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Frank Ury Is and Has Been Opposed to California High Speed Rail Project — Contrary to False Rumor

Posted by Matt Cunningham on September 25, 2013

Frank-UryIn true blogosphere fashion, I fully intend to respond to David Bahnsen’s response to my original post about the Lincoln Club’s endorsement of Robert Ming for the Board of Supes – but I simply do not have time today.

However, I do want to address a directly related issue: the false rumor being spread that the other candidate in the race, Mission Viejo Council Frank Ury, is an advocate of high speed rail. Bahnsen made that claim here and on his own blog — which he has now retracted. At the Lincoln Club Board of Directors meeting where Ming spoke and was endorsed, the members were left with the false impression that Frank supports the high speed rail project (and this is according to Club members who were there).

This is manifestly false. in fact, the opposite is true: Frank is opposed to the high speed rail project. He is on record as opposing it. Here’s an example: at the February 20, 2012 meeting of the Mission Viejo City Council, Frank voted in favor of a resolution of support for Assemblywoman Diane Harkey’s bill to defund CHSR. Since he was mayor that year, Frank even signed the official resolution in favor of defunding CHSR.

Let me re-state the truth for the benefit of the hard-of-thinking: Frank Ury opposes the high speed rail project.

There are only two announced candidates for the 5th Supervisor District. Both are conservatives. Neither has been in the race very long.  And already minions or supporters of one are spreading a false rumor about the other. Rumors don’t spontaneously generate out of thin air. People start them for a reason.

Judging from people I have spoken with, this particular one has its genesis from the fact that some of Frank Ury’s supporters have also supported CHSR. Therefore, their illogical thinking goes, Frank must also support. I find it amazing that otherwise intelligent people who ought to know better would fall for such thinking. That’s like saying that because you are endorsed by say, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, then you automatically support every other Club-endorsed candidate and their positions – or every position the Club takes, such as its bold (and correct) immigration reform policy.

Of course, that would be false and faulty logic.

Worse are instances of people who know this rumor is not true – or ought to know but don’t bother to find out — and spread it anyway in hopes of undermining Frank’s campaign.

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