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Atlas PAC Endorses Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on September 23, 2013

Robert Ming is pulling away from the rest of the field in the race for the 5th Supervisorial District. Not only has the highly respected Lincoln Club of Orange County endorsed Ming but according to the below press release from the Ming Campaign, Atlas PAC has also made an early endorsement. Here is the full press release:

Atlas PAC Endorses Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor

Champions for limited government, free market enterprise, low taxation and individual liberty back Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor, 5th District

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Atlas PAC is proud to announce its endorsement of Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor, 5th District. Robert is currently serving his second term as the Mayor of Laguna Niguel, where he has been an elected member of the City Council since 2006. Pat Bates, the current Supervisor for the 5th District, is termed out in 2014.

An innovator and believer in smaller government, Robert is a leader in Laguna Niguel who has helped make it a model city. The city recently built its new city hall with cash, completing construction on time and under budget. Under Robert’s leadership, Laguna Niguel has no debt and keeps its overhead low by contracting out as many services as possible.

“I have had the privilege of knowing founding Atlas PAC member Robert Ming for many years and I can’t think of a better person to represent the constituents of the 5th District of our county,” said Atlas PAC Chairman Lee Lowrey. “Robert will put his proven integrity and leadership skills to work on the problems our county faces, such as getting control of the run-away public pension obligations that threaten its future solvency.  In addition, Robert has a proven track record of leadership.  Special interests don’t control or sway him in his decision making. The election of Robert Ming as an Orange County Supervisor for the 5th District will be a strong step forward for all the citizens of Orange County.”
Even before Robert was elected, he believed in honest government and serving the citizens of his community. He was the author of the Voter ID Act, a state ballot initiative that would have required voters to show photo ID at the polls when they vote. While it did not obtain enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, Robert gained national attention for the cause of integrity at the polls. This is the kind of leadership Atlas PAC applauds.

“As Mayor of Laguna Niguel, Robert has shown how to operate a government budget in a fiscally responsible manner that encourages free market enterprise, and he has consistently fought against raising taxes,” said Atlas PAC Endorsements Committee Chairman Benjamin Pugh. “This kind of experience and integrity is just what Orange County needs. Given his long-time membership as a founding member of the Atlas PAC, we know we’re getting a rock-solid fiscally conservative leader in Mayor Robert Ming.”

For more information, please visit  www.atlaspac.org or www.robertming.com/supervisor-2014.

Atlas is a politically based membership organization made up of business, political, and community professionals who share a passion for free enterprise, limited government, reduced government regulatory burdens, low taxation, and individual liberty. Atlas furthers its ideals by funding candidates and causes who aggressively advocate the values of Atlas.


Paid for by Ming for Supervisor 2014. ID#1358874

3 Responses to “Atlas PAC Endorses Robert Ming for Orange County Supervisor”

  1. OCInsider#33 said

    Robert, I would be very careful about taking a contribution from the Atlas PAC, they are the laundry of choice for the county’s public employee unions.

  2. […] of Robert Ming.  All over the county the buzz is growing for Robert’s candidacy as his endorsements continue to mount.  We are proud of this endorsement and hope all Orange County residents will look at what Robert […]

  3. OCInsider#33 said

    I just hope he doesn’t take any Atlas PAC (public employee union) money. Sadly for them, their endorsement is tainted.

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