs like that of Pedroza’s (in addition to his former blog orangejuiceblog.com) are 100% pay-to-play. With that said, I am sure Pedroza is in the pocket of the Janet’s long anticipated rival, Jose Solario.

  7. Greg… Keep talking… Soon as this election is over, I am going to slam you with an epic lawsuit. The First Amendment does not protect persons paid to deliberately inflict harm. And that goes for the entire blogosphere, as well as consultants. At the very least, I hope to go through the process of discovery so as to blow the lid off OC’s corrupt media circus. Save your money bro, you’re going to need it.

    • Greg Diamond said

      I will keep talking, Daniel.

      Your charges are malicious and false.

      Your attempts to ingratiate yourself with those in this county who have power and influence will fail. You will not be seen as a reliable ally. You should give up on quick and easy paths to success and focus on hard work to rehabilitate your career.

      Anyone who doesn’t tell you that truth is just using you.

      I hope that you get better.

  8. I am living the dream man, as hard as it may be at this moment. This is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. If my charges against you are so malicious and false, why do so many people agree with me, while no one defends you? And please, don’t bring your robot Vern out of closet to vouch like you did last time. But we can get into all that in the litigation. I need to be able to show that you are not at all interested in the good faith dispersant of ideas; you are just a hack. I know much of your corrupt operation and I am eager to learn more.

    As I eluded to above, I am venturing down a difficult path that must be charted by someone. I know how to play the game, and actually, it would have been much more conducive to immediate success. (As you, and Tom Tait, well know…)

    But speaking of quick and easy paths to success, let’s talk about your (and Tom Tait’s) sham/money laundering/intimidation/AstroTurf operation: CATER

    How many people are in the group CATER? How much did that group cost the city of Anaheim? How much did it cost investors? How much money did it MAKE investors? How much money did it make YOU? Who funded the operation? Brian Chuchua? How? It does not take a lot of brain power to figure out what you did, sir.

    Quite apart from your vicious attacks on me, (the motive being clearer than ever, and only made more evident by your last comment) you defrauded the public, individuals, and businesses. After my personal lawsuit against you and Tait, I will not rest until you are both behind bars. Your buddies Tony and Susan won’t be around forever…

    And ponder this bloviator, what if I am not the one bringing the lawsuit/claims? What if I am just getting you to talk? What if a much more sophisticated operation is taking notes while you bully me?

    Good luck, keep talking Greg…

    • Greg Diamond said

      Well, anything that “does not take a lot of brain power” should be OK for you. (It’s not that you’re not smart, it’s that you’ve made a conscious, tactical, disastrous decision to suppress it.)

      I do like the reference to “my buddies Tony and Susan.” When you say that “this is exactly what [you]’ve wanted to do with [your] life,” are you referring to comedy writing?

      Please, do elaborate on the so-called “pay for play” charges. Or don’t. And look up what a 501(c)(4) does and does not have to disclose — rules with which CATER will abide.

      I feel sorry for you. All of this is beneath where you should be. For your own sake, I hope that you decide to stop.

      • Stop what exactly? Questioning the corrupt operation you have set-up in direct conjunction with Anaheim Mayor Tait? Is that an attempt at intimidation? Why don’t we reflect on your relationship with Tom Tait along with that of Cynthia Ward and Brian Chuchua…

        The question is not what you must disclose re: CATER, is it what you are choosing to keep secret. This is especially relevant because of the claims you make to transparently. You are mixing up two concepts, disclosure requirements and permissive voluntary disclosure.

        Why are you opting to be so secretive? Why won’t you answer the questions so many are asking? Hell, how about this: what is the point of CATER? Nothing prevents you from answering these questions, obviously.

        I have every reason to believe that your campaign against the DA was not serious. Your organization specializes in decoy candidates. Katherine Daigle? Moreover, I suspect other aspects of your operation serve the special prerogative of the DA.

        You, sir, are a gargantuan fraud and your affiliation with Mayor Tait is nothing short of a gift from God, at least it is from my point of view. You will all meet the legal consequences of your actions; you can point to codes (in bad faith) but you can not escape the common law. Keep talking…

  9. David Villenueva said

    ” And look up what a 501(c)(4) does and does not have to disclose — rules with which CATER will abide.” This is what bothers me (and most people) about what Diamond and Ward are trying to do. It’s dishonest and disingenuous, and takes away from whatever good their efforts might garner.

    It’s sneaky and slimy. Which is how many view them, along with being snide, know it all, and simply ignorant to anyone who doesn’t walk lockstep with them. Given the miniscule readership of all OC Blogs combined, his ramblings seem to serve as a form of self boasting, most of us got over that kind of exercise when we turned fourteen.

    With that being said it’s fun to watch Diamond not only destroy his democratic colleagues, but take out a few bloggers as well, allthewhile committing social suicide.

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